“YOUR GLOBALEDI NETWORK”HOW TO USE EDITO TRADE WITHAMAZONB2BGATEWAYMay 13, 2015NORTH AMERICA // 1 (401) 491-9595EUROPE // 353 (0) 61 708533AUSTRALIA // 61 2 8003 7584 is EDI?Where does EDI fit into the marketplace?Amazon EDI RequirementsAmazon Divisions and WorldwideHow to Setup a B2BGateway Amazon EDI AccountAmazon Routing Requirements EDI 753 &754B2BGateway Fact SheetTrading PartnersCustomer ServiceQuestions & AnswersB2BGateway Contact Information.TODAY’S AGENDA & PRESENTERS.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAYJon BellemoreSMB Sales Executive

WHAT IS EDI? IT SOUNDS SIMPLE .EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is defined as the structured transmission of data betweenorganizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents such asPurchase Orders, Invoices, Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), and many more from onecomputer system to another, i.e. from one trading partner to another trading partner.RETAILEREDI USERRETAILERHOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY

BUT IT CAN BE VERY COMPLEX Each trading partner specifies their required communication method and which documentsthey require to complete EDI transactions. This can make the EDI process very complex asillustrated below.AS2 2 Software X-12 Ver. 5010EncryptionSoftwareConsultantSoftware CertificationAnnual LicensingFees.Mailbox Setup Mailbox Fees X-12 ialX-12 Ver. ateX-12 Ver.3040ModemPhoneConsultantFeesMappingToolsHOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAYConsultantFeesConsultantFeesEDI USER

B2BGATEWAY MAKES IT EASY .AS2.VANFTPAS2 ServerVanSoftwareFTPFTPSServerSoftwareSoftware CertificationConsultantAS2 Software X-12 Ver. 5010Encryption Annual LicensingFeesSoftwareMailbox Setup Mailbox Fees X-12 Ver.MappingConsultantModem4040ToolsPhoneConsultant FeesFTPX-12 Ver. MappingSoftwareEncryptionSoftwareX-12Ver. ToolsMapping icateTools3040FeesEDI USERFTPSHOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY

WHERE DOES EDI FIT INTO THE MARKETPLACE?(ONLINE RETAILER)(FACTORY)846855.846850850810852846(BOX STORERETAILER)810852850 – Outgoing PO / Incoming SO852 – Product Activity Data846 – Inventory Inquiry855 – P.O. Acknowledgement856 – Advanced Ship Notice846860 – Purchase Order Change940 – Warehouse Ship Order945 – Warehouse Ship Advice(SHOPPING CART)(THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS)HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.810 – Invoice846

Amazon has many different sites: Amazon (Vendor Central) Amazon Drop Ship Amazon AMTU (Seller Central),, to name but a few.Each Amazon site requires a unique connection or setup.Suppliers trading with Amazon may be required to transact from the following ANSI X12 v.4010 EDI documents (note EDIFACT transaction sets will be required by Amazon EU divisions):EDI 753 - Request for Routing InstructionsEDI 754 - Routing InstructionsEDI 810 - InvoiceEDI 846 - Inventory Advice/UpdateEDI 850 - Purchase OrderEDI 852 – Product Activity DataEDI 855 - PO AcknowledgementEDI 856 – Advance Ship NoticeEDI 860 – PO Change RequestEDI 865 – PO Change SellerGS1/UCC-128 LabelsPreferred Communication: AS2HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.AMAZON’S EDI REQUIREMENTS

DivisionCountryFormatProtocolAmazon.comUSAANSI X12AS2Amazon AMTUNorth AmericaFlat FilesHTTPAmazon.caCanadaANSI KingdomEDIFACTAS2.Amazon.deGermanyEDIFACTAS2Amazon Drop ShipNorth AmericaANSI CTAS2Amazon MWSMarketplace WebServicesANSI X12AS2Amazon.mxMexicoANSI X12AS2HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.AMAZON DIVISIONS AND WORLDWIDE

HOW TO SETUP A B2BGATEWAY EDI AMAZON ACCOUNTWhen in production, B2BGateway uses an AS2 connection topull orders from your customers and push them into yourAccounting Software/ERP. All of the document transmissionshappen behind the scenes and setting up the integrationrequires testing and communication through AVC’s portal.Amazon requires all new vendors to test their EDI documentsfrom inside the Vendor Central Portal. B2BGateway will takecare of this on your behalf and therefore needs the usernameand password associated with your Amazon Vendor Centralaccount.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.After signing up as a B2BGateway client, B2BGateway will useyour Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) username and passwordto access the testing portal.

