OutsideyTechnicianNorth Carolina State University's Student Newspaper Since 1920Raleigh, North CarolinaN.C. State engineerreceives huge grantA College of Engineeringresearcher has received at 1.395million grant from the DefenseAdvanced Research ProjectAgency (DARPA).Michael Steer. professor ofelectrical and computerengineering. received the grant insupport of his research in thedesign of next-generationelectronic and computer systems.“The Department of Defenseapplication is only one way to usethe technology we will bedeveloping. These high powersystems could reduce the cost ofoverseas cellular phone calls.increase the life of communicationssatellites and provide lifesavingcollision avoidance radar forautomobiles." said Steer.Steer will subcontract some ofthe research work to otheruniversities. including theUniversity of Califomia at SantaBarbara and the University ofColorado at Boulder. DARPA wasestablished by the U.S.government to find and supportdeveloping technologies researchthat would benefit nationaldefense. Steer anticipates resultswithin five to l5 years.New doctoral pmgramofferedThe first .lictoral program inpublic adiii iiistration in theUniversity .it North Carolinasystem vvill l‘egin this fall at N.C.State. The L'iiivers‘ity of North(‘arolina Board of Governorsrecently approved the program.which will prepare students forteaching and for research in publictiiatiagctiient and related fields.NCSl' has offered a master'sdegree iti public administrationsince 1908. said James H. Svmdirector of the publicadministration program in the(’ollege of Humanities and SocialSciences. Currently. there arenearly llll MPA students.Svara said the doctoral programwill be valuable to researchspecialists in govemment agenciesand public affairs researchinstitutes. as well as individualspreparing for tini\ersity-levelfaculty positions. He estimates afirst«yeat enrollment of IS fulltime and part—time doctoralcruididates. Within four years. thetotal enrollment is expected to be40,ifiatdeTechnicianSports: Men’sbaseball teamloses to Ohio U.Page 3Opinion: Baysden:make adifference.Page 10 Tech Too: Elvis andazaleas.Page 5Ream“;Internet Services:TOL: s/TechnicianCampus Forum:[email protected] csu.eduPhone Numbers:Editorial .515-2411Advertising .515-2029Fax . 515-5133Address323 thherspoon Student CenterBox 8608. NCSU CampusRaleigh. NC 27695-8608Sports page 3March 26, 1997Volume 77, Number 72"'68LO4BH'72L054NCSU places disclaimer on student web pagesI Associate ProvostWilliam Willis defends theaddition of a disclaimer tostudent web pages.Bv KRISTEN SassStArc WRtiERA little extra material at the bot—tom of student web pages has somepeople more than a little upset.Due to the computer-use policydeveloped by the University Counciland General Administration. a disclaimer has been placed on websites within NCSU‘s www-t server.This addition to homepages hasraised many issues and provokedcontroversy among students.The disclaimer reads. “The material on this site is not endorsed.sponsoretl. provided or on behalf ofNorth Carolina State University."Issues such as individual rightsand censorship have been broughtup among students iii reaction to thedisclaimer."It‘s your personal homepage, andl feel it‘s a violation." said PhucTran. ajunior iii computer science.Web sites have also been dedicat—ed to “Disclaiming the Disclaimer."There are at least 20 web sites setup by students to support the re—moval of the disclaimer.The impressive homepage ofAndrew Daniick. a junior majoringin English and communication. isone of these 20 sites."It's an illogical and unnecessaryidea." said Damick.Other students do not seem tomind the presence of the disclaimeron their homepage.“I don‘t mind it as long as there isno censorship." said Joe Kleinman.a teacher's assistant in the ('HASSComputer Lounge.“it‘s a very small price to pay forcreative respect.” said AntonioScurlock. a senior at NCSUWhile concerns flow among students. Associate Provost forlnforiiiation Technologies WilliamWillis adds his perspective.