Select PlusCommercial Licensing guideSelect Plus has been retiredNew Select Plus commercial agreements are no longer available. Customers with Select Plus agreements that have not beenretired can continue to purchase through the agreement until further notice. If you have a commercial Select Plus agreementand want to begin purchasing through a different agreement such as the Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft Products andServices Agreement, or license cloud services through a Cloud Solution Provider, please work with your Microsoft partner toidentify the right licensing vehicle for your needs.This does not apply to Select Plus agreements for government and academic customers or in some regions.Select Plus overviewMicrosoft Select Plus is for large organizations with multiple affiliates that want to acquire their software licenses and servicesat any affiliate level, while realizing advantages as one organization.Select Plus featuresBeyond reducing the price that organizations pay for software licenses over full packaged product prices, Select Plus offersother opportunities to help maximize the value organizations receive when you purchase through the agreement. Benefitsinclude:Reduced purchasing complexity through: Simplified purchasing agreements. Organizations are provided with a single agreement under the Master Businessand Service Agreement (MBSA). This agreement never expires for transactional purchases, providing more flexibility,while eliminating the need to renegotiate and renew every three years.Affiliate purchasing. Select Plus purchases are associated to a unique customer ID per affiliate. All purchases are tiedto a single agreement and Lead Affiliate customer ID that allows organization-wide reporting or detailed affiliate levelreporting.Improved asset management with: License management. Enhanced self-service, online tools give customers and partners better managementcapabilities.Downgrade rights. Organizations can now standardize on versions. Downgrade rights offer the right to license thelatest software version available, yet still run a previous version.Added value by offering ways to: Save money. Simple, automated, volume-based discounts can be applied to licensed product purchases across theentire customer organization at the corporate and affiliate locations.

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide Realize more value from Software Assurance. Organizations receive a full value for their benefits with proration ofcoverage to the third affiliate account anniversary, providing between 25 and 36 months of coverage.Note: For complete details, reference the Select Plus agreement.Software Assurance with Select PlusMicrosoft Software Assurance for volume licensing helps boost productivity across your organization by enabling you to getthe most out of your Microsoft software with 24x7 support, deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, andthe latest software releases and unique technologies, all in one cost-effective program.With Select Plus, you have the option to include Software Assurance with your software licenses. When you add SoftwareAssurance, Microsoft will prorate your coverage to your third affiliate anniversary so you only pay for the coverage you areusing, providing greater value for your Software Assurance coverage.For more information about Software Assurance benefits, please visit options for Software AssuranceThe Spread Payments benefit for Software Assurance offers a more flexible way to manage technology expenditures byallowing you to spread payments annually over the term of the Software Assurance coverage. Select Plus offers both AffiliateAnniversary (similar to Agreement Anniversary) that allows you to spread payments annually and Order Anniversary that allowsyou to spread payments over full-year increments. This can help reduce initial upfront costs and provide annual budgetpredictability.Software Assurance may also be purchased on its own when: System or server software product licenses are purchased through retail full-packaged product (FPP) or from anoriginal equipment manufacturer (OEM). There is a 90-day enrollment period during which time Software Assurancemay be added to these purchases.Microsoft Office 2013 or newer version licenses are purchased through an OEM. Again, there is a 90-day enrollmentperiod during which time Software Assurance may be added to these purchases. The versions must be identical.Extending Software Assurance coverageIt is easy to continue the benefits enjoyed through Software Assurance after the initial term ends. Because Select Plus is anongoing agreement that does not expire, Software Assurance may be extended through the existing agreement. Whenextending multiple Software Assurance orders that were purchased through Select Plus at different times, the coverage periodis adjusted to a common date, and the prices prorated to reflect the coverage period, in order to simplify management andfacilitate annual budgeting cycles.To ensure that upgrade protection remains uninterrupted through Software Assurance, you may extend Software Assurancecoverage through your authorized reseller by placing a renewal order by the expiration date of your Software Assurance term.If Software Assurance purchased under another agreement is about to expire, it may be renewed into your Select Plusagreement by working with your authorized reseller to obtain Software Assurance coverage under your Select Plus agreement.In cases where Software Assurance coverage lapses, new License and Software Assurance purchases are required beforeSoftware Assurance may be acquired again.To learn more about Software Assurance, visit Select Plus licensing guide2

