Classification : PUBLICStep 4How to Install Security Token to PC/Laptop & Change Token PINHow to Install Security Token to PC/Laptop1. Plug the Security Token to PC/Laptop and copy the Trust Key Software from Security Token.2. Extract the content & install software Double Click on Trust Key Application Install the Trust Key Authentication Client Double click

Classification : PUBLIC Click Install (Then it will install the driver) Click Finish Click the Trust key iconplugging in the token.desktop.The display will look like this before

Classification : PUBLIC Plug in token After plugging in the token, display will look like this.

Classification : PUBLIC Click user certificate Click View

Classification : PUBLIC Click view to appear the certificate details. Click *Start*. Type *Run* and select it.

Classification : PUBLIC Type *certmgr.msc* and click *OK* Certificate of current user appears

Classification : PUBLIC Click *Personal* Click *Certificates*

Classification : PUBLIC The Certificate will be displayed as User CertificateInstalling SafeNet Authentication Client on MacTo install with the installer:1. Double click the SafeNetAuthenticationClient.10.2.x.x.dmg file2. To start the installation, double click SafeNet Authentication Client 10.2.pkg

Classification : PUBLIC3. Click ContinueThe Welcome to the SafeNet Authentication Client Installer window opens4. Click ContinueThe Software License Agreement window opens5. Click Agree to accept the software license agreement

Classification : PUBLIC6. Click InstallThe Standard Install window opens7. Enter Username and Password and click Install SoftwareNOTE: Administrator permissions are required to install SafeNet Authentication Client8. Click Close and then perform a Restart (recommended)

Classification : PUBLICHow to Change Security Token PINThe security token contains your Private Key, therefore neither the security token nor the token PINshould be shared with anyone under any circumstances. Please change the default PIN using thebelow guide.1. Click “Start” select TRUST key tool2. Select PIN Operation

Classification : PUBLIC3. Click Modify PIN, enter existing PIN and change to new PIN.

Installing SafeNet Authentication Client on Mac To install with the installer: 1. Double click the SafeNetAuthenticationClient.10.2.x.x.dmg file 2. To start the installation, double clic