TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidOverviewTableau is a dynamic, interactive reporting, business intelligence, data visualization software tool produced byTableau Software. This type of software is used primarily for analysis, prediction and forecasting through the use ofinteractive visualization via charts, graphs, and other analytic tools – allowing a larger audience to find answers indata.The intention of this document is to serve as a supplemental aid in navigating Tableau. Tableau uses unique verbiageintroduced in this document. The Helpful Links document provides a link to the Tableau Glossary for additionaldefinitions.Landing Page TabsThe main page includes the Projects, Workbooks, Views, or Data Sources menus. As you click these options, eachpage shows related content you can access.ProjectsThe Projects tab presents the User with the available projects. A Project is a folder including the Workbooks, Views,and Data sources in that project.WorkbooksTableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidA Workbook is a group of similar Tableau Stories (individual reports). Workbooks allows the User to view allworkbooks unsorted from the Projects. This feature may be helpful when the User does not know the name of theProject where the Workbook is located.ViewsTableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidViews are located within Workbooks and are the Tableau Stories. Views present all stories available in one place.Data SourcesA Data Source is the source of the data used for the Tableau Story (report).Note: The data is not downloadable, but it is the source file that the Tableau Story is built with.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidLanding Page Quick Access IconsThe landing page contains quick access icons for the User’s convenience.User SettingClicking the circle with the User’s initials will display the User’s setting menu. This menu has different options forUsers including the ability to access subscriptions. My Content allows Users to access Stories to which they have subscribed.My Account Settings allows Users to change their display name, email address, language and emailnotifications.Make This My Start Page Changes the start page of the website to a page of the User’s choice.Sign Out Signs the User out of the system.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidSelecting the triangle with the “!”, or Alert icon will display alerts regarding the server’s capacity. This feature is forTableau Administrators.Selecting the Star, or Favorites icon will display the User’s list of favorite Stories and provides an option to search theUser’s favorites list.Selecting the circle with the “i”, or Information icon will display options to search Tableau’s Help topics.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidProject TabsWithin the Project (folder) are tabs that organize the Stories (reports).The Projects tab will display any sub Projects (folder within a folder).Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidThe Workbooks tab displays the Workbooks within the selected Project.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidThe Views tab will display the various Views included in the Project selected.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidThe Data sources tab will display the data sources for the Project selected.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidThe Details tab will display the details of the Project including the Owner of the Project and the date the Project wascreated.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidWhen selected in the Workbook, the Details tab will display the details of the Workbook similar to the details of theProject, but with added information regarding the tags of the Workbook.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidAnywhere within Tableau, selecting Home will direct the User back to the home page.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidViewing the StoriesEach Story presents different options to view the data presented. These options are available via the Story Points.The Navigation Pane allows Users to filter and hone in the data.The various Story Points, or tabs, allow the User to change the Story displayed. A Story Point captures a particularpoint, selecting the desired Story Point will present the Story described.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidThe Navigation Pane presents different options for filtering and honing the data. The options in the pane varydepending on the Story.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidThe drop downs in the Navigation Pane will provide the filtering options available for each section.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidHovering over the chart illustration, or data, will display a dialog box explaining the information provided within thatspecific illustration.Note: Dashboard Titles will also populate with selections made in the navigation pane to orient the user to theinformation in the visual.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidClicking on a column header will display options available to that specific column. The option to Keep Only will onlydisplay the data for that column. The option to Exclude will exclude the selected column and will only display theother columns. The Items Selected displays the number of items (types of data) in the selected column. The SUM ofMeasure Values displays the total number of data in the selected column.Note: Clinking the revert or undo button will undo the "Keep Only" or "Exclude" action, returning the Story to theoriginal view.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidStory Menu OptionsAbove the Story Points are options that can be utilized while viewing the Stories. For detailed information on thefunctionality of the icons refer to the Icon Glossary.The breadcrumbs can be utilized to navigate back through the Project or to the home screen.Clicking the star next to the Story title will add the Story to the User’s favorites.When the Story is marked as a favorite, the star will become solid.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidDownloading StoriesStories can be downloaded for sharing or saving.Selecting Download allows the User to export the Story, either as an image or PDF.After selecting Download, a popup menu will display allowing Users to select the desired format. Selecting Imagedownloads what the screen is currently displaying, much like a screenshot. Selecting PDF will download the entireStory.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidCommenting on StoriesSelecting Comments opens a side panel for Users to comment on Stories.Other Users provisioned access to the content can be mentioned with @Username formatting.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidSelecting the attachment icon at the bottom of the Comments pane adds a snapshot of the Story to the comment.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidSharing StoriesStories are also able to be shared with other Tableau Users by selecting the Share option.Selecting Share provides a pop up that allows Users to share the Story (with those who have the same accessprovisioning) either by embedded code or via a direct link.Note: Sharing will only work for other Users provisioned access to the content.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

TableauUser GuideSupplemental AidSigning OutTo sign out of Tableau click on the User Settings and click Sign Out.Tableau TB001Rev 7/5/19

Tableau User Guide Supplemental Aid Tableau_TB001 Rev 7/5/19 . Overview . Tableau. is a dynamic, interactive reporting, business intelligence, data visualization software tool produced by . Tableau. Software. This type of software is used primarily fo