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guideMicrosoft FinancingMicrosoft Financing provides a range of flexible payment solutions that enable you to structure your IT product and servicespend to meet your specific business needs. Whether your IT solution is Microsoft only, or combines products from othersupplier and Microsoft Partners, Microsoft Financing can help you manage your total cloud, software, hardware, anddeployment costs; all while leaving your existing credit lines and cash free to invest as you choose.Go to for more information.Select Plus agreement structureThe Microsoft volume licensing agreement structure makes it easier to negotiate the terms and conditions for multipleaffiliates. A Select Plus agreement has three components: (1) the Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA); (2) theagreement itself; and (3) the Select Plus affiliate registration form.Microsoft Business and Services Agreement. The MBSA is a perpetual agreement between the customer and Microsoft. Itcontains high-level terms and conditions that are applicable to all agreements signed under it, such as use and ownership,confidentiality, and warranties. It must be signed either with or prior to the effective date for the Select Plus agreement.To add flexible contract maintenance for Microsoft licensed products, a separate license or Services Agreement work order issigned to cover specific terms of the Select Plus or services agreements. A key benefit to this structure is that the agreementterms common to Microsoft licensing, service and support agreements and Select Plus only need to be signed once.Note: Select Plus for Academic and Select Plus for Government do not include the MBSA.Select Plus agreement. This enrolls your organization in the volume licensing agreement so that you can purchase productsand services at volume discount prices.The Select Plus affiliate registration form. This one-page form identifies buying affiliates within your organization andregisters them in the program. As a result, they can acquire software licenses and services under the Select Plus agreement.The Licensing Solution Provider that works directly with the affiliate is also identified on the affiliate registration form. Having aseparate Select Plus agreement and Select Plus affiliate registration structure allows greater flexibility for registered affiliateslocated in different countries and regions, while providing a single, organization-wide purchasing agreement with improvedreporting and management. Although purchasing is conducted independently, all licenses are managed under one masteragreement.Affiliate structure for Select Plus agreementsWith Select Plus, a single agreement and Lead Affiliate customer ID is established with the public customer number (PCN) of anorganization’s lead affiliate. The PCN is associated with the PCNs of any number of affiliates, linking them to the sameagreement. This framework is used to calculate price levels based on the organization’s volume purchases and helps streamlinepurchasing, Software Assurance benefit delivery, and licensing reporting.A Select Plus agreement cannot be initiated without an MBSA, and a Select Plus affiliate registration cannot be initiatedwithout a Select Plus agreement.Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide3

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guideFigure 1. Select Plus affiliate structureLicensing scenarios with Select PlusThe following scenarios can help you determine when Select Plus is right for your organization.Scenario oneWith Select PlusA large corporation has multiple locations that purchaselicenses for each affiliate or department. Headquartershas signed an Enterprise Agreement to standardize theIT infrastructure with each affiliate purchasing licensesusing a separate Select License agreement to supportunique IT projects. This situation can create a fewpossible problems: Purchasing can get out of control. Decentralized purchasing can cause fragmentation,causing you and your affiliates to potentially not getthe best price for your volume purchases. No easy way exists to accurately track and managelicensed assets. Renewing multiple agreements occurs at differenttimes, making it difficult to evaluate or predict thebest value. Managing the procurement process takes time andcan be costly.The Enterprise Agreement remains the optimal way to standardizethe desktop environment, and Select Plus is a great way toconsolidate purchases across business units to take advantage ofvolume pricing and improved asset management.The organization has a single, organization-wide agreement thatdoes not have to be renegotiated and renewed. This gives them: Affiliate-level purchasing under a single master agreement. A single Lead Affiliate customer ID to provide organizationwide purchase benefits and asset reporting. Licensed product purchasing at both centralized anddecentralized procurement locations. A single price level for all volume purchases with automatic,tiered volume discounting. Easy tracking and reporting on all software license assets acrossthe organization—all the way to the affiliate level. The Microsoft Licensing Statement to combine all of theorganization’s software assets, including numbers for affiliates,in one report. An organization-wide asset view to help determine how toefficiently deploy newly licensed products.Scenario twoWith Select PlusMicrosoft Select Plus licensing guide4

