LutronControl your lights, shades, and temperature from anywherePlug-in lampdimmerIn-wall utronAppWirelessThermostatControl from anywhere Turn lights on from your car Adjust temperature from your office Turn off lights and close shades from your bed Schedule lights, shades, and temperature to automatically adjust at set times of day Set up is easy Ideal for existing or new homes No new wiring required Watch the installation videos on NEW!Works withAmazon Alexa

Welcome toPeace of mind.Comfort.Convenience.Turn lights onas you arrive homeCaséta Wireless provides all of these,at the touch of a button.Whether you want your lights on,off, or somewhere in between, yourshades raised or lowered, or yourtemperature set back a few degrees,you can count on Caséta Wireless todeliver what you need.Caséta Wireless also uses Lutron’sClear Connect wireless technology,for reliable operation.Adjust temperaturefrom your officeOnce you try Caséta Wireless, you’llwonder how you ever lived without it.Turn lights offand close shadesfrom your bedside

Turn entryway and outdoor lightson from the security of your car.Forgot to set your thermostatback? Lower it from work, to saveenergy during the day. Then raise itbefore you leave, for a comfortablewelcome home.No need to get out of bed.Simply turn the lights off andclose shades from your bedsideand drift into sleep.Lutron 1

Product informationControls wall andceiling lightsIn-wall dimmer Doesn’t require a neutral wire — ideal for retrofit or new construction No polarity for line or load wiring — mistake-proof wiring Works with compatible dimmable LEDs (up to 150 W), and incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 600 W) Use Pico remotes for additional switches in multi-location applicationsIn-wall dimmer PRO Works with approved dimmable LEDs (up to 250 W), and incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 1000 W) Also works with MLV lighting (up to 1000 VA) Compatible with Lutron LTE LED drivers, PHPM and GRX-TVI interfaces Neutral wire optional (required for MLV and drivers/interfaces) Use Pico remotes or existing toggle switches in multi-location applications

Caséta Wireless works with energyefficient, dimmable light bulbs UL Listed to dim over 500 different LEDlight bulbs. The list of compatible bulbs isavailable at Patent-pending technology ensures superiorperformance with dimmable LEDs, as wellas halogen and incandescent bulbs. You caneven use different light bulb types with thesame dimmer. Questions about LED control?The Lutron LED Center of Excellence isthe industry resource for LED control:1.877.DIM.LED8 or [email protected] Controls wall and ceiling lightsas well as general purpose fansIn-wall neutral switch Neutral wire required — provides higher capacity and 10 W minimum load or 1 LED bulb Use Pico remotes or existing toggle switches in multi-location applicationsIn-wall switch PRO Dual voltage — works in 120 V and 277 V applications Doesn’t require a neutral wire Minimum load cap included (for switching LED, CFL, and ELV loads) Use Pico remotes or existing toggle switches in multi-location applicationsLutron 3

Product informationControls table andfloor lampsPlug-in lamp dimmer Features two receptacles for simultaneous control of two lamps Simply plugs into a standard wall receptacle Works with dimmable LEDs (up to 100 W) Also works with halogen and incandescent bulbs (up to 300 W) 4 Lutron

4-button Pico remote control lPico remote control Provides convenient remote control Add a light switch without having to wire anything Battery powered — features a 10-year battery life Use as a hand-held remote, clipped to a car visor, mounted to a tabletop pedestal, or mounted to a wall Works with Caséta Wireless dimmers, switches, and wireless shades4-button Pico remote control PRO Choose from three optionsDimming control—same functionality (full on/off and raise/lower) as standard Pico, but in a 4-button aesthetic 2-group switch control—control two groups of lights independently from one another 3-scene control—create three different scenes, as well as turn all lights offNote: light/shade and shade-only 4-button remotes also available.Visit for information on model numbers and engraving options.Lutron 5

Product InformationApple HomeKit technology provides an easyway to control your lights and shades via Siri ,from your iPhone , iPad , or iPod touch .Apple, Siri, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touchare trademarks of Apple Inc., registeredin the U.S. and other countries.Smart Bridge with HomeKit technology Enables control of lights, shades, and temperature using the Lutron AppCompatible with Caséta Wireless dimmers and switches, Serena battery-powered shades,Lutron-Honeywell Wireless Thermostat, Nest Learning Thermostat, and select Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats Easy to install; just plugs into your Wi-Fi router Uses Clear Connect wireless technology— no callbacksSmart Bridge PRO with HomeKit technology Also compatible with Lutron Triathlon battery-powered shades and select styles ofSivoia QS Wireless shadesAdds integration with third-party A/V remote controls and security systems6 Lutron