WHAT IS NEEDED BY B2BGATEWAY?B2BGateway needs all the item information that you may want to use onthe test scenarios. As all testing and production communication isconfined to the Vendor Central portal, B2BGateway does not have anydirect contact with Amazon via email or phone.HOW DOES IT WORK?Once B2BGateway has the username, password and required iteminformation, we will build the required data maps in order to do the datatranslations so that the original Purchase Order from Amazon will goautomatically into your Accounting Software/ERP as a Sales Order.B2BGateway can also set up optional documents like the ProductActivity Data (852) and Inventory Advice (846) and so on.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.HOW TO SETUP A B2BGATEWAY EDI AMAZON ACCOUNT


AMAZON’S ROUTING REQUIREMENTS (EDI 753 & 754).For Amazon suppliers it is mandatory to create a routing request in Amazon Vendor Centralafter they confirm the Purchase Order. They have to provide the pick up date, time, number ofcartons, weight and volume of the consignment. This is called the routing request in AmazonVendor Central.Amazon provides routing process through EDI for its EDI enabled vendors. EDI enabledvendors can send a routing request through EDI 753 and get a confirmation through EDI 754.As all these processes are done through electronic automated transmission, suppliers neednot manually enter the Amazon reference number (ARN) into their system.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY

AMAZON’S ROUTING REQUIREMENTS (EDI 753 & 754)AMAZON EDI 753 ROUTING REQUEST Customer Purchase Order Number –This is the Purchase Order numberfrom Amazon and it should beincluded in the routing request. Number of Pallets/Cartons and totalweight of the consignment. Total volume in cubic feet. Address identifier. Pick up Date & Time: When theconsignment will be ready. Supplier Reference Number – This is aunique reference number for thesupplier. When Amazon sends back arouting confirmation through EDI754, it will include this uniquereference number so that supplierscan match in their system.The main components of an EDI 753 routingrequest areHOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY

AMAZON EDI 754 ROUTING CONFIRMATION Amazon will send a routing confirmationthrough EDI 754. The main components of EDI754 are:. Supplier Reference Number – This isthe same reference number that thesupplier sent in EDI 753. Amazon Reference Number (ARN) –This is the unique identifier providedby Amazon. When supplier submits ashipment advise (ASN) they shoulduse this reference number.Carrier Name – Amazon will assign acarrier based on the weight/volumeand its negotiated rate with carriers.For large consignments Amazon willassign LTL (Less than truck load)carriers like Con-way, Central FreightLines or small freight carriers like UPS,FEDEX.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.AMAZON’S ROUTING REQUIREMENTS (EDI 753 & 754)

B2BGateway has been doing EDI since 1999,offering EDI and supply chain integrationsolutions to thousands of clients across theglobe. Here are some other interesting factsabout our EDI experience: GS1 Accredited EDI Solution Provider B2BGateway processes over 30-billiondollars in client / TP transactions eachmonth. Thousands of client / TP partnerrelationships worldwide and can handleALL international standards that may berequired X12, EDIFACT, Tradacom,PEPPOL, etc.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.B2BGATEWAY FACT SHEET

TRADING PARTNERS.B2BGateway.Net currently supports over 25,000 EDI relationships and presently works withhundreds of trading partners. See our full list of Trading Partners across all verticals - New trading partner relationships are added daily.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY

CUSTOMER SERVICEAvailable Support Setup phase dedicated project manager Rapid Response Team available for whenissues need immediate attention. Support is available 24/7 all year longand in your time zone. These support features areincluded in the monthly feeat no extra cost.These new teams have been established atB2BGateway in order to reduce response timesand decrease relationship setup times. The newRapid Response Team, known as RRT, hasbrought the average response time down to2:46 (two hours and forty six minutes) and thenew setup team has decreased setup times by45%.HOW TO USE EDI TOTRADE WITH AMAZONPRESENTED BY: B2BGATEWAY.B2BGateway has been providing excellentcustomer service to all of our clients, includingBrightpearl and we will continue to do so in thefuture. B2BGateway has developed two newteams to help clients with setting up andmaintaining their trading partner relationships.

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EDI 754 - Routing Instructions EDI 856 – Advance Ship Notice EDI 810 - Invoice EDI 860 – PO Change Request EDI 846 - Inventory Advice/Update EDI 865 – PO Change Seller EDI 850 - Purchase Orde