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guideAn affiliate needs to buy multiple servers for a numberof projects that are scheduled to launch soon. Thissituation creates a few problems: The affiliate does not have time to negotiate a newcontract. However, they do want to make sure theyget the best price. While the affiliate does not have the time to go tocorporate for sign-off, they want the price advantageof being part of the organization. They are under a tight deadline and are unsure thatthey can deploy the new servers soon enoughThe customer can purchase the server licenses through theirMicrosoft partner using a one-page affiliate registration form thatis associated with a single corporate agreement.This means: The affiliate is ensured the best possible price level based onvolume. Because they have the software, they can either deploy ordownload and access the Volume Licensing Keys at theMicrosoft Volume Licensing Service Center and launch theproject without costly delays. Corporate is satisfied because the affiliate got the best priceand did not have to circumvent the corporate agreement.How to get startedSelect Plus is offered through the Licensing Solution Provider channel that can help you evaluate your organization’s needs tomake the right choice for your organization. You can find a local partner at ect Plus pricingEstablishing price levels for commercial organizationsSelect Plus categorizes software products into three distinct product pools: applications, systems, and servers. The price levelfor each pool is based on product points that you earn for automatic tiered discount levels. Applications. Examples of Microsoft applications include Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Microsoft Skype forBusiness, and Microsoft Outlook.Systems. An example of a Microsoft desktop computer operating system software program is Windows operatingsystem upgrades such as Windows Pro.Servers. Examples of Microsoft server software programs include the Windows Server Essentials, Exchange Server,System Center Endpoint Protection, and associated Client Access Licenses (CALs).Each software product carries a point value. For example, Office Professional Plus is worth 2 points, a Microsoft Online ServicesSubscription is 1 point, and Windows Server Essentials is 5 points. The Software Assurance component of License & SoftwareAssurance is worth half the total point value of its accompanying license annually. For example, if Office Professional Plus isworth 2 points, Software Assurance is worth 1 point for each year it is maintained during the term of the Select Plus agreementfor a total of 3 points during the three-year term of the coverage (prorated between 25 and 36 months).You can acquire points for each product pool with these three options: Acquire new Licenses.Acquire License & Software Assurance.Renew Software Assurance for products already covered with Licenses & Software Assurance from a previous order orwhere Software Assurance is purchased based on the eligibility rules.Your organization will automatically move to a lower price level whenever one of these events occurs: You increase the amount you spend through your Select Plus agreement and purchase enough points to take you tothe next price level.Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide5

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide You associate your Select Plus agreement with an existing Enterprise Agreement, Campus and School Agreement, orSelect License agreement that has a lower price level.The points you earn apply to all your affiliates registered under the agreement. For more information and to see a full productpoint list, please visit g/products.aspx.Example product list and points (license only)Applications poolPointsOffice Professional Plus2Skype for Business1Outlook1Systems poolWindows upgradePoints2Servers poolPointsWindows Server Essentials5System Center EndpointProtection1For commercial organizations, there are four price levels. The points for each price level are listed below.Select Plus price levelAnnual point minimum per poolABCD5004,00010,00025,000Price level adjustmentIf your Select Plus agreement is associated with an active Enterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement, you do notneed to comply with annual point minimums. However, if your Select Plus agreement has been associated with a Select Licenseor other volume licensing agreement to set the initial price level, you must meet the point minimums for each subsequentannual compliance check.Your initial order, which can be submitted by a registered affiliate, qualifies your organization for the corresponding price level.Once you are qualified for a price level, you can purchase at that level for the remainder of the year or until you qualify for thenext price level through increased purchase volume. Purchases made under your Select Plus agreement by registered affiliatesare aggregated and continuously factored into point minimums per pool to achieve the most beneficial price level. You willattain the next price level for a pool as soon as your organization meets the corresponding annual point minimums. The orderthat qualifies you for a discount (e.g., Level A to Level B) receives the discount. Price levels for each product pool are reviewedevery year on the agreement anniversary date. Any points that you have achieved in each year that are more than the currentprice level but below the next price level will be carried over to the next year to be counted toward that years’ compliance.Note: For eligible academic and government organizations, there is one price level, and the price level adjustment does notapply.If you purchase below the annual point minimum in a product pool during any given year, your organization’s price levelchanges one level (e.g., moving from Level C to Level B) for that pool the following year and no points will be carried over tothe next year. Your pricing level can only descend a maximum of one level each year.If you are at Level A (or an academic or government customer) and achieve fewer than 500 annual points in a product pool fora given year, the pool will be put on hold until you reach the 500-point level again. An order for the minimum annual pointsautomatically reactivates the product pool, with no need to sign new forms or renegotiate the agreement terms.Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide6

