Our Story .59BaptismsVacation Bible School “ROAR”!61Youth CelebratingFirst CommunionDear Friends in Christ,On behalf of your priests, parishcouncil and ministry leaders, wethank you for your goodwill, hardwork and generous spirit during thispast year. The efforts by many werecrucial and enabled St. John VianneyParish to keep moving forward in ourimportant ministry work.When we think about stewardship,we oftentimes think about money.Yet, the biblical understanding ofstewardship is the humblerecognition that all that we haveand all that we are is an absolute giftfrom God. So stewardship is adisciple’s response. Using our time,our talent, and our treasure we giveback what we have received as adirect response to God’s goodnessin our own lives.We ask that every family take timeto prayerfully consider where theLord is calling you to take steps to be more committed in your faiththrough the use of your prayers,talents and your finances. I wishto say thank you for all the ways inwhich you live a stewardship wayof life. And, I want to assure youof my prayers as you make yourcommitments for this upcomingyear.God bless!Very Rev. Edwin KornathPastorFamily Faith FormationParticipants33097JuniorsReceived theSacrament ofConfirmationPrayer ShawlsDistributed50692,7247,021New FamiliesTotalParishioners325Day SchoolStudents140,348Minutes Read for Peruby SJV Students toRaise 5,818.03Graduates of St. John VianneyTrade School in Piura, Peru103.By the Numbers3

Budget Fiscal Year 2019-20INCOMEContribution Envelopes/OffertoryCuré d’Ars School Annual FundVotive Candles 2,252,000 160,565 10,000Mass Stipends & Stole Fees 6,250Christmas & Easter Memorials 3,500Total ContributionsTuition & Program FeesFestival NetBids for Kids Net (occurs every other year) 2,432,315 1,323,707 111,500-------Hot Lunch 87,480Athletics 46,130Home & School 52,915Endowment 51,000Other 95,526TOTAL INCOME 4,200,573EXPENSESSalaries & BenefitsUtilities/Refuse & Recycling 3,016,325 187,770Facilities Repair & Maintenance 214,315Assessments 174,966Outreach Donations 53,000Hot Lunch 84,829Technology 84,145Grounds Maintenance 39,930Books/Workbooks 29,235Sacramental/Instructional/OtherSupplies 34,092Liturgical Supplies 33,000Property & Liability Insurance 37,923Legal/Accounting/ElectronicFees 38,925Office & Copy Supplies 19,275Professional Services 30,865Postage 7,453Contribution Envelopes 3,240Capital Improvements-------Retreats & MissionsFine ArtsVendor PrintingOtherTOTAL EXPENSESDebt Service & InterestNET PROJECTED INCOME4 19,880 9,775 17,250 56,987 4,193,180 6,000 1,393BUDGET NUMBERSOn May 1, 2019 the Finance Council approved the 2019-2020 St. John Vianneybudget. The budget was submitted to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee FinanceOffice on June 10, 2019. We are pleased to report a balanced budget once againfor the 2019-2020 fiscal year.The new budget includes a projected reduction of 9% in offertory and a 10%reduction in Festival net income. These reductions reflect trends occurring overthe past two years. A new K3 class is starting and full. School enrollment wasconservatively projected at 302 students.Outreach expenditures were cut by half to 2.5% of offertory which includes 0.5%continued support to Prince of Peace in Milwaukee, 1.3% to general outreach,and 0.7% to our International Twinning relationship with Santísimo SacramentoParish and Trade School, in Piura, Peru.Expenses were cut in many areas to offset the expected reduction in offertory.Two-and a-half positions were cut along with reductions to outside servicefirms. We felt it important to provide a slight wage increase of 2%, while healthinsurance increased 4%, and dental insurance decreased by 7%.Doors to Our Faith debt obligations for this fiscal year are not projected toimpact this budget. Collected and remaining pledged funds should cover thisyear.Debt service cost is for interest on line-of-credit expected borrowings.We thank you for your continued generosity in support of your parish and ourmission. We pledge our commitment to be good stewards of the gifts withwhich you entrust us.If you have questions regarding our financial numbers, please contact BrianSchloemer, Finance Council Chair, or Robb Lied, Director of AdministrativeServices.GIVING ANALYSIS# of ContributingHouseholds0100 .01 - 100200300400500184 