The App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.Apple Watch is a trademark of Apple Inc.Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.Lutron App for smart devices Works in conjunction with the Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO Control individual lights, shades, and thermostats—even when you’re away from home Add scenes to control multiple lights and shades with a single touch Schedule scenes to adjust lights and shades automatically Download for free from the App StoreSM or Google Play Works with the Apple Watch for control right from your wrist Use the geofencing feature to automatically turn lights on as you arrive home/turn them off as you leave Receive notifications on your smart device if you’ve left the lights on when you leave home Use the Widget feature to set a scene without unlocking your phone Tell Siri to turn your lights off and close your shades just before bed, or dim the lights for movie timeLutron 7

Expand your systemCaséta Wireless expands beyond lighting control. It works with other connected home solutions,such as shades and thermostats, and even other manufacturer’s apps.Remote controlled shadesEliminate glare, create privacy, and help keep a room cool, all with one touch.You can even control lights, shades, and temperature together.RollerHoneycombLutron motorized shades Battery-powered; batteries last 3 – 5 years Wireless, easy to install Cordless design Available in roller or insulating honeycomb styles Serena shades compatible with Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO Triathlon shades and select styles of Sivoia QS Wireless shades compatible with Smart Bridge PRO only8 Lutron

View the full list of integration partners thermostatsLeaving work earlier than usual? Want a warm welcome home from your vacation? Control the comfortof your home from anywhere using the Lutron app and a wide range of compatible thermostats.Lutron-Honeywell Wireless Thermostat(available from Lutron)Remotely control the temperature in yourhome from the Lutron App 7-day programmable schedule Large touchscreen display with backlightPrecise comfort control of temperatureand humidityThe Lutron App is also compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat, select Honeywell Wi-Fiprogrammable thermostats, Carrier Cor and Wi-Fi thermostats, and Ecobee Wi-Fi thermostats.Lutron 9

Expand your systemAdditional smart home technologyNest Protect smoke CO alarmWhen smoke or CO is detected your lights will turn on and your shades willopen automatically to help you find your wayIFTTT (If This Then That)Create IFTTT recipes, such as lowering your shades if it’s sunny, or turning offlights if the Nest thermostat is set to “Away” modeLogitech HarmonyDim lights, lower shades, and start a movie with one button press onLogitech Harmony hub-based remote controls or from the Harmony app.XFINITY HomeControl your lights from anywhere using the XFINITY Home app.Amazon AlexaCreate just the right light using Alexa voice control. Ask Alexa to turn lightson, off or dim them to your favorite level.Pro-level integration*SecurityAutomatically turn off lights and close shades when arming the security system before leaving for the day.Turn lights on and open shades when disarming the system when arriving home or in the event of an alarm.A/VCombine all connected home solutions into one app.CrestronElectronics, Inc.P* Smart Bridge PRO required for pro-level integration10 LutronROCONTROL

Ordering informationProductNameModel NumberSpecifications/DescriptionsVoltage120 V PD-6WCL-XX*Single pole/multi-location**150 W dimmable LED600 W incandescent/halogen434 MHzListPriceDimmers and wallNeutralSwitchIn-wallSwitchPROPlug-inLamp Dimmerno polarity forline or loadwiring 72.00PD-10NXD-XX*Single pole/multi-location250 W dimmable LED1000 W incandescent/halogen1000 VA MLVNeutral optional434 MHz120 V 98.00PD-6ANS-XX*Single pole/multi-location**720 W incandescent/ELV†720 VA MLV6 A LED/CFL†3.6 A general purpose fan434 MHz120 V 89.00PD-5WS-DV-XX*Single pole/multi-location**600 W incandescent/ELV†600 VA MLV5 A LED/CFL†3 A general purpose fan434 MHzPD-3PCL-WHUse with one or two lamps100 W dimmable LED300 W incandescent/halogen434 MHz* XX denotes gloss color suffix (at right).In-wall dimmers and switches not availablein White/Gray (WG).White (WH)Light Almond (LA)Ivory (IV)Black (BL)120/277 V no neutral 89.00120 V plugs intoa standardreceptacle 72.00White/Gray (WG)** For multi-location applications, replace additional switches with Pico remote controls using wallplate brackets.† Switching ELV, LED, CFL requires minimum load cap LUT-MLC (included)Lutron 11

