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2Industrie 4.0 Maturity ScanThe manufacturing industry is in a process of rapid change.Global powers are shifting markets, while technologies anddata are transforming the way organizations work and makedecisions. In this time of constant pressure, companiesmust keep pace with increasing competition and meet therequirements of their customers. One thing is certain. Themanufacturers will only meet these challenges when theybreak with traditional structures, explore new paths and takerisks.Digitalization is the fuel for change and successful persistenceon the market. To pursue digitalization initiatives and raisehidden potentials in a directed and consistent approach,companies need to know their current situation. Additionally,competitive advantages are given when companies are awareof their status in the transformation process and are able tocompare with industry leaders.The Industrie 4.0 Maturity Scan was created with the currentneeds of the manufacturing industry in mind.This quick check enables manufacturing companies to capturethe status quo, retrieve benchmarks to competitors, and developan Industrie 4.0 vision. The underlying questionnaire features 77questions, which are divided into three operational challenges (AgileOrganization, Digital Shopfloor, Integrated Business Processes).These challenges describe scenarios that every manufacturingcompany is confronted with in different departments andprocesses. In this way, the current situation in terms of digitalizationcan be identified in order to reveal future potential.Over 70 analyses with extensive insights have already beenconducted. First results show that the majority of companies arestill in the early stages of digital transformation. These companies,however, can now focus on a strategic development by making useof our online scan.654321ØOverallStructured CommunicationDigital CapabilityResourcesInformation ProcessingIntegration of IT SystemsInformation SystemsOrganic InternalOrganizationDynamic Collaborationin Value NetworksOrganizational StructureSocial CollaborationWillingness to ChangeCultureThe displayed benchmark is a part of the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Scan report. It compares your status quo regarding the digital transformation with other participants.

3What to Expect fromthe Maturity ScanStatus Quo analysisWe use 77 characteristics and datapoints from production, IT, logistics, andplanning to develop a comprehensiveview of your company. The analysisprovides detailed insights into the statusquo of your digitalization initiatives. Useour experience to regain control of yourdigital onnectivityComputerizationn 70Analysis in the four areas of the Industrie 4.0 Maturity IndexFuInsights and future visionsllrco esum ltspreh areen visi sibve lere inpo thrt eDerived from your individual status quo wegive insights and share visions to help youmove forward in your digital transformation.We provide information on measures thatwill lead you through common difficultiesto reach the next stage on your way to adata-driven enterprise.Work or test instructions are exchangeddemand-oriented, autonomously, and digitally(e.g. control cards for automatic check -in ofoperators at machines via RFID).Visions and measures are given for the operational challengesBenchmarking with industry leadersUse of machine interfaceInterfaces are not used or available. Qualitydata is documented manually.To gain a better understanding of thecurrent state of your digital transfor mation, we present a comparison withover 70 other companies that havealready completed projects with us. In thisway you can identify areas in which yourcompany has to catch up.The use of existing machine interfaces speeds up the exchange of information, achieve shorter production times.A demand-oriented and autonomouslytriggered information exchange takes place,in which required information is sent.Decision Support (IT)Decision making is not supported bysystems.Cause-effect relationships can be complex. In order to aggregate higher-valueinformation from these data streams, the support of analyses by IT is recommended.Based on measured values, automatedinterventions take place.Vertical integrationWithin the main process there is nonetworking between IT systems. There is nofeedback to super - and subordinateinformation systems.The shared use of data in the value chain is enabled by vertically integrated ITsystems to link all relevant processes.There are only a few and incomprehensiveuser interfaces dedicated to process-internalIT systems (e.g. as Text User Interface(TUI)).Provided information must be constantly compared with the needs of the receiverand the form of presentation should be adapted to the use of the employees.Interdisciplinary problems are not detecteddue to insufficient information andcommunication.The handling of interdisciplinary questions by the employees accelerates learningand strengthens the personal responsibility to make decisions.System functionalities are offered asencapsulated services. A Context Brokerserves as a Middleware system.User interfaceInterdisciplinary skills of employeesThe user interface combines graphical andvoice control user interfaces and is equippedwith gesture recognition technology.Employees are aware of the impacts of theiractivities on neighboring processsteps/activities and addressinginterdisciplinary problems on their own.9Comparison with industry leaders