101 - 500340251 501 - 1,000540 1,001 - 5,00071 5,001 - 10,000 10,00060028SJV Endowment Fund 1,203,984SJV Mission Immersion TripEndowment Fund 298,690SJV Investment Account 344,382Doors to Our FaithConstruction Note( 1,283,805)51.9%Percentage ofTotal HouseholdsContributingActual Fiscal Year 2018-19Contribution Envelopes/OffertoryCuré d’Ars School Annual FundTuition & Program FeesOther Income 2,170,929 137,718 1,305,232 579,720Total 2018-2019 Income 4,193,599Total 2018-2019 Expense 4,303,861Here are just a few, but not all, ofthe ways we are generous . . .Outreach Committee distributesapproximately 28,000 (1.3%)to over forty different organizations.Grants vary from 500 to 2,800.All Saints Meal ProgramAngel TreeCaregivers SupportCathedral Center Hospitality MinistryDivorce Ministry (Single Again)Elizabeth MinistryERAs Senior NetworkFaith Seeking HealingFirm BelieversFuneral Reception CommitteeGrief MinistryHabitat for HumanityHomebound MinistryHuman Concerns CommitteeOutreach CommitteeParish SocialPrayer Shawl MinistryRespect Life CommitteeRonald McDonald House BrunchSt. Hyacinth’s Food PantrySt. Dismas Jail MinistrySt. Vincent de Paul Meal ProgramSt. Vincent de Paul SocietySJV Rosalie Center Baby ShowerSPREDSummer Service SeriesTwinning - InternationalTwinning -LocalVeterans GroupYoung at Heart2.5 % OUTREACH BY SJV0.5% to Prince of Peace ParishLocal0.7% to Santísimo SacramentoParish in Piura, PeruInternationalMONETARY OUTREACHMother’s Day Rose SaleSt. Vincent de Paul Holy ThursdayAll-Saints Thanksgiving & ChristmasCombined CollectionsCRS Operation Rice BowlSt. Vincent de Paul Thanksgiving DayGood Friday Holy LandCoins for BabiesMCP-Santísimo Sacramento VisitSt. Vincent de Paul Cash DonationsMCP-S.S.N.D. Africa ProvinceCatholic Stewardship AppealChristmas CookiesSET MinistryMeals Cooked & ServedAll Saints Meal ProgramCathedral CenterRonald McDonald HouseSt. Vincent de Paul Meal ProgramFOOD DONATIONSNon-Perishable Food ItemsSt. Vincent de Paul Food PantryOther Area Food PantriesOTHER MATERIALDONATIONSBaby ItemsBloodSJV for Rosalie CenterBoy Scout Troop 71 Blood DriveFirm Believers Blood DriveOUTREACH OF TIMEChristmas PresentsAngel Tree MinistryClothesSt. Vincent de Paul Bundle SundayCoats for KidsSJV School for FoxNews6Hygiene KitsSt. Vincent de PaulMilwaukee Rescue MissionPrayer ShawlsPrayer Shawl MinistrySchool CollectionsYouth Ministry Collections5

Suggested Giving LevelsJean Baptiste Marie Vianney CircleThe first person who Father John Vianney, the newCuré d’Ars (priest of Ars), met while lost on the road tohis new parish in a small village in France, was a youngchild. Father Vianney catechized the child with the nowlegendary statement, “You have shown me the way toArs, and now I will show you the way to Heaven.”This Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amount of 10,000 and more, in memory of Rev. Jean BaptisteMarie Vianney, who was canonized by Pope PiusXI in 1925 as St. John Vianney, the namesake of ourparish.Cornerstone CircleThis Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amountof 5,000 - 9,999. This circle is named in honorof the Pastors of St. John Vianney Catholic Parishwho serve as cornerstones of our parish (Rev. PaulF. Lipscomb, 1956-1979; Rev. Thomas Hickey, 19791987; Rev. Dennis Andrews, 1987-2002; Rev. LeonardVan Vlaenderen, 2002-2008; Rev. Kenneth Knippel,2008-2018, Very Rev. Edwin Kornath, 2018-Present).Founders CircleThis Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amountof 1,957 - 4,999, representing the first schoolyear when students enrolled in the newly builtSt. John Vianney Parish Catholic School in 1957.For the past seven years, you have made a difference in the life of each and every student of our St. JohnVianney school. By donating over 1,045,700 since the inception of the Curé d’Ars fund in 2012,you have sent a clear message that Catholic education matters! In the past seven years, the annual fundhas provided significant technology contributions including smart boards, Chromebooks, computersoftware and hardware. We are able to attract top teacher talent and offer continued developmentopportunities. In total, you have made it possible to extend 138 scholarships for tuition assistancefor students at SJV! Be a part of this life changing opportunity and consider a recurring