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Issue 1, November 2009 - Explore jv 2017October 31, 2009 InterviewsAnonymousHigh school student in the library“As a potential UNR student, I don't want to pay MORE to go to college, especiallyif at least 23/75 dollars are going toward the salaries of managerial positions.”Nat PhelpsSecondary Ed Pre-Major“Why do they keep trying to take money that I don't have?”Alex YeomansonSpanish Major“Unaccounted for fees are unnecessary because countless professors have alreadylost their jobs. I chose to stay in state and go to UNR based on Affordability. Smallincreases here or there will be the end of good students staying instate. Why gohere when we can get more for the same money elsewhere?”Ericson BurnettSpeech Communication“Students should have a choice or a voice when raising fees, even if they helpstudents. We need to keep it affordable so our campus can grow and excel!”

Explore JV 2017 - Issue 1, November 2009Jeff DePaoliDual Major, Mechanical Engineering and Music Performance, Minor in Physics“One of the largest draws to this university is its affordability. An increase of thisscale has the potential to cripple that draw – resulting in lower income for theschool and an inevitable secondary increase. If an increase is to occur then itshould go toward education not administration.”Shayla KranovichSophomore, Psychology“As a UNR student already paying my own tuition, any additional unnecessary feesoutrage me. Although helping the arts, math, and writing centers is good, the 45student services fee is ridiculous. We need to either budget our money better orstop buying excessive things during student events. As a student body that hasaggressively opposed the budget cuts and raising our tuition, why would we raiseit ourselves?”Joe GutierrParent“Where is the money going? All these fees add up to over 1 million per semesterand no return for the kids @ UNR. Students still have to pay for their vaccines.”AnonymousAlumni“I succeeded because UNR was affordable. Keep students in charge!”

Issue 1, November 2009 - Explore jv 2017October 31, 2009 Continued .Chanelle BessetteEnglish Literature Major“If the university wishes to aggregate funds for programs, I believe students shouldbe able to vote on said funds, and there should be checks and balances in placeto ensure proper spending.”Michael G. PerrinPh.D. School of Psychology“I am a WCSD teacher attending UNR to work on additional endorsements anddegrees. As a graduate student here since fall 2003, I have put up with one tuitionhike after another and do not want to pay this fee. I know that several more tuitionincreases have been proposed for the coming years to cumulate to the tune of 10– 15% per year. Where will it end?”Chris GinacComputer Science“What I don’t understand about the JV 2017 thing is why is it proposing a feeincrease for something that is already being paid for? We already pay for Flipside,why do we need to have a Student Activities Center? And why is it all lumped intoone single package? I would vote for a tutoring center fee, but it’s all or nothingin this bill. This seems against our democratic roots, it really should up to theStudent Community what goes into this bill and what gets passed rather than it justgetting pushed through by it's creators.”

Explore JV 2017 - Issue 1, November 2009Many Students Want Responsible GrowthSean KolarMechanical Engineering“I feel like as long as the money is being spent on us the students, I'm ok with it.”Brian SergottUndecided“Yo! A student center would be awesome”Myles SoderstromUndecided“Money should be used for student activities, not paying admin things. Justrearrange funds, don't make us pay more for it.”Jeff BrownCivil Engineering“Money for sure should be used for students yo -”Kyle RobertsNursing Program“I think that our money should be for the students not for the admin. We need ourmoney that we don't have. Here comes more debt.”Matija KoracinJournalism“Students should be able to vote on where their money goes. 45 per student foradministrative costs, homecoming, and such seems like a lot.”

Issue 1, November 2009 - Explore jv 2017G. F.Nursing Program“I believe that the success of the ASUN can be facilitated without an additionalbranch of the Student Activities Center. The fees that will be charged seemunnecessary in these current economic times. Additional programs andprogramming are not needed currently. I believe our focus needs to be on keepingcurrent programs (classes teachers) open and remaining and in keeping studentcosts down. Possibly a solution to the cu current issue at hand would be to use a“voluntary” staff to oversee the Student Activities Center if it is truly needed.”Tyler DaykinPhysics Major“I believe if there is going to be an increase in fees, then individual departmentsshould get an equal share of it.”Ryan TarverFinance Major“Being a University student, money is already tight. I work full time to pay for myschool bills. Because of this, my study time is limited. If tuition increases, then Iwould probably seek out a second job which would limit my academic potentialeven more. Most likely, I would finish my degree at an institution like University ofPhoenix to save time and money.”Andrew BassEconomics and Philosophy“Fee increases shall be voted for by the student body, not behind closed doors.”

