OFFER OF SOURCE FOR OPEN SOURCE SOFTWAREAugust 2021 3725-77312-001HPoly Clariti: Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, ClaritiRelay, Clariti App, Clariti Roster, and ClaritiWorkflow LitePoly Clariti solution contains software from the open source community that is licensed under thespecific license terms applicable to the software.For at least three years from the date of distribution of the applicable product or software, we will give toanyone who contacts us using the contact information provided below, for a charge of no more than ourcost of physically distributing, one of the following items (a) A copy of the complete correspondingmachine-readable source code for programs listed in this document or (b) A copy of the correspondingmachine-readable source code for the libraries listed in this document, as well as the executable objectcode of the Polycom work with which that the library links.The software included or distributed for the Poly Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, Clariti Relay, Clariti App,Clariti Roster and Clariti Workflow Lite systems, including any software that may be downloadedelectronically via the internet or otherwise (the "Software") is licensed, not sold.

Open Source SoftwareThe Poly Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, Clariti Relay, Clariti App, Clariti Roster and Clariti Workflow Lite useopen source software packages. Poly Clariti Core and Clariti Edge runs on the CentOS Linux operatingsystem while Clariti Relay runs on the Oracle Linux operating system. CentOS and Oracle Linux are anenterprise-class Linux distribution that contains hundreds of open-source components. For moreinformation about CentOS, visit For more information about Oracle Linux, visit packages containing the source code and the licenses for all of the open-source software, includingCentOS Linux, Oracle Linux and their components are available upon request.Contact information for requesting source codePoly Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, and Clariti App Open Source Manager1765 West 121st AvenueWestminster, CO 80234Tel: 303-223-5000E-mail: [email protected] InformationThe following table contains license information for the open source software packages used in the PolyClariti Core, Clariti Edge, and Clariti App systems. Note that the source code and the licenses for all theopen-source software, including CentOS and its components, are available upon request. This list isprovided as a convenient reference.Included Software PackagesThe Poly Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, and Clariti App systems include a subset of the CentOS distribution.The following table references the CentOS distribution, which is licensed under the GNU General PublicLicense v2.0 (GPL v2). Individual packages in the distribution come with their own licenses. The CentOSrpm and srpm packages can be found at and at

Getting Help and Copyright InformationGETTING HELPFor more information about installing, configuring, and administering Poly/Polycom products or services, go toPolycom Support.Plantronics, Inc. (Poly – formerly Plantronics and Polycom)345 Encinal StreetSanta Cruz, California95060 2021 Plantronics, Inc. All rights reserved. Poly, the propeller design, and the Poly logo are trademarks ofPlantronics, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Patent InformationThe accompanying product may be protected by one or more U.S. or foreign patents and/or pendingpatent applications held by Polycom, Inc.DisclaimerThis software is provided 'as is' with no explicit or implied warranties in respect of its properties,including, but not limited to, correctness and fitness for purpose.Open Source Software for Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, ClaritiApp, and Clariti RosterName of OpenSourceSoftwareSoftwareVersionLicense b/v1.4.3/LICENSElicense lbinary ctivation/1.1/activation-1.1.jar

activation-1.1.jar1.1CDDL 1.0license lbinary lbinary 0.7.2.jar0.7.2Apache 2.0license ry s/apache-mime4j-core/0.7.2asm-5.0.4.jar5.0.4Apache 2.0BSDlicense se - 0.4/asm-5.0.4.jar

asm-all-5.0.2.jar5.0.2Apache 2.0BSDlicense se - che 2.0BSDlicense se - Apache 2.0license y 2.20Apache 2.0license y .2.20Apache 2.0license y 7.7Apache 2.0license ry 2/axis2-adb/1.7.7axis2-kernel1.7.7.jar1.7.7Apache 2.0license ry -

