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Available now!Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading SkillsTen Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills (titled TenSteps to Advanced Reading in earlier editions) carefullyexplains, illustrates, and teaches ten key skills neededfor advanced reading. It is available both in print and as adigital program.READING LEVEL 10–14John Langan674 pagesLexile average: 1200LISBN 978-1-59194-520-8 (Book only) 29ISBN 978-1-59194-534-5 (Bundle with Ten Steps Plus) 35CONTENTSPreface: To the InstructorINTRODUCTION1 How to Become a Better Reader and Thinker2 Some Quick Study Tips3 Notes on Vocabulary in Context4 The Power of ReadingPART ONE Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills1 Main IdeasReading: Hooked on Our SmartphonesMastery Tests2 Supporting DetailsReading: AlcoholMastery Tests3 Implied Main IdeasReading: “Extra Large, Please”Mastery Tests4 Relationships IReading: Skills of Effective Face-to-Face ConversationalistsMastery Tests5 Relationships IIReading: Hoover and Hard TimesMastery Tests6 InferencesReading: The Ugly Truth about BeautyMastery Tests7 Purpose and ToneReading: Self-Help BooksMastery Tests8 ArgumentReading: Diamonds Aren’t ForeverMastery Tests29 Critical ReadingReading: The Truth About Fake NewsMastery Tests10 Active Reading and StudyReading: Personal Conflict StylesMastery TestsPART TWO Ten Reading Selections1 The Paradox of Progress2 Understand Your Nervousness3 Consequences of Social Class4 Types of Nonverbal Symbols5 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors6 Exploring the World of Business and Economics7 Free College: Why Not Now?8 Abusive Relationships among the Young9 A Civil War Soldier’s Letter to His Wife10 The Spider and the WaspPART THREE Relationships and Combined-Skills Tests1 Relationships Tests2 Combined-Skills TestsPART FOUR Readings in Science and Mathematics1 Doing Well in Science and Mathematics2 The Human Body: An Orientation3 Introduction to Statistics Mario F. TriolaAPPENDIXES1 Pronunciation Guide2 Writing Assignments3 Limited Answer KeyTownsend Press 1-888–752–6410

Sample Page from the BookThe twenty high-interest reading selections in Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills include textbookselections as well as articles and essays. Shown below, from the “Critical Reading” chapter of the book, is the firstpage of a piece titled “The Truth about Fake News.”356PART ONE Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading SkillsREVIEW TEST 2The essay below is followed by questions on critical reading skills as well as onthe skills you have practiced in previous chapters.PreviewIn 2016, many Americans became the victims of something that they had rarelyseen before: fake news. Suddenly, dozens of completely false stories were popping up everywhere, confusing and angering millions. While these falsehoodsmay have seemed like something new, fake news actually has a long history. And,just as Americans did in the past, there’s something you can do about it today.Words to Watchabridging (2): reducinginflammatory (3): something intended to arouse angercontentious (11): marked by argument or controversyderided (14): mockedstaunchly (16): stronglysycophants (18): flatterersveracity (26): truthfulnessTHE TRUTH ABOUT FAKE NEWSNate Saunders1Consider these words written by apresident of the United States: “Nothingcan now be believed which is seen ina newspaper. Truth itself becomessuspicious by being put into thatpolluted vehicle.” This is the leader ofthe country, referring to the press asa lying and worthless organization.Sound familiar? Think you knowwhich president said this? You may besurprised to discover that these wordswere written more than 200 years agoby Thomas Jefferson.Before Jefferson was electedpresident, the practice of publishingutterly false and often damaging storiesabout politicians was so common thatCongress attempted to pass a lawthat would make it a crime for anynewspaper to print fake or maliciouscomments about either the presidentor Congress. Jefferson and his goodfriend, James Madison (author of theFirst Amendment), joined forces tofight against this law. After all, the FirstAmendment plainly stated: “CongressTownsend Press 1-888–752–641023

NEWTEN STEPSTEN STEPSBUILDINGADVANCINGTOTOCOLLEGE READING SKILLSCOLLEGE READING SKILLSREADING LEVEL 6–9 1000LREADING LEVEL 8–12 1050LREADING LEVEL 9–13 1150LREADING LEVEL 10–14 1200LThe Ten Steps titles remain the best-selling reading series on the college market today. And in anationwide study, students using the Ten Steps books achieved greater reading gains than thoseusing other leading developmental college reading texts.Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Choose theTP Reading Series10984Expertise.The TP reading books draw from decades of classroom experience and researchin the field of reading. As a result, the reading skills taught in the books correlate directly withthe skills students need to know. If your aim is to help students become independent learners,the TP Reading Series is arguably the best reading program you can find.Depth.Each book explains, in a clear, step-by-step way, ten essential reading skills. Eachskill is reinforced by examples, practice exercises, and readings that require students to usethe skill they’ve learned. The books focus on teaching lifelong skills—not just on quizzing ortesting them.Clarity. Reading skills are abstract concepts. For students to learn them, skills must bepresented in clear, friendly language and through meaningful content. The TP reading booksset the standard for clarity and student-friendliness—a feature praised by students andteachers alike.Townsend Press 1-888–752–6410