Explore JV 2017 - Issue 1, November 2009November 2, 2009 InterviewsCharlene GreyMajor in Communications with an art minor.“Here are a few radical ideas to replace the ‘academic success center’: join a studygroup. Stay after class. Get help from your professor; they will form groups if theyknow enough people don't get the material. Find tutorials online. Work harder.Study more. If you don't get it, it's on YOU to figure it out.”Gina LeePsychology“People don't have a bunch of money coming in; institutions should be fiscallyresponsible and not raise prices, especially for no reason. They should be focusedon the bare essentials; for many people like me, that's all I care about.”Sallie PopePre-med Veterinary Science"One wants to believe that college institutions are something trustworthy and just.To think of such ridiculous fees coming from a place where we (as students andcommunity members) are supposed to believe in during these hard economictimes where we don't even know if we can even get a job post-graduation showsa true motivation to move in the opposite direction."

Issue 1, November 2009 - Explore jv 2017November 2, 2009 Continued .Jeff MillanBusiness Program“I think each issue should be voted on individually”Dominic ValdesNeuroscience“I also think each issue should be voted on by themselves”Joanne HallProgram not stated“I believe school is already expensive enough, and in these hard economic times,any extra fees or raises in tuition seems unfair and selfish”Bri ThompsonNutritional Science“If there are any new fees, they should be decided on by the people paying. Givemoney to individual departments! Keep UNR affordable.”Brandon HockenberryBiology“I completely support the new proposal. To open up the tutoring center would beamazing. Also, to get more money for clubs and orgs sounds like a great idea thathopefully will get more students involved in on campus groups.”

Explore JV 2017 - Issue 1, November 2009Students Want Time to Review the ProposalMark LusowskiProgram not stated“As a whole, I do not support the this legislation. The portion contributing to themath and writing I understand since those are resources that would utilize andneed to be in place. However, the rest of the distributions I do not support,especially the majority part going to student activity since it should be going tomore academics. Also, this increase in student fees is quite substantial from whereit previously was, and little costs like this really add up with tuition.”Riley FitzgeraldSpeech Communications“I’m for the fees, I am personally willing to pay them, but I also believe thatstudents should have a choice on which fees they would like to contribute to.”AnonymousElementary and Special Education Major“I’d Like to see more funding for the fine arts department and the math writingcenter, but I believe students should run the activities department. Its part of thecollege experience and provides great opportunities for advancing education in aunique way.”Amy WalentaBiology Major“I would not like to see a fee increase. If there were to be a fee increase, it shouldbe decided by the students.”

Explore JV 2017 - Issue 1, November 2009ConcernsJV 2017 CalendarCase Study Process*Aug - JV2007 presented without feeStudent engagement does not require*Oct 23 - Students given proposala Ph.D. Students will talk to student*Oct 27 - Sagebrush prints first article*Oct 28 - Student government asked to vote*NOV 4 - 2nd student government to vote*NOV 5 - 1st Town hall meetinggovernment about issues that affecttheir pocket books and lives. This casestudy includes interviews taken over afew hours on campus on October 31Its time to step back when the first townhall meeting is set after the secondattempt to try and pass the plan.and November 2. Students skimmedthe plan and asked questions aboutAt some point, the president engaged theindividual goals in each part.board of regents before consulting theStudents ranged from partially familiarstudent body.with JV 2017 to completely lacking anyTalking to Studentsinformation. Many students reviewedAlternative plans should have beenthetocomeevaluated by students before the planunderstandingandwas brought to the senate floor.plantoabetterwrotetheiropinions about the plan or a portion.Individual departments could havebeen interviewed to discover needs toengage their students and individualEach chose to take a picture or requestan area of campus with which theybills should have been drafted toidentify. These photos were includedrepresent the to their statements.

“As a UNR student already paying my own tuition, any additional unnecessary fees outrage me. Although helping the arts, math, and writing centers is good, the 45 student services fee is ridiculous. We need to either budget our money better or stop buying excessive