IPDR.orgStandardizing Next-Generation AccountingReducing the time and cost of usagemeasurement and exchange fornext-generation servicesAron HeintzPresident, IPDR Organization

Telecom Industry TrendsMarket!!!!!Desire for both flat-rate and usage-based billingUnrealized revenue from value-added servicesComplex content/connectivity partnershipsIndustry mergers and acquisitionsCompetitive pressures and shorter time-to-marketTechnology!!!Opportunity for convergent networksRapid service evolutionDiverse accounting requirements of next-generation services

To Collect or Not to Collect A product manager in a serviceprovider near you “Wow – what a cool newoffering I’ve thought up This will generate millions innew revenues!”

EEEk!!!!Make use ofTo services provided byTo gain access viaUser(s)User EquipmentAccessEquipmentBridgeTerminal ServerReporting activity toServingPlatforms3G assetsCollectMetet Merin gtMeteSwitchWANe sng neratch arxPE hitwringteringCollectMeterReturn bills to stemsin gOperationalSupportSystemsBusinessSupportSystems

The Solution?BridgeServerTerminal ServerModem3G assetsSwitchFlat Monthly BillWANFirewallBusinessSupportSytems

The Solution: Internet Protocol Detail RecordOrganization (!To reduce the time and cost of usage measurementand exchange for next-generation services.Method!Implement de-facto open standards for IP-basedsupport system interoperability, enabling providersto deploy next-generation services profitably.

Industry SupportBoard of Directors - 2003!ACE*COMM, Amdocs, Billing Concepts, Cisco, Convergys,Hewlett-Packard, Sprint PCS, Telus, XACCT TechnologiesMembers!!!!BSS: Amdocs, AMS, Billing Concepts, Convergys, CSGSystems, etc.OSS: ACE*COMM, DST Innovis, ECtel, NEC, Openet, etc.Equipment: Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Marconi, etc.Service Providers: Infosys, Rogers AT&T Wireless, SprintPCS, Telus, TSI Telecommunication Services, etc. Achievements!!!!!NDM-U v3 SpecificationIPDR Compliance program & testingReference Libraries in C & JavaMajor carrier deployments underwayJoint projects with other industryassociations

Where Does IPDR Fit?TRsustionIPDeoltanumSislara nSoftSwitchIPDWANUsageRsdat adataUsageVideoServer3G portSystems

NDM-U 3.x!Multiple Service Support" VOIP, Internet and Wireless Access, StreamingMedia, WLAN !Stable Version Complete!" Forward Compatibility!Compact Encoding 5:1 Reduction Over XML" Uses IETF XDR – RFC 1832" Direct Translation To/From XML Format

IPDR v3 Reference Code!!!!!Read/write IPDRs as easily as plain textSupports all IPDR flavorsAvailable in C and JavaLiberal license permits use and modificationSimple API’s hide complex logic:" Read foreign schemas to absorb custom IPDR records" Manage rolling log files and automatic updates topartner systems

IPDR Compliance Program!Provides a “buyers guide” for purchasers" Standard format permits apples to apples comparisons!!Evaluates results: interoperabilityInexpensive and easy enrollment and testing forvendors

Implementations Underway!Major carrier deployments" Multiple wireless heavyweights" Emergency calling leader" Smaller VOIP & ASP projects!Continued “Envelope-pushing” trials" TMF Catalyst projects Service level agreements Packet wireless hybrid wireline/wireless" EU-FORM

Future Direction: Equipment!IPDR just as applicable for bits as for services!Joint projects refine and apply service specs formanufacturer communities" Cable Labs" International Softswitch Consortium" 3GPP!!Streaming IPDR for real-time, reliable,unidirectional transportRadius accounting records

Future Direction:Inter-Carrier Exchange!NDM-U technology fully supports exchangescenarios. Key work today: Public WLAN Roaming!Joint work ensures support of existing settlementsnetworks and technologies" ATIS OBF EMI settlement" ITU-T Study Group 3" CIBERNET mappings to CIBER and MXP" Other open dialogs: GSM TADIG TAP3, ETIS, etc.

Recapitulation!!!Usage metering is overly complex;standards provide the solutionIPDR NDM-U v3 is tried and provenWhat can you do?" Review" Join general mailing list for updates" Implement & share experiences" Participate in IPDR Organization

Further InquiriesAron HeintzPresidentIPDR [email protected] JenkinsonMembership DirectorIPDR Organization 1 [email protected]

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The Model Driven IPDR nServiceData EncodingServiceData Transport Service Definition(Subset of W3C XML-Schema 1.0)Alternative Encoding: XML Document XDR based binary encoding Others (e.g. RADIUS, Diameter AVP)Alternative Transport: File based exchange (of XML or XDR) Streaming (XDR only) Others (e.g. RADIUS UDP, Diameter TCP/SCTP)

support system interoperability, enabling providers to deploy next-generation services profitably. Industry Support Board of Directors - 2003! ACE*COMM, Amdocs, Billing Concepts, Cisco, Convergys, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint PCS, Telus, XACCT Technologies Members! BSS: Amdocs