7654321Interest.Passages and selections in the Ten Steps books are characterized by both theirappropriate reading level and their compelling content. Focusing entirely on nonfiction, TenSteps includes textbook excerpts, passages, and extended essays that are lively and appeal tostudents, regardless of level or background.Flexibility.The books feature a modular framework that can be modified to suit anyinstructional context. Teachers can easily select which skills they wish to cover or skip,making the books suitable for students working independently, in small groups, as part of alab/electronic class, or as a traditional class.Interactivity.Learning requires students to engage with their materials. That’s whyTen Steps is full of hands-on practice exercises. Both in the books and in our supportingelectronic materials, students get immediate feedback to bolster learning.Teachability.Ten Steps was created by teachers with an eye on the classroom. As a result,Ten Steps is teacher-friendly. The sequence in each book—from explanation to example topractice to review tests to mastery tests—is suited to focused instruction. Supplements,including the annotated Instructor’s Edition, provide teachers with illustrative comments andhelpful discussion tips.Synergy.Ten Steps builds students’ reading skills through cumulative lessons. Skills learnedindividually in Part One must be applied to reading selections in Part Two and to combinedskills tests in Part Three. This cumulative reinforcement prepares students for the demands ofcollege-level reading—and standardized reading tests.Rigor. Reading skills require critical thinking skills. Ten Steps features exercises that buildboth. Critical thinking activities—in the form of outlining, mapping, and summarizing—area distinctive feature of Ten Steps. Through continued practice and feedback on challengingmaterial, students become more effective readers and thinkers.Price and Service.The books sell for a net price of 29. No competing publisher matchesthe prices of TP books. Our goal has always been to provide the highest possible quality at thelowest possible price.If you have ever e-mailed or called us, you know that a real person answers the phone,and that we respond right away. And orders, including desk copy requests, are typicallyshipped out on the same day that we receive them. Our prompt, personal service is withoutequal.Townsend Press 1-888–752–64105

Resources and Supplements for the Ten Steps SeriesTen Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills—like every book in the TenSteps reading series—includes the following resources: A printed Instructor’s Edition with answers and annotationsPowerPoints for each skill in every bookPDF supplements (for teachers)College Reading Tests/AssessmentsThese materials are FREE to schools that adopt the Ten Steps Series!Additional digital offerings are available in Ten Steps Plus. See pages 7–8for details. Townsend PressHOMELearning CenterABOUTFOR EDUCATORSFOR STUDENTSSUPPORTSIGN INWELCOME TO THE LEARNING CENTERAn online learning environment for educators and students using Townsend Press materials. Now serving more than 27,000 educators and 1 million students. ALREADY REGISTERED?WANT TO EXPLORE? TRY SAMPLE ITEMS Great! Sign in to continue. READY TO BEGIN? CREATE AN ACCOUNTSIGN IN HERELEARNING CENTER FEATURES ACCLAIMEDCONTENTThousands of assignments and tensof thousands of items carefullycrafted to help students learn. NEW!VOCABULARY PLUS CUSTOMIZABLESETTINGSA paperless, subscription-basedversion of our Vocabulary Series.Includes integrated eBooks!Assignments, tests, and item settingsare flexible and can easily beoptimized for any student or class. INTEGRATEDMASTERY TESTSOnline activities are followed by anarray of our famously-clear MasteryTests. EXCLUSIVEWEB RESOURCES ONLINEASSESSMENTSVideo lessons and extra onlinereadings which can be added to anyclass to extend learning.Our College Reading Tests andVocabulary Placement Test assessstudents and help guide instruction.Special Offer!Free Book GiveawayENHANCE YOUR CLASSES WITH THE LEARNING CENTER ELECTRONICSUPPLEMENTSIncluding Study Guides for ournovels and Instructor Editions &PowerPoint files for our texts. (forinstructors only) FREEAUDIOBOOKS SCORE AND PROGRESSREPORTINGFree downloadable or streamingaudiobooks of our popular BlufordSeries novels. (for instructors only)Individual and group scores are keptand can be exported. Progress datais also readily available.SIGN UP TODAY Copyright 2014 Townsend Press. All rights reserved.Home About For Educators For Students SupportNews Privacy Policy Terms of UseLIDAMA THAM TESMU E GREATHVORYYA SATANHelFrom Daen Kelrkness lerto LightTanyaSavoryTo help you motivate students to do their best,Townsend Press will give you one FREE copyof our motivational paperback The Power ofDetermination—containing fourteen inspiringstories of individuals who have overcomeobstacles—for each Ten Steps book purchased.Or as an alternative to this collection, you maychoose to receive any other book in our collectionof 120 paperbacks—all of which are displayed onthe TP website.See Ten Steps for Yourself—Get a Free SampleIf you have questions about Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