gift throughFaithDirect. ALL donations to the Annual Fund are 100% tax-deductible.The Curé d’Ars Fund exclusively supports:61Tuition assistance for current andprospective students.2Twenty-first century educationtechnology and upgrades, includingmobile learning.3Professional development andretention of highly educatedprofessionals and staff.Sister Mary Christella, First grade;Sister Mary Jolene, Second grade;and Sister Mary Esther, principal andinstructor of the Eighth grade, 1958Principal’s CircleThis Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amountof 1,000- 1,956. Sister Mary Esther the Superiorserved as the first principal of St. John VianneyParish Catholic School in 1957.School Sisters of Notre DameThis Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amountof 500- 999. This circle is named in honor ofthe School Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister MaryEsther the Superior, Sister Mary Christella andSister Mary Jolene were the first teachers to jointhe staff of St. John Vianney Parish Catholic School.The mission was: “To educate others in all we dowhile spreading Jesus’ message of love and unitythroughout the world. We are facilitators of changeand personal transformation especially to those whoare poor. We invite you to collaborate with us in ourmission.”“192” CircleThis Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amountof 192- 499, representing the number of students(192) enrolled in St. John Vianney Parish CatholicSchool in its first year.“Mustard Seed” CircleThis Circle recognizes financial gifts in an amountof 1- 191. On April 14, 1957, Rev. Paul F. Lipscombplanted a symbolic “mustard seed” (a Sacred HeartBadge) and emblem of Jesus’ love for his people:“For Amen, I say to you, if you have faith as a grainof mustard seed . . . nothing shall be impossiblefor you.”Rev. Lipscomb planting the mustard seed, 19577

Stewardship ofTREASUREJust as time and talents are giftsfrom God, so too, are materialthings, or Treasure. And just asour time and talent are meant tobe used for our good, the good ofothers and God’s glory, so too, is ourtreasure.prayerfulStewardship ofTIMEAn intimate friendship with Jesusis cultivated through prayer wherewe answer God’s call to love withour whole heart, mind and personby expressing our gratitude to Himfor all He has given us, especially Hisson, Jesus.Praying regularly can bechallenging. Yet just as we manageour money and time to make ourlives run more smoothly, making apersonal pledge to spend time andattention in prayer is critical to helpus see the presence of God in ourlives as we grow in relationship withHis son.It is impossible to be a goodsteward without first becoming atrue disciple of Christ. The two gohand-in-hand, with one shapingwho we are, while the other guideshow we live our lives. Yet, Christmakes it clear in Scripture thatdiscipleship isn’t merely about ourown personal belief in Him. It’ssomething that must be acted uponand shared, spreading the GoodNews to others (Mark 16:15).Tithing as an act of worship?Attend MassWhat are yourspiritualgoals?more regularly - every Sunday and Holy Day daily Mass once a week or more frequentlyKeep Sunday holyrefrain from unnecessary events or workSpend personal time with Jesusdaily5 minutes - 10 minutes - 30 minutes - or moreYes! It’s no accident that the fruitsof our labor, the collection, areoffered at the same time as thepresentation of the bread and wine.Just as bread and wine representthe “work of human hands,” moneyrepresents the results of our work.This monetary gift represents thegift of ourselves to God, from our“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth,where moth and decay destroy, and thieves break inand steal. But store up for yourselves treasures inheaven.For where your treasure is, there also willyour heart be.”