.7.7Apache 2.0license ry .7.7.jar1.7.7Apache 2.0license ry r1.52BOUNCYCASTLElicense tjdk15on-1.52.jar1.52BOUNCYCASTLElicense cprov-jdk15on1.52.jar1.52BOUNCYCASTLElicense cprov-jdk15on/1.52/bcprov-jdk15on1.52.jarlicense - 1.64.jar1.64Bouncy Castlebinary e/bcprov-jdk15on/1.64

bloc test/LICENSEbsf-2.4.0.jar2.4.0Apache 2.0license y 2.4.0.jarbuild /dartlang/build/master/build runner/LICENSElicense -buddy1.10.10.jar1.10.10Apache 2.0CentOS6.9GPLv2binary yte-buddy/1.10.10license - anutils1.8.3.jar1.8.3Apache 2.0license y ommonsbeanutils1.9.2.jar1.9.2Apache 2.0license y -

ommons-cli1.2.jar1.2Apache 2.0license y .10Apache 2.0license y 8.jar1.8Apache 2.0license y jar1.9Apache 2.0license y s3.2.2.jar3.2.2Apache 2.0license y .jar

commonscompress1.12.jar1.12Apache 2.0license y monsdigester-2.1.jar2.1Apache 2.0license y ileupload1.3.1.jar1.3.1Apache 2.0license y arcommonsfileupload1.3.3.jar1.3.3Apache 2.0license ry ar3.1Apache 2.0license e 2.0license y e 2.0license y -

pache 2.0license y 4.jar2.4Apache 2.0license y 2.6Apache 2.0license y r3.1Apache 2.0license y g33.3.2.jar3.3.2Apache 2.0license y -net3.3.jar3.3Apache 2.0license y -

Apache 2.0license y jar2.4.1Apache 2.0license y -text1.1.jar1.1Apache 2.0license ry ons/commons-text/1.1createrepo o ccxf-core-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y .6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 6.jar

cxf-rt-bindingscoloc-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 6.jarcxf-rt-bindingscorba-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 6.jarcxf-rt-bindingsobject-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 1.6.jarcxf-rt-bindingssoap-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y jarcxf-rt-bindingsxml-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y rcxf-rtdatabindingaegis-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y s-3.1.6.jar

cxf-rtdatabindingjaxb-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y ache 2.0license y .6Apache 2.0license y 6.jarcxf-rt-frontendjaxws-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 6.jarcxf-rt-frontend-js3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y xf-rt-frontendsimple-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 1.6.jar

cxf-rt-javascript3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y -rtmanagement3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y -rt-rs-client3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y rt-rsextensionsearch-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y ar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y ar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 1.6.jar

cxf-rt-transportshttp-hc-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y .1.6Apache 2.0license y r3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 3.1.6.jarcxf-rt-transportsudp-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 6.jarcxf-rt-wsdl3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y -rt-wsdl/3.1.6/cxf-rt-wsdl-3.1.6.jarlicense rt-rsextensionproviders3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary

license rt-rs-jsonbasic-3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense rt-rssecurity-xml3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense rttransports-jms3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense rt-ws-addr3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense rt-ws-mex3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense rt-wspolicy-3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense rt-ws-rm3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary

license rt-wssecurity3.4.3.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense n3.1.6.jar3.4.3Apache 2.0binary icense y ools-corba3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y lsjava2ws-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y -toolsmisctools3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y r

cxf-toolsvalidator3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y rcxf-tools-wadltojaxrs-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 1.6.jarcxf-tools-wsdltocore-3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y 1.6Apache 2.0license y frontend-jaxws3.1.6.jar3.1.6Apache 2.0license y .0.5Apache 2.0license y jar

demos-4.0.8.jar4.0.8Apache 2.0license y pache 2.0license y D 2-Clauselicense - 1.7/dnsjava-2.1.7.jarlicense l.jar6.0.1.FinalApache 2.0binary /2.1.1license ry rdistribution .0.1.Final.jar6.0.1.FinalApache 2.0license ry ution -