4Industrie 4.0 Maturity Scan approach1. Pre-survey3. AnalysisIn order to carry out a substantial benchmark, company and siteinformation are captured. In addition, main pain points, ongoingactivities, and targets in regard to Industrie 4.0 are queried.This query gives us the opportunity to respond to individualrequirements in a personal feedback discussion.The questionnaire contains a total of 77 questions and is offeredas a self-check. You can complete everything independentlyfrom anywhere. The check is performed by answering thequestions with up to 6 possible answers, which correspond toour 6 maturity levels. The questions are systematically structuredand assigned to the operational challenges.2. Scenarios4. FindingsIn order to create a better understanding of the questions, threescenarios are presented which every manufacturing companycan identify with. All scenarios show typical challenges thatcompanies have to face (Agile Organization, Digital Shopfloor,Integrated Business Processes). All these challenges can beimproved by Industrie 4.0 measures.The scan is provided via our online platformThe basic report with the results will be provided after thecompletion of the questionnaire without any further effort. Thecomprehensive report, which contains the different benchmarks(overall, against industry peer group, and turnover) and visionscan be sent to you on request.

5Start now!AccessPlatformIn order to provide high data quality for the benchmark, anapplication for the Maturity Scan is necessary. To do so, pleaseapply with your company e-mail address your name, and theposition you are currently working in. After the verification, theaccess data for the Maturity Scan are forwarded to you.The questionnaire is made available via the Industrie 4.0 MaturityCenter platform. The platform is cloud-based and can beaccessed from any location and device.Use of DataRatesThe completion of the questionnaire and the report of the statusquo of your company are free of charge. You will also get theopportunity to discuss the results with our experts for free. Toget access to the comprehensive results with the benchmarkand Industrie 4.0 visions a price of 3.000 is charged. Due to theCOVID19 pandemic we provide a limited offer of comprehensivereports to the amount of 1.500 .ContentIntroduction to Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index and fillingin and answering the questionnaireThe status quo update regarding the individual digitaltransformationA summary of all operational challenges, answers,main pain points, ongoing activities, and goals ispresentedDiscussion of the basic results with an expert from theIndustrie 4.0 Maturity CenterOverall benchmark compared to all other participantswith three bars of high, middle, and low performerBenchmark to industry peer group and turnoverDetails to benchmark processes and capabilitiesVision to all operational challengesDiscussion of the full results with an expert from theIndustrie 4.0 Maturity CenterAll gathered data and information are used for internal purposesonly (e.g. customer evaluation). For third parties, all results aremade anonymous. The platform complies to the data protectionstandard ISO/IEC 27001 and the information are governed tothe GDPR.Basic ReportComprehensive Report (free of charge)(now limited offer: 1,500 .–)

6Industrie 4.0 Maturity IndexLegendMaturity levels on transformation pathDigitalizationIndustrie 4.0Return onbusinessObjectivesBuilding blocksLevelget starteddo the basicsintroduce IT on shop - connect and integratefloor and elsewherebusiness processesget insightsget analyticsbe preparedbe optimizedbuild a real-timedigital shadowrun data analytics andunderstand effectssimulate possiblefuture scenarioslet systems adaptitself where parencyPredictabilityAdaptability123456The Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index comprises six maturity levelsThe Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center is a globally operatingmanagement consultancy for the digital transformation ofmanufacturing companies. It is a spin-off of the internationallyacknowledged acatech study “Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index”. Thiswell-founded and established method is used in the Maturity Scan.technologies for the provision, processing, and storage of data.The organizational structure describes the internal structure of acompany with mandatory regulations. The culture is defined by thebehavior of the employees and the agility of the company.The 6 Maturity LevelsThe Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index is defined by 6 maturity levels.Each level represents a stage of the digital transformation. Thefirst two levels “Computerization” and “Connectivity” describethe basics of digitization (Industrie 3.0) where data processingsystems are introduced and connected. The levels “Visibility” and“Transparency” describe the visualization and decision-makingbased on data as well as creating an understanding of why anevent occurred. The levels “Predictability” and “Adaptability”describe the prediction of events and the independent action ofthe systems.360 view on Industrie 4.0The Structuring Forces indicate collectively the structure of anorganization. The resources represent the employees as well as themachines, tools, and materials. The information systems representAreas covered by the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index

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(e.g. control cards for automaticc heck- in of operators at machines via RFID). Full e sults ar e visible in th e compr ehensive r epor t Status Quo analysis We use 77 characteristics and data points from production, IT, logistics, and planning to develop a comprehensive view of your company