-Matthew 6:19-21hard work and sacrifice. Just as Godtransforms the bread and wine andgives them back to us to share inHis life, God accepts our monetarygift and transforms it though thework of the parish.The Scriptures and Churchtraditions teach us one importantpoint that cannot be overstated that stewardship is primarily basedon our need to give in gratitude, noton the Church’s need to receive.Of course both the Catholic Churchand our parish will always needmoney. However, we are not askedto give simply to defray costs andfund programs. We are insteadasked to remember our need togratefully return a portion of ourtime, talent and treasure to God,recognizing all that He has given tous.True Catholic stewardship involvesan ongoing call to live as followersof Christ. It takes time to find anddefine personal goals. You canbegin by examining your personalcommitments to St. John Vianney.How do you live your faith in yourdaily life with your family andfriends? How much time do youspend in daily prayer, going toMass or being involved in parishministries and activities? Whatpercentage of your income shouldyou give back to God every week?What talents do you have that couldbe used to strengthen our parishfamily?Teach my children to praymealtimes (even in restaurants) - bedtime before schoolPray as a family dailyTake some time to discernhow you and your familywill grow closerto Jesus this year.Study our Catholic faith with othersCommit to a Holy Hour of AdorationRead and meditate on scripture(Lectio Divina)weekly - daily“We need simplicity to pray as a family: simplicity isnecessary! Praying the Our Father together aroundthe table is not something extraordinary: it’s easy.And praying the Rosary together, as a family, is verybeautiful and a source of great strength! And alsopraying for one another!”-Pope Francis HomilyOctober 27, 2013Pray the Rosary or Divine MercyChapletweekly-dailyGo to the Sacrament ofReconciliationmore frequently - quarterly - monthlyPray for vocationspriesthood, religous life, married lifeInvite a friendto Mass - parish eventgenerous9

“Yet we cannot celebrate this free gift of the Lord’sfriendship unless we realize that our earthly lifeand our natural abilities are His gift. We need toacknowledge jubilantly that our life is essentially a gift.”-Pope Francis, from his ApostolicExhortation, On HolinessStewardship ofTALENTOur good God has created eachone of us with unique strengths,personalities, interests andchallenges. All are His gifts to us.And all are meant for good, thegood of others and His glory. Isn’tthat an amazing truth?Consider these words the Lord isspeaking to you today, “It was notyou who chose me, but I who choseyou and appointed you to go andbear fruit that will remain, so thatwhatever you ask the Father inmy name He may give you. This Icommand you: love one another”(John 15:16-17).During this moment of renewaland commitment, think about thegifts that the Lord has given youand your family and ask Him howyou can use them to love others ingratefulness for His goodness toyou.St. John Vianney has a ministry forevery skill and interest!MinistryDescriptionsRead about each of the ministries on these pages,mark yourchoices accordingly on your Commitment Form and return onCommitment Weekend, November 9-10, 2019.1Find a quiet place and time.Maybe spend some time in Adoration.The ministry leader for your selections will call to explain howto get involved, or you may contact them directly. We warmlywelcome new participants!2Pray.WORSHIP MINISTRIESAsk the Holy Spirit to guide, inspire, and help you todiscern your call to ministry.Altar ServerGerry Offenbacher, 262-786-4323, [email protected] a self-assessment of your gifts. What are mycharisms, talents and skills? What are my likes? Do Ihave any special abilities or experience, including lifeexperience? What are my dislikes?Assist the presider and assembly at liturgy. Youth fromgrade 6 through adult assist the celebrant during Mass.Weekday/Funeral/Wedding servers open to adults inaddition to students.Choir - HandbellDave Sanders, 262-796-3946, [email protected] Handbell Choir consists of 11 auditioned ringers whoring on a regular basis as part of the Sunday liturgies,major feasts and special occasions. They rehearse onWednesday nights at 7:00 PM from September throughMay.Choir - ParishDave Sanders, 262-796-3946, [email protected] and women who use their musical talents to leadthe congregation in sung prayer. Sing every week fromSeptember through May, along with major feasts andspecial occasions. Alternate singing among the 4:30 PM,8:30 AM and 11 AM Masses. Rehearsals on Thursdaysfrom 7 - 9 PM.Eucharistic Adoration4Joyann Stewart, 262-821-9295; Edie Tomsyck, 262-786-6369Review the following ministry pages.Adoration every Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM in theBlessed Sacrament Chapel.Sometimes just looking at what is available will providethe revelation you need to make a choice and getinvolved. What grabs my attention or piques myinterest? How would I like to grow or what would Ilike to learn? How might my gifts, charisms, talents,abilities, experience and skills be used in one of theseministries? Where is God calling me to serve?Extraordinary Ministers of Holy CommunionMary Lopez, 262-821-5144, [email protected] Ministers of Holy Communion assist withthe distribution of the Eucharist at Mass. One trainingsession. Eucharistic Ministers may serve at Mass asoften as they would like.CantorDave Sanders, 262-796-3946, [email protected] as leaders of sung prayer at liturgy. Sing atweekend liturgies with an additional 1/2 hour rehearsalduring the week.Centering PrayerMarianne Kazmier, 262-782-5586, [email protected] Centering Prayer group meets weekly on Tuesdaysat 1:00 PM. They support and inspire those who practiceCentering Prayer.Choir - FuneralLisa Rehlinger, 262-796-3946, [email protected] and women sharing their musical talents to leadthe congregation in sung prayer. Members arecontacted when a funeral is scheduled. If available,arrive 15 minutes prior to funeral liturgy.Funeral Liturgy MinistersLisa Rehlinger, 262-796-3946, [email protected] with the celebration of a funeral Mass. Helpas Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Sacristan and AltarServers. Need notified when funeral occurs.11

Hospitality MinistryBuilding and Grounds CommitteeLee Crooks, 262-781-8292, [email protected] Prudlow, 414-840-1892, [email protected] the assembly at liturgy on weekends and HolyDays. Greet in the narthex before Mass and hand outorders of worship and bulletins, seat people, handlecollections, and mild church clean-up.InstrumentalistsDave Sanders, 262-796-3946, [email protected] parish administration and maintenancedepartment with planning and maintaining the physicalplant and surrounding areas. Evaluate short andlong term needs of the parish as they pertain to thebuilding/grounds, continually monitor the facility, andmake recommendations to Pastoral Council.Instrumentalists share their musical talents duringliturgy to inspire the assembly to active participation.All ages are welcome! Play at designated weekendliturgies and Holy Day liturgies.STEWARDSHIP MINISTRIESLINK OfficeAmy Abplanalp, 262-796-3940, [email protected] to connect talents of parishioners with parish andcommunity needs. Work in the LINK office located inthe Parish Center primarily in the months of Decemberand January to follow-up on commitment cards. Hoursare very flexible.New Member RegistrationBill Beres, 414-254-1509, [email protected] the Word of God. Lectoring during Masses onweekends and holy days.Provide a welcoming face to inform, invite and involvenew parishioners in the church community. Registernew parishioners monthly. Teams of individualscurrently run the New Member Registration programwhich is held on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of eachmonth.Liturgical Environment CommitteePhotographer/VideographerLectorsEd Wucker, 262-938-6747, [email protected] Bravata, 262-796-3947, [email protected] Bravata, 262-796-3947, [email protected] create an environment conducive to worship. Ideadevelopment, sewing, building, set-up/clean-up, floraldesign, etc.Prayer LineMary Jane Schank-Doney, 262-786-8672Festival CommitteeJohn Clarke, 262-794-3738, [email protected]; Joe Czukas;Larry Hipp, 262-821-6669, [email protected] for people who have requested prayers due toillness, loss of job or other special occurrences in theirlives. People are broken into small groups and givennames of people to pray for.Promote and build parish unity and raise funds forthe parish. Planning, set-up, festival operation andclean-up. The festival is held in June, two weeks afterMemorial Day weekend.SacristansFriends of St. ZitaJoyann Stewart, 262-821-9295, [email protected] with the general upkeep of the Sacristy andphysical preparation needed for the celebration ofMass. Prepare the altar with hosts, wine, bowls andcups.Capture the vitality, spirituality and community of St.John Vianney through still photos and video recordings.Photograph events for the weekly bulletin or specialfeatures and projects