NTERRAExpress Your Forms!VisualDesktopEDIVisual EDI Desktop is for you if you.need an intuitive, full-featured tool for integratingElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities intoexisting applicationswant a flexible, scalable solution to initiate orexpend your Electronic Commerce (EC) programAs you investigate EDI solutions, ask yourself:Will it be easy to setup?Will it integrate easily into our existing Back-Office system?Will it simplify our ability to manage and troubleshoot whentransaction-related problem occur?Will it perform day-to-day operations reliably?Choose the system that best answers these questions,and you’ll have the best solution for your requirements:Visual EDI Desktop!To Order Call Toll-Free 1-888-589-4889

NTERRAExpress Your Forms!VisualDesktopEDIWith Visual EDI Desktop, you define the structure of incoming andoutgoing data files, create hierarchies, and define the relationshipsbetween the files by mapping the components of one to another. Becauseit enables you to map one input file to multiple output files, you cancreate a single host application file while satisfying the requirementsof all your different trading partners. With point and click interface,you can run the translator, initiate communications, define schedules forunattended processes, or start user-defined applications to enablefully automatic operation.What does that mean to you?Customized Solutions:Visual EDI Desktop offers advanced functionality so that together we cantailor each step of your EC program to your requirements. The mappingoptions alone include cross-nested looping, qualifier loop mapping, mapping bydata value, or mapping by data search. Other modules offer similar flexibilities.Easy set-up:Visual EDI Desktop is communications independent, and works with anycommunications package and network service. Read-receipt pass through andclear error messages enable administrators to quickly pinpoint and rectify problems.Reliable translations:Behind the scenes, Visual EDI Desktop assembles the elements of your files, aswell as trading partner and communications information, translates them intothe correct EDI format, and sends them in accordance with your schedule.The technical excellence by which Visual EDI Desktop accomplishes thistask is the hallmark of all our products.To Order Call Toll-Free 1-888-589-4889

NTERRAExpress Your Forms!Ezitrade.comEzitrade is for you if you.Are just getting started with EDI and need a fast, inexpensive, easy way to trade with partnerswho are requiring you to become EDI compliantWant the benefit of using an Internet service on an as-needed basisHave an existing EDI program and want more of your trading partners to use itSpecifications.User InterfaceStandarized browser forms compatible with trading partners’ EDI specifications.Ezitrade account access control via required User ID and passwordSecure connections over the Internet between user and serverMenu’s for receiving and sending transactions, updating user profiles, and currentbilling informationChoice of sending transactions immediately or on a scheduled basisEzitrade ServerTranslates browser forms received from users to EDI transactions for trading partnersTranslates EDI transactions received from trading partners to browser forms for usersManages delivery and receipt of EDI transactions with trading partners using Value Added Networksor the InternetWorks with all X12, UCS, VICS, WINS, and EDIFACT transaction setsTo Order Call Toll-Free 1-888-589-4889

NTERRAExpress Your Forms!Ezitrade.comEzitrade brings trading partners togetherFor new EDI users:The easy way to complyEzitrade is the answer when a trading partner requires you to use Electronic DataInterchange (EDI) formats to send and receive Purchase Orders, Invoices, or other businessdocuments. Now, instead of purchasing software and contracting with a third party totransmit your EDI messages, you can conduct business over the Internet - inexpensivelyand quickly. Using a PC with access to the Internet, you simply log on to ezitrade’s securesite and type your information into pre-established forms. The ezitrade server translatesthe information into your partner’s required EDI format and delivers the transaction to you.Instant compliance!For EDI leaders:Get more trading partners to use EDIWhen you want your trading partners to communicate with you using EDI, you have threechoices: keep asking, charge non-compliance fees - or make it easy for them.When you recommend ezitrade to your trading partners, you make it easy for them tocomply with your request to use EDI. There are no overwhelming up front costs, no steeplearning curve, and no complexity. Ezitrade is s simplified solution that guaranteescompliance with your existing EDI program. In short, there’s no reason not to comply.So you reap the cost-saving benefits of a higher proportion of EDI-compliant tradingpartners immediately.Home PageMain MenuTo Order Call Toll-Free 1-888-589-4889

NTERRAExpress Your Forms!Ezitrade.comHow ezitrade service emailBrowserand/oremailWEBMODEMVANEZITRADE owserand/oremailTrading PartnerTrading PartnerTrading PartnerEzitrade is a secure websiteUsers log onto the site over the Internet or by modem, and fill in predetermined forms foreach type of transaction and trading partner. Click on the submit button and the form isautomatically formatted to EDI standards and delivered to your trading partner bythe ezitrade server.The trading partner receives a standard EDI message, in the correct format and throughthe correct network, from the ezitrade server. Return transactions are translated from EDIand delivered to the ezitrade subscriber.Ezitrade provides full message-status reporting at both ends of the transaction.How do I get started?Getting up to speed on ezitrade is fast and easy. Call or visit our website at, and we’ll set up your customized account with exactly theforms you need, in the correct EDI formats, for each of your trading partners.To Order Call Toll-Free 1-888-589-4889

For new EDI users: The easy way to comply For EDI leaders: Get more trading partners to use EDI Ezitrade is the answer when a trading partner requires you to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats to send and receive Purchase Orders, Invoices, or other business documents. Now, instea