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guidePrice level for government organizationsEligible government organizations receive volume pricing for all government entities within a country. This will most often beequivalent to the lowest Select Plus price level (Level D) offered to commercial organizations. Government eligibility definitionsvary by region. See the Select Plus for Government Licensing Guide for information specific to government organizations.Government eligibility requirements are available aspx?Mode 3&DocumentTypeId 6.Price level for academic organizationsEligible academic organizations receive special pricing, typically set at price level (Level A) for Academic. Academic eligibilitydefinitions vary by region. See the Select Plus for Academic Licensing Guide for information specific to academic institutions.Academic eligibility requirements are available aspx?Mode 3&DocumentTypeId 7.How to qualify for Select PlusThere are two ways you can qualify for a Select Plus agreement: Option 1. Qualify with an active Enterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement.When you associate your Select Plus agreement with a qualifying Enterprise Agreement or Campus and SchoolAgreement contract, you receive the corresponding price level for your Select Plus agreement through the duration ofyour qualifying Enterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement contract. When the associated qualifyingEnterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement licensed term expires and is not renewed, you can stillreceive the corresponding price level on Select Plus until the agreement anniversary date, at which time a compliancecheck of your organization’s purchase history determines the ongoing price level (or, in the case of Select Plus forAcademic and Select Plus for Government, your ability to continue to purchase under your Select Plus agreement). Option 2. Qualify with other volume licensing agreement.If you have an existing volume licensing agreement, and have acquired 500 points or more over the past 12 monthsunder that volume licensing agreement, the initial price level for each pool is determined based on the points fromthe previous 12 months. To continue purchasing under a given product pool after your next agreement anniversary,you are required to reach an annual minimum of 500 points for that product pool. In general, if you have passed yourmost recent compliance check for the Select agreement you will be given the corresponding price level in Select Plus.Accessing licensed productsLicensed software is accessed via download from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. The Microsoft VolumeLicensing Service Center makes it easy to manage your volume licensing agreements, download licensed products, and accessproduct keys for your software—all in one place. Use the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center to view your MicrosoftLicense Statement, an easy-to-use report that provides a real-time calculation of volume licensing entitlements acrossagreements. You can also quickly identify and activate Software Assurance benefits. You can access the Microsoft VolumeLicensing Service Center at Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide7

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guideAdditional resourcesMicrosoft offers detailed information about the Select Plus agreement and other volume licensing agreements on theMicrosoft Volume Licensing website at more about Software tivetab ent eligibility mentSearch.aspx?Mode 3&DocumentTypeId 6Volume licensing for government ified Education User entSearch.aspx?Mode 3&DocumentTypeId 7Volume licensing for academic ensing-programs/licensing-for-industries.aspx#tab 2Microsoft Volume Licensing Service center 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. February 2019Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide8

Software Assurance with Select Plus Microsoft Software Assurance for volume licensing helps boost productivity across your organization by enabling you to get the most out of your Microsoft software with 24x7 support, deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, and the latest software releases and unique technologies, all in .File Size: 246KB