Ordering informationProduct NameModel NumberSpecifications/DescriptionsVoltageListPrice3 V- 10 mA* 21.00Pico Remote Controls and AccessoriesPJ2-3BRL‑WH‑L01R(White)Pico RemoteControl2-ButtonPico RemoteControlPJ2-3BRL‑LA‑L01R(Light Almond)Additional styles of Pico available.Please visit view the full selectionPJ2-2B-GWH-L01(White)2-button with light icon engraving434 MHz3 V- 10 mA* 25.00PJ2-4B-XX-L01PDimming control4-button with raise/lower and light icon3 V- 10 mA*engraving434 MHz 25.00PJ2-4B-XX-L21P†2-group switch control4-button with dual group light iconengraving434 MHz3 V- 10 mA* 39.00PJ2-4B-XX-L31P3-scene control4-button with light icon sceneengraving434 MHz3 V- 10 mA* 39.00PICO-WBX-ADAPTWallplate bracket allows for easyinstallation of a Pico remote controlover an existing wallbox or directlyon any wall surface3 V- 10 mA* 8.00†4-ButtonPico RemoteControl PRO†WallplateBracketCar Visor Clip PICO-CAR-CLIPTabletopPedestal3-button with raise/lower andlight icon engraving434 MHzProvides an easy way to attach aPico remote control to your car’ssun visor 9.00L-PED1-WHSingle pedestal—White 15.00L-PED1-BLSingle pedestal—Black 25.00L-PED2-WHDouble pedestal—White 30.00L-PED2-BLDouble pedestal—Black 40.00* Uses single CR 2032 battery (included)† X denotes gloss color suffix (at right). 4-buttonXPico remotes not available in White/Gray (WG).White (WH)Light Almond (LA)Ivory (IV)Black (BL)White/Gray (WG)

ProductNameModel mart Bridge and Smart Bridge PROSmart Bridgewith HomeKit L-BDG2-WHtechnologySmart Bridge allows control viathe Lutron App or via Siri Smart BridgePRO withHomeKittechnologyL-BDGPRO2-WHSmart Bridge PRO allows thirdparty integration and control viathe Lutron App or via 20 V 5 V300 mA 110.00(power supplyincluded)120 V 5 V300 mA 150.00(power supplyincluded)ThermostatUp to 3 heat/2 cool heat pump orup to 2 heat/2 cool conventional24 V 331.00Requires common wire connectionMotorized ShadesPlease aLutron 13

Ordering informationProductNameModel NumberSpecifications/Descriptions1 In-wall LightDimmer with1 Pico Remote1 WallplateP-PKG1W-WH(White only)(1) PD-6WCL-WH(1) PJ2-3BRL‑WH‑L01R(1) CW-1-WH (Claro wallplate) 80.001 Plug-in LampDimmer with1 Pico RemoteP-PKG1P-WH(White only)(1) PD-3PCL-WH(1) PJ2-3BRL‑WH‑L01R 80.001 Pico Remote1 Wallplate Bracket1 Wallplate(1) PJ2-3BRL‑WH‑L01RPJ2-WALL-WH-L01(1) PICO-WBX-ADAPT(White only)(1) CW-1-WH (Claro wallplate) 32.001 Smart Bridge1 In-wall LightDimmer1 Pico Remote1 WallplateP-BDG-PKG1W(White only)(1) L-BDG2-WH(1) PD-6WCL-WH(1) PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R(1) CW-1-WH (Claro wallplate) 140.001 Smart Bridge2 In-wall LightDimmers2 Pico Remotes2 Pedestals2 WallplatesP-BDG-PKG2W(White only)(1) L-BDG2-WH(2) PD-6WCL-WH(2) PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R(2) L-PED1-WH(2) CW-1-WH (Claro wallplate) 255.001 Smart Bridge2 Plug-in LampDimmers2 Pico Remotes2 PedestalsP-BDG-PKG2P(White only)(1) L-BDG2-WH(2) PD-3PCL-WH(2) PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R(2) L-PED1-WH 255.001 Smart Bridge PRO1 In-wall LightDimmer1 Pico Remote1 Wallplate(1) L-BDGPRO2-WHP-BDGPRO-PKG1W (1) PD-6WCL-WH(White only)(1) PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R(1) CW-1-WH (Claro wallplate)VoltageListPriceKitsPRO Kit 200.00CasetaWireless.comLutron Electronics Co., Inc., 7200 Suter Road, Coopersburg, PA 18036-1299Customer AssistanceOnline: Email: [email protected] Phone: 1.844.LUTRON1 (588.7661) — includes 24/7 technical supportI 04/2016 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. P/N 367-2499 REV J

Triathlon shades and select styles of Sivoia QS Wireless shades compatible with Smart Bridge PRO only Roller Honeycomb Expand your system 8 Lutron Remote controlled shades Eliminate glare, create privacy, and help keep a room cool, all with one touch. You can even control l