“It‘s a very sensitive issue. Manypeople misunderstand the reason-ing." Willis said.According to Willis. one of thepurposes of the disclaimer is to separate personal vieWs front universi—ty perspectives.The disclaimer offers minor legality and helps prevent censorship aswell, Willis said."We do not censor students'pages. We do have to respond to legality." Willis said.Willis also stressed the fact thatNCSU is a public university. ltsmedia is read by children. parentsand voters. Therefore. there is morecoiicem about information here thaniii a private institution. he said.Already iii place at NCSU is apolicy which states that if a singleperson's website uses over 5'} olthe server. M'Sl' has a right to es;amine it. However. this policy hasrarely been used.“There have been tio more than a(lo/cu cases." Willis sat-cl.This computer policy is still In clfect. despite the rust-added disclaimerWhile N(‘Sl' is lacing uncharteredterritory in regards to the outcomeof the disclaimer. many universitiesalready have \lth disclaimers“There are many schools vvith tlisclaimers and the concern is nothingnew." Willis saidStudents can learn more about theissues involving the disclaimer onthe NCSl’ newsgroup. found at [Krsu wwwAnti-gay flyersJam Ssesmn .provokecontroversyAuteur WHANGBOSrArrFrank Alford (right). Mitch Morton and their band. “Dirty Frank and tho Cleaners." play in the Bragaw activity room Monday.Human rights speakercalls for equalityI The Vice-Chancellor forStudent Affairs denouncesa number of anti-gayposters strewn across campus.Bi Piiii I IP Rt‘rsr“is. l .Mitt-gay sentiment coiitiiiucs tobe publicly e\pt'cssctl at .'\ (‘. State-\ large titiiiibct oi llyct's proclaiming Match .‘Jthvl‘sth “(iayHatred \Vcck‘ were posted at vatt ous locations across campus recciitl}. The llycrs encouraged thosewho support the “anti—gay movement" to sliovv ihcir support byWearing a hat today.NCSL V ice Chancellor lot'Student Affairs Tom Stafford saidthe livers represent an unacceptableviewpoint."l atii disappointed and upset."Stafford said ”There is no rootii atState lor the kind of c\prcssion thatposter rcprcsetitcd "Stafford said the sentiments es»pressed iii the illill'fJin tlycrs could\ptn‘Hl violence against gays"They ttlie tlyersi have the poten»tial to create a harmlul phy sical en—vironment on our campus for peo.ple of that category."Sw Ftvsrrs. Purge 3 DNC SU puts spotlighton safety next monthI N.C. State’s Occupational Safety andHealth Council asks students and faculty tostand up to risks and “Stand Down forSafety.”Bi PHILLIP REESE.NEWS Eorcw;N.C. State is encouraging students and lziculty to takea reflective look at safety standards during .\pl‘llNCSU's Occupational Safety and Health (‘ouncil issponsoring a “Stand Down for Safety“ next month thatwill offer students and faculty the chance to receivetraining in lab safety. stress management. lob stiletvand many other areas where mental and physical healthcan be strengthened and protected.David Danehower. chair of the Occupational Saletyand Health Council. explains the origin oi the event‘sunique name: "In the military. when they have a lot olclose calls in terms of safety. they hold a StandDown.”The highlight of the “Stand Down" will occur onApril 23rd. when a number of safety workshops will beheld on NCSU‘s Brickyard from ll a.m. to 2 pm.The rest of the month will also feature various work shops presented by officials at NCSU‘s CounselingStudents continue helping migrant workers Center;Physical Plant; Student Health Services; andEnvironmental Health and Safety Center.The Counseling Center will present a workshop onlast semester. which aims to provide better rier for them.I A number of students areand treatment. led by clinicalguidelines for farmers who board “There are some problems with getting depression awarenessworking hard to finish the benev- housingGrace Finkle. on the 18th of April atmigrant laborers during the growing sea- feedback. but it‘s going pretty well." said psychologistolent job they started at the bell230 a.m. in the Brown Room of the UniversityFord.SOI'I.The Center will also present a stressginning of this semester.Their goal. according to Holly Grubb. The students have met With workers Student Center.workshopon the l5th of April at 5:30who coordinates the project. is “to provide three times and growers six times in the managementpm. in the Brown Room.BY KRISTEN atplanswill host a workshop on inServicesHealthStudentSTAFF WarrenwillwhogrowerafindtoyethaveTheyimprove conditions without dramaticallyfection control on the 9th of April at l [:30 a.m. in theadopt their improved plans. said Grubb.increasing cost.