such as the annual report.Dave Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected] the Liturgy of the Word with children K4-4thgrade. Proclaim the Word of God and help the childrenunderstand the Gospel once a month at the Saturday4:30 PM Mass or the Sunday 11:00 AM Mass.Confirmation - AdultJohn Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] adults, age 19 and up, for the Sacrament ofConfirmation. Sessions rotate among quad parishes,meeting on Tuesday evenings the six weeks beforePentecost to gain an adult understanding of faith.FORMATION MINISTRIESBaptism GownsJune Beiermeister or Christian Formation Office, 262-796-3944,[email protected] Resources CommitteeBaptism GreetersPrepare high school juniors for the Sacramentof Confirmation. Classes meet eleven times fromSeptember through May on Sunday evenings.Nora Lewis, 262-797-9804, [email protected] and support the parish and school ontechnology related issues. Assist with planning andproviding hardware/network support and managing theSJV website.John Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] parents of infants who will be Baptized at theMass in the Hospitality Room. Baptisms occur duringMass one weekend per month during the Saturday,4:30 PM Mass and the Sunday, 11 AM Mass.Baptism PreparationJohn Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] parents for baptism of a child. Leader couplespresent a video series and lead further discussion.These sessions are offered 11 times per year.Bible StudyDave Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected]/Outreach High School Service TripDave Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected] week-long experience of providing service tocommunities undergoing hardships in the U.S. andabroad. This involves repairing homes and simpleconstruction to allow people to remain or return to theirhomes.Immersion/Outreach Middle School Service TripDave Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected] education in scripture via a Catholic Bible studygroup. Two groups meet to study a book of the Bibleeach year, on Wednesday and Thursday morningsduring the school year.Offers an immersion/service experience for middleschool students entering 7th, 8th and 9th grades.It combines service work with community buildingand social activities as well as faith-filled leadershipopportunities. Variety of service in and aroundMilwaukee/Waukesha.Catechists for K4-High SchoolMinistry to Engaged CouplesJanlyn Carvalho, 262-796-3944, [email protected] Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected] Edwin Kornath, 262-796-3951, [email protected] Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] an athletic program for youth of the parish ingrades 5 – 12 and their families that fosters Christianvalues and promotes community. Coordinate aspectsof the SJV athletic program – concessions, coaching,managing teams, tournaments and gym schedulingand supervision. Current athletic programs include:volleyball, basketball, track, cross country and tennis.12Children’s Liturgy of the Word PresidersConfirmation - YouthJohn Genske, 262-717-9133, [email protected] Swiderski, 262-785-1620, [email protected] second grade children and families additionalopportunities to grow in the sacraments of Eucharistand Reconciliation. Adults and teens are invited to assistwith sacramental preparations at Family Retreat Night,Joy Day, the Church Tour, or serve at First Reconciliationand First Communion celebrations.Clean the church on Fridays with other volunteers.Vacuum, mop tile floors, straighten, etc.Technology CommitteeAthletic CommitteeDave Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected] baptism apron used during the celebration andgiven to parents at the baptism of a child. Sew baptismaprons as needed.Lisa Rehlinger, 262-796-3946, [email protected] policies, programs and provide advice onaspects of human resource management for the parishand school.ADMINISTRATIVE MINISTRIESChild Ministry Sacramental PreparationTeach the Catholic faith to children K4-Grade 10. Teachclasses Sunday mornings or Monday evenings fromSeptember to March.Help engaged couples prepare for the Sacrament ofMarriage. Married couples assist engaged couplesin taking and discussing the pre-marriage inventory.Training is provided through the archdiocese.13