ontables6.0.1.Final.jar6.0.1.FinalApache 2.0license ry 0.1.Final.jardistribution 6.0.1.Final.jar6.0.1.FinalApache 2.0license ry ibution tes6.0.1.Final.jar6.0.1.FinalApache 2.0license ry jardistribution r3.7.2EPL 1.0license ary re/compiler/ecj/3.7.2/ecj-3.7.2.jar

ecj-4.4.jar4.4ELP 1.0license ary re/compiler/ecj/4.4/ecj-4.4.jarlicense che3.8.1.jar3.8.1Apache compositeschema-1.2.jar1.2LGPLlicense - s-services-core-bccomposite-schema-1.2.jarlicense ry ache 2.0flutter ter bloc/LICENSEflutter c/flutter-webrtc/master/LICENSE

rmz/master/LICENSEget it6.0.0 ty/get it/master/LICENSEgeronimoactivation 1.1 spec-1.0.2.jar1.0.2Apache 2.0license y o/specs/geronimoactivation 1.1 spec/1.0.2/geronimoactivation 1.1 e 2.0license ector-3.1.1.jargeronimo-j2eeconnector 1.6 spec-1.0.jar1.0Apache 2.0license o/specs/geronimo-j2eeconnector 1.6 spec/1.0/geronimo-j2eeconnector 1.6 spec-1.0.jargeronimojaspic 1.0 spec1.1.jar1.1Apache 2.0license o/specs/geronimojaspic 1.0 spec/1.1/geronimojaspic 1.0 spec-1.1.jar

geronimojms 1.1 spec1.1.1.jar1.1.1Apache 2.0license o/specs/geronimojms 1.1 spec/1.1.1/geronimo-jms 1.1 spec1.1.1.jargeronimojta 1.1 spec1.1.1.jar1.1.1Apache 2.0license o/specs/geronimojta 1.1 spec/1.1.1/geronimo-jta 1.1 spec1.1.1.jargeronimo-staxapi 1.0 spec1.0.1.jar1.0.1Apache 2.0license y ommons.axiom/axiom-api/1.2.20geronimovalidation 1.0 spec-1.1.jar1.1Apache 2.0license o/specs/geronimoservlet 3.0 spec/1.0/geronimoservlet 3.0 spec-1.0.jargeronimo-wsmetadata 2.0 spec-1.1.2.jar1.1.2Apache 2.0license y o/specs/geronimo-wsmetadata 2.0 spec/1.1.2/license nimojson 1.1 spec1.4.jar1.4Apache 2.0binary a/failureaccess/1.0.1license nimo-osgiregistry-1.1.jar1.1Apache 2.0binary -

nimo.specs/geronimo-osgi-registry/1.1LGPLv2 and LGPLv2 with exceptions andGPLv2 and GPLv2 with exceptions andBSD and Inner-Net andISC and Public Domainand ist.html#LGPLlicense -2.8.5.jar2.8.5Apache 2.0guava-18.0.jar18.0Apache 2.0binary .gson/gson/2.8.5license uava/18.0/guava-18.0.jarlicense a-30.1jre.jarh2-1.3.172.jar30.1Apache 1.0MPL 2.0binary a/guava/30.1-jrelicense licenselicense icense /hamcrest-all-1.3.jar

nalhibernate-core4.3.6.Final.jar4.3.6.FinalLGPL 2.1license - ate-commonsannotations-4.0.4.Final.jarLGPL 2.1license - arhibernate-osgi4.3.6.Final.jar4.3.6.FinalLGPL 2.1license - he 2.0license y .FinalApache 2.0license y .3.Final.jarHikariCP2.6.1.jar2.6.1Apache 2.0license y r/hive/LICENSE

hive flutter

The packages containing the source code and the licenses for all of the open-source software, including CentOS Linux, Oracle Linux and their components are available upon request. Contact information for requesting source code . Poly Clariti Core, Clariti Edge, and Clariti App Open Source