“The growing season is close at hand.Brown Room. SHS will also host a stress oassociates.herandGrubbTime is running short for a group ofon the 2nd of April at noon in room 3120 ofcontact view the project during the off—season. workshopgraduate students who. with N.C. State ar- Tina Lesem. have been in closeUniversity Student Center.said she and her colleagues are us- thePhysicalchitecture professor Harry Sanoff‘s guid- with seasonal workers while developing GrubbPlant Safety Officer Dick Miller will discusspreviousthebygatheredinformationingance. are striving to improve living stan- the plans for improved housing.numerous ways to cope with problems caused by workNone of Sanoff's students speak class as a basis for their designs.dards for migrant farm outside during hot summer aftemoons on the 10thTheir work is the continuation of an un- Spanish. the native tongue of most of theSee SAFETY. Page 2 )See Womtsns. Page 2 Pdergraduate project Sanoff spearheaded workers. but language has not been a bar OpInlon page 10Classifieds page 12Serious page 6National now; page 9Toch ‘l'oo page 8I N.C. Central University’schancellor said discrimination can be fought by accepting diversity as a partof our society.Bv DANIELLE STANFIELDT Sow WRITE?The keynote address for HumanRights Week at NC. State. givenMonday by N.C. Central UniversityChancellor Julius Chambers. wasattended by few. But what theyheard was clear.“Every person. whatever race ornationality. is entitled to respect andan equal chance in life." Chamberssaid. “We are not meeting thatobligation."Chambers said our nation's soci ety is not willing to confront its diversity and solve the problem ofprejudice."Americans put aside discrimination and look upon the world as freeand fair." Chambers said. "We putthe issue that threatens our very existence on the back burner."Throughout Chambers‘ speech. hementioned the difficulties culturesface in communicating with eachother while preserving their owncultural identity.“We are not at a point where people can get together and talk becausesome still don't trust others." hesaid. "We are part of a society wherepeople don‘t know each other."As a solution to communicationproblems. Chambers saidALBERT WHANGBO/SIAFFJulan Chambers addresses students and faculty.Set- SPEAKER. Page 2

Page 2March 26, 1997NewsThe biggest threatto depression is yourawareness of it.t/Nrérbrio'DE PR5 SSIONhttp'l/wwwsaveorgASHE PLACEEfficiency apartmentnow' available for rent! 315 / mo. twatcr incl.)\NILSON PROPERTYMANAGEMENT755-0804Ed'HEITfF‘dH-JF H WIJH'MAKE 3 THISSUMMERI ENJOYTHE OUTDOORS!‘ICSIP 0 BOX 570COVE Cl“ ‘C 28523FAX r919r 6572125HEAR OREEHVIILE KINSTL“ "EIA BER.NHIRING H WIMarketing OpportunityAvailableEascpak. the leading manufacturer oidaypacks in the United States. has marketinginternships Mutable for highly monvatcd. outgoing indwiduals interested in salespromotion. marketing. and public relationsA: an Eastpak Field Set vice Representative(FSR) you wull have the unique opportunityto represent Eaxtpak from June throughAugun.The FSR internship is also a paid positionThere is one catch we have only ONEposmon available In each of the IollowmgmarketsAdam: - Boston Charlotte ChagoDevon - Los Angeles Nev/York PhilladelphlaIf you have a car. and think you re the perfecrperson for the Ezstpak FSR DOSIUOH mail orfax your 'esunie ASAP toCraig Weinerdo Triple Dot4S Bromfietd StreetBoston. MA 02 08617 292 8928 fax 6 7 292 8929 phone' Specrfy marliet when applyingEA§TPAKSpeakerCourt/rim! Mom Pay: 1’Americans should incorporate diversity into their lives and attemptto accommodate the interests of allpeople."Learn something about other cultures.” he said.Chambers cited an NCSL' sportsteam as an example of cultural .ic ceptance. ”Transpose how well thedifferent cultures played togetheron NCSL"s basketball team." hesaid.Chambers said that it IIIC‘J\UTC\are not taken to eliminate discrinii»nation. and if individual membersdo not agree on ways to achievethat objective. "we will continue tohave animosity among our people."