Novel Idea Book ClubCuré d’Ars Annual FundGrills & GuitarsSue Grimm, 262-797-7888, [email protected] & Maria Schloemer, 262-717-9626, [email protected] Vitalbo, 414-234-8976, [email protected] the mission of our school by providing fundsfor (1) the professional development and retention ofhighly-educated professionals and staff; (2) 21st Centuryeducation technology and upgrades, including mobilelearning; and (3) tuition assistance for current andprospective students.Christian fellowship. Reading and discussion of thebook as a group.Parish Mission TeamJohn Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] and facilitate 3-day Parish Mission. Work to plan allaspects of Mission.Katie Vitalbo, 262-513-9113, [email protected], organize and serve at receptions and events thatare held throughout the year. Provide food for ongoingprograms such as RCIA meetings and new parishionerbreakfasts. Good cooks, bakers and party planners areespecially welcome.Rite of Christian Formation for Adults & Children (RCIA)John Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] individuals to become Catholics. This processincludes Liturgical Rites, meetings on Sunday morningsand Monday evenings for theological reflection andlearning about the faith.Small Group Faith SharingJohn Thompson, 262-796-3940, [email protected] groups of people share faith and form acommunity. Meet as frequently as each small groupdecides. Focus each meeting on a study book, Scriptureor topic. Group leaders are needed to facilitate the newgroups.Vacation Bible School (VBS)Janlyn Carvalho, 262-796-3944, [email protected] and coordinate a week-long summer event forchildren ages K4 through 5th grade to learn aboutGod in a fun, casual and interactive way. Music,games, stories, crafts and snacks are incorporatedinto a morning of learning where both adult and youthvolunteers are needed. Volunteers are needed to workwith the director to recruit and train adult and youthvolunteers, organize games and activities, facilitateoutreach project, create an atmosphere of fun andlearning, order supplies and work within a budget.Youth Group - God SquadDave Baudry, 262-796-3944, [email protected] school teens gather for social, prayer andreflection activities. Format varies; activities includeBible study, discussion about putting faith into action,experiences for prayer and faith formation.SCHOOL MINISTRIESBack to School SocialAnn Marie Hess, 773-383-1403, [email protected] Russell, 414-758-6264, [email protected] Ferber, 262-649-3789, [email protected] the first school social. A large committee isneeded to serve food, coordinate children’s gamesand14 supervise the evening.Battle of the BooksCarol Lyle-Schwarz, 414-530-2779, [email protected] Mangan, 414-403-6623, nd [email protected] with middle school students, coaching them fora multi-school competition based on novels they haveread.Maggie Enlund, 262-899-0045, [email protected] fundraiser. Organize “SJV Night” one nighteach month at designated restaurants to earn moneyfor the school.Coordinate variety of activities for important personsof all ages beginning with All School Liturgy, classroomvisits, refreshments and a visit to the Book Fair.Daddy Daughter DanceHealth RoomKathryn Nova, 262-364-6637, [email protected] and daughters come together for a specialevening of music and dancing.Major fundraiser for the school every other year inMarch. Co-chairs begin meeting 15 months prior toplan the auction. Committee chairs and members areneeded for many sub-committees. Meetings are heldmonthly.Highlight extra-curriculars, hobbies, special interestsfor students through hands-on activities. Coordinateand solicit presenters for a one day event. Committeemembers assist chairs with logistics, room monitoringand communications with presenters.Birthday BoardHome & SchoolLaura Clark, 414-861-7766, [email protected] O’Brien, 262-641-5601, m [email protected] Wessing, 414-350-4248, [email protected] ArtsLaura Russell, 414-758-6264, [email protected]

All Saints Meal Program Cathedral Center Ronald McDonald House St. Vincent de Paul Meal Program Non-Perishable Food Items 340 St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Ronald McDonald House Brunch Other Area Food Pantries Baby Items SJV for Rosalie Center Blood Boy Scout Troop 71 Blood Drive Fir