(‘hambers remains optimisticabout solving the problem of discrimination in the L'nited States.even though he believes that therecannot be a society totally free ofprejudice.“I have seen a lot of peoplechange in attitude." he said. “If ourpolitical and Judicial leaders weremore outspoken. we would seemore change."Chambers asked that NCSU stu—dents and faculty consider the kindof nation we hope to see. and thekind of university we want to see.Flyers(Ell/lll’lut‘u" from [Critic 1'Rob Ridings. secretary ot NCSI'NBisexuals. Gays. Lesbians andAllies. said he was not surprised tosee the tlyers He said the 801 A isgrowing accustomed to public .itlacks”I hate to say it. but \\ e are gettinga little numb to stuff like this.”Ridings said.-\ccordirig to Ridings. the flycrswere probably created by A smallgroup of students who represent ancvtreme perspective He said moststudents do not hold such stronganti-gay viewpoints"We don't think people disagreewith us that .uongly.” Ridings said."We believe that this was the workof a few Jokers."thllngs sdld the flyers might nothave been posted if NCSL had taken a stronger official stance againstanti-gay sentiment. He said the uni versity should include a clause in itsoil'icial anti-discrimination policythat specifically denounces discrimination against gays."If you would have seen postersadvertising anti-black day or antiJew day. you would have seen a lotmore outcry." Ridings said. “A lotof people don‘t even know this iswrong became they don‘t have anyofficial guidelines from the governing body of this university."THE CUTTING EDGEFull Service Salon8324901 or 832-4902Aveda. Neuus,HoursSebastian. KMS. MatrixMon. - Fri. 8am - 9pmLogics. Rusk 9am - 5pmSaturdayhaircutoff 2.00wAppointment or walk-in any 5.00 off Permtime 5.00 off Sculptured Nails2906 Hillsborough St. across from Hardee’s G 1997 NCSU STUDENTS AND FACULTY MAY PLAYGOLF AT HEDINGHAM FOR THE STUDENT RATE 22.00 Includes green foe and cart for 18 holes.Muslin-Tilt RstiAvNos-Hot itisis UNI.)ML's‘t HAvt‘. Ct'itRi-‘s't NCSU 1D4801 HARBOURvvvTOWNE DRWE250-3030 A A‘ ALHEDINGHAMA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A‘ Av v vAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAvvvv FET ALL DAY EVERYDAYI11am-9pmI 3.99 EACHI41-4 PERSONS PER COUPON)IPizza, Spaghetfl, Lasagna (dinner only), Soup, ”EASalad Bar,Oarllc Bread, Ice CreamI3933 WESTERN BLVD. IACROSS FROM Best Pnooucrs)I851-6994NOT VALIDEXPIRESWITH ANY2.28OTHERI97 OFVERI'-" - —.ICtinttnuedjrom Page Iof April at 10 am. in the MorrisBuilding.The Environmental Health andSafety Center will present a workshop on lab safety on the 25th ofApril at 11 in room 2405 of\lilliams Hall The I:HS( will alsopresent a workshop on back injuryprtvention on the 35th of April at9 30 .i in iii room 2405 of VlilliainsHallFor more information about work—shops during NCSL"s “Stand Downfor Safety." \l\II http://w‘ncsu9chs/If you would like toreport for TechnicianNews, please contactPhillip at 515-2411 or512-3755WorkersContinuedfmm Pact /“What we found consistently."said Grubb. “w as that. like anybody. the workers didn't like com»munal showers or comtiiunal ll\ trigThe more privacy. the better theyliked it."The students are producing .i ni.inrual which will help farmers mi»prove the living conditions of theseasonal workers.Grubb said farmers sometimeslose track of the benefits they canreap when they provide safe.healthy living conditions for theirworkers.“If people are healthy and saris:fied. they‘re going to treat thebuilding better and maintenancecosts will be reduced — they'llshow up to work. they'll return yearto year and the grower is not at ahigh of risk of catching communi cable diseases himself."Ford said farmers are businessmenwho simply see farmworkers ascogs in the machinery of their enterprise.“They spend lots of money on ma—chinery but can‘t provide housingdecent enough to house a criticalportion of their farm." he said.“People are willing to spend money on technical greenhtwscs andmachinery. but labor costs arewhere they want to cut." addedLesemThe ease with which farmers canaccess cheap labor Is one problemfor migrant housing advocates likeSanoff‘s students"The whole system of farm work»ms for the timed States for the en—tire century has been new ed as expendable." said I esem.Slic said during the Greatl‘t‘l‘tcssion and “Mid War II. theme o? .\1t‘\ican and South \ workers was nearly eliminated .is -\lilt‘l‘lc‘.m.\ migrated fromthe dust bowl of the Midwest to themore productive farm areas ofCalifornia and the Fast Coast.The problem. said Iesem. is thatworkers are "reai easy to come byand somevs hat evpendable "Another barrier faced by housingadvocates .s the minimalist stan»dards set tyv stale and federal agen'cies Sanoit‘s students have beenworking closely with the NorthCarolina Department of I abor INC—DOLI during their protectGrubb said officials from NCDOLwarned the students that any attempt to improve legal standards ofmigrant laborer hoUsing couldbackfire.”If we open up that can 0 1‘worms." she said. “the standardsmight get worse."Grubb said the students have researched Department of Defense(DOD) housing standards and corn—pared them with the standards of .migrant labor housingShe said DOD regulations requireone toilet for every two people.DOL requirements are one toilet forevery 15 people and Ill people pershower.The research gives prool that “afirm logical reason for improvingthe standard is needed." said (‘iriibbThe cost of replacing costinghousing is yet another barrier thestudents face when trying to selltheir improved plans to the growers.since there is little hope of findinggovemment funding for such a proiectOne possible solution to the dismal living conditions that evist formigrant laborers is for food pro»cessing corporations to subsidizehousing on the fattiis frorii whichthey buy produce. according toLesem“Big corporations are a good placeto start." she said. “but it’s still bigbusiness versus the farm worker."“We Just have to recognize thefact that there is relatively inctpen siv'e access to food in the UnitedStates." Leseni added. “And it'sbased on a system that is extremelyunfair and exploitative.“Sanoff's students will present asynopsis of their experiences andplans today at noon iii the BlueRootn of the University StudentCenter as part of Human RightsWeek.From Technician '5Fun Fact File.Number 249(g):Technician is printed on 61)percent recycled newsprint.We kid you not.Would we lie to you'.’Answers1Crossword PuzzleFREE FIZZ/ITBuy One Medium 12” PizzaAnd Get The SECOND OfEqual Or Lesser ValueFREE!CryptoquipNO DOUBT, THE BIG.TALL BEACHCOMBERCOULD BECONSIDERED A LONGiSHOREMANCall Ahead828-5 1 18IZZA STATION EXPRESS"“THE TN"(RTEE'I‘E’LTOUT RAG EO U 5SPRING SIDEWALK SALEWHERE WE PRACTICALLY GIVE IT AWAY!Is- ws(MOST ITEMS UNDER 9.00)CATALOG CLOTHESYOU LOVE;PRICES YOU CANAFFORD!‘THIL FRI., SAT.[MARCH 27. 28. 29]12 NOON - 6PM(Rain or Shine!)Save 100(0Show your rtt’vlletio D. and riot 10": Off any servrce All servrces include shampoo and conditioninri HOSPNo appointments Open 7 days.Crabtroo Valley Mall 4325 Gleriwood Ave. in Raleigh ' 510-4022Garner Station 1498 Garner‘s Station Blvd. in Raleigh - 662-7667. .15 Hillsborou 1h St.8it (alo‘Q)en. 7 (Iavs a week055 from L up a 109()n-site parkingHalf cufleryeSAVE 50% EVERY DAY ON CATALOG AND QUALITY LABELCLOTHES ‘

State StatPage 3Guess the Year:Answer--Statewon ACC titles infootball, baseballand basketball in1973.SportsMarch 26, 1997OhioU.shocksVolume 77, Number 72PackUn-Avent-ful dayloseagainst BobcatsI The Pack‘s bats wereswinging unfortunately, sowere Ohio’s.B\' A. S. MARTINS'nii- WRITI'RThe Wolfpack baseball teamsuffered its first home loss lastnight against Ohio University. 8-7.The learn arenow l7 l() (2—Ohto8 , 4). . .,5.”.pitcher ScottDobson showed a lot of heart butgave up six earned runs in fiveinnings. Dobson had not pitchedsince receiving a four-gamesuspension on Mar. I6 at Duke.“I had a lot of confidenceconsidering the last outing atDuke." Dobson said.Clay Eason came on to relieve inthe sixth. With the Pack behind 7-6in the eighth. the Bobcats got onbase on an error and scored a run ona second error. Brett Black pitchedthe ninth without a run.Two runs back. the Pack rallied intheir half of the ninth with a doublefrom Jake Weber followed by anRBI single froin Chris Combs. TheBobcats replaced their left-handerwith right-handed reliever. so right-Got a problem ?And We (lancer/f) Like (Iwait! on l/It‘ oceanmmum '(‘ I’(all US (ll 5/5—24l/ orit‘l'flt’ to us [email protected] a lot ofconfidence,considering thelast outing atDuke.”- Scott Dobson.N.(. State pitcherhanders pinch hit for the next threePack hitters in the lineup.Luis Figueroa hit a sacrifice huntto advance Combs to second. thenStephen Wolff took a walk.Craig Allen wearing the jersey ofpitcher Nathan Holcomb pinch rantor WolffWith one out. Matt P0stell steppedup to the plate. The count ran to 32. and on the next ball Postellchecked his swing. Bobcats headcoach Joe Carbone argued the homeplate umpire‘s call. and when thesecond base umpire confirmed thecall. Carbone became vocal andwas ejected from the game.Poslell swung at the next pitchand hit into a double play to end thegame.()hio scored their eight runs on I4See BASEEALL. Page 4toF SUc\\hL‘f“ ‘/S.t\ii.t Hanna. HS.I And even more kudosfor Howard.Howard: National ThreePoint 1Shootout (ompetitorShoals Sr \II Kti‘tlh’iScriior bisketball player Jenniferselected toHowardWomen‘s tennis team falls compete inhasthe beenNationalThe Honda State women‘s 'l‘hrec-l’oint Women'sShootoutintennis learn. No. 46 in the country.Ind. at Marketdefeated N.(‘ State lieiili this Indianapolis.Square Arena. The exent. held inpast weekend. (1 i. .it the conjunctionwith the Men‘sWolfpack Tennis (‘oiiiplcxFour. will beState‘s Blair Sutton dctcatcd N(‘. \:\ l'inaion l‘SPN from 9:30Lori Sowell in the No I singles broadcastII: it) put 'I‘hei'c will be a threeposition. (1-4. (172.shootout lor men as well asThe Wolfpack‘s Laura (‘owiiian poinl.a slam dunk compcitlt'mdefeated Lorioward is oneJunker at .[hc [wigs36'“—eight seniorNo. 4 position. . 'ii// \ r“- s-r-w 7:7. » , /‘ 'fi‘zwr ‘ orwomen141.775.!»4. .i compete. Thetoln doubles. ?Ii. others invitedSutton and iii areMarc yNena Bonacic' Ea:, ‘ a .3Alberls of ()hit)paired tip at No, 1,,IKateSlate.H" ‘”"—“““l doubles andot Stanlord. Jenny Millerdefeated Sowell and Ann ()Iscn oi oiStarbirdPittsburg State l'niversity.Florida State. 8-4.Lisal‘loiiacic battled \aliaiilly m the Bcriiria l)ott \ ot Hullalo.(leiirgeNo. 2 singles position. dropping ('ci‘tiiignano Kimoi Williamsofthe first set. 6-”. but came back Washington.DePatII and [tiny-I iglione ofbefore losing the second. 75State's Marissa (iildciiteister TexasParticipants “I” shoot from fivealso went the distance with Kia differentof balls stationedAsberg. betorc losing in three sets. around theracksthree pomt line. Each7-5. 5—7. 6-3,ThedoublesteamofSALVADOR FARFAN ill/SIAFI Gildemeister/Cowman fell toSee Name. Page 4NICE to as SACK, I GUESS A dejected Scott Dobson walks off, his firstgame back after a suspension. after giving up six runs to Ohio U. g.“ . , s. ‘’t deny Smrcka-Duffy. , , 1l3 points and five rebounds per and the NCAA tournaments in the In her first year of high schoolI The State freshman’san basketball. Smrcka-Duffy kept mple approach leaves her Wolfpack, starting 29 of 3 games obvious dissapointmcnt 7e forherself so much that despite playingtops in the ACC.someone who had predicted a the point. one of Smrcka-Duffy‘sin which she played.national teammates would call out the playsWhen the season came to a close. season-ending81' K. GAFFNEYStiircka«l)uffy earned top honors as championship celebration in her on the floor.Si »\H' WiniiiiSmrcka—l)uffy has been known tothe Atlantic Coast Conference first NCAA post game interview.of the Year by Coming into the ACC. and keep quiet during post gameNever question the importance of Freshmansportswriters frorn around the playing for one of the top 25 teams intcrncws. and often commenteda first being named in the nation didn‘t ITtistcr Smrcka- on the fact that. as far as she wasKatie Smrcka«Duffy wasted no conference. as wellMention to the All- Duffy one bit. in fact she enjoyed concerned. her season was sub-par.time making a name for herself at asACCa Honorable"l Icel like there is a lot more tothe change.NC. State. Against Appalachian But team.when basketball runs through “It is nice to come into this kind of my game than showed this season."State in the first contest of theveins. like it does in this red- emironiiient. where everyone cares Siiircka-Duffy said. “There is soseason. Smrcka-Duffy impressed yoursharp-shooter. the about the game." SmrckaDtiffy much more that I can do that I don‘tthe Reynolds Coliseum crowd by headedindividual honors can be quickly said. "I didn‘t care that it was the think showed this year. but that isscoring 28 points and pulling down overshadowedwhat I am working toward now."by a lack of team ACC. ljust wanted to play ball.”13 rebounds. Along with the success.Her transition on the court didn't Smrcka-lhiffy struggled at timesoffensive stats was a message that “It was a great honor. and mirrorin the season with her shot. Duringtheofoffadjustmentherthis 5-foot-9 basketball junkie out something I never expected." court,mid-season three-game losingof Sterling. Va. was serious. and Smrcka-Duffy said of the Freshman "When I came in. I really didn‘t astreak.Smrcka-Duffy was l4-of—38serious about basketball.UtENN ABBEY/STAFFand in the 87-75 rs.“butIwouldApparently. the impression stuck. turn it in for a couple of tournament said. "I'm not one for big groups. roundthelossfield.FRESHMAN FOR THE PACK . . Katie Smrcka-Dulfy (33) made quitein the ACC tournament FABULOUSSmrcka-Duffy was a staple in the wins."an impact in her first campaign in Raleigh. earning Freshman-oibut if you get me one and one. I‘llWolfpack line-up all season long. State bowed out of both the ACC talkihe-Year honors in the Atlantic Coast Conference.forever."Smrcka-Duffy averaged more thanSn- SMRCKA. Page 4 .sDont lug it home for the,:. \ summer letr.WVIM K’s Mil-5store it for you!Reserve yours mw. No rent charged untiioccwancy date.5'x10’ lO'x l 0’unrrum.44.00 970.000 VP up to yourpersonal doorlJIMMY’ S MIHIS (Self Storage)44 I 2 Delta Lake DriveRaleigh. NC 27612.III.IIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIII.‘}z‘1‘ :3“.1-139*“AVERY CLOSE”Two Bedroom / Two Bath ApartmentGarden and 'I‘ownhousc StylesFURNISHED OR [NlitiRNlSHbDU 505:)- ‘5695 / month-now accepting reservations for summer and fallWlLSON PROPIZRIY MANAGEMENT755-0864Recycle; echn1c1anN. ’. . .v*ég’liw“ 131.23. rs Needed 5SM d Voiooi oerASTH MA RESEARCH STUDIESInexpensive .' efficient way to accessyour Compact Discs or CD ROMS.Safe 8i Easy. you'll love your music all over.P.O. Box 547824 Orlando FL 328547824Call for Information800/350-7156Ask for Fax Back order formor check our website @http:” RESEARCHSTUDYIndividuals 12 years and olderon regular medication neededfor research studies. 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March 26, 1997SportsPage 4§CHarris Teeter Q3Your Neighborhood Food Market t -- JSaleBeginsWednesday March26 1997PEPSI.mmV-a-a?‘.,696 Pk 16 Oz.NRB-'Hunter Ice Cream7‘.». ,If?»\\:JVI- .' . ‘.' .H I j “I l\l1/2 gallonWith VIC CardWith WVICCWSelected VarietiespastaWagsg msat4.-s13.25 or.AAAAAAAAAAApreseason started in September. Thewomen's basketball trainers'SmrckaInstructions to a take a month offhaw: been hard to handle.(unit/Tutd from Pure t’“It Is \0 hard not to be able to getto Clemson. Smrcka-Duffy scored out there and work." Smrcka-Duffysilld.[8 points. but shot just six—for-33She has been limited to justfrom the floor.Now that the season is mer. weIght training. a stationary bikeSmrcka—Duffy has already started and shooting jumpshots from therefocusing. In a recent post-season floor.interview. the biggest concern for Smrcka-Duffy has been aroundSmrcka-Duffy was working toward basketball since a young age.accompanying her step-father to recnext season.Smrcka-Dul’fy suffered an ankle league games.injury in August. and never fully “I used to go with him all of thetime." Smrcka-Duffy said. "Finallyrecovered.She had a month off before the when I got old enough, I would stepr------—— Tfificfinfififl? fi§an—d3§a3 fioFse—Ad- " .IName: Steven “Steve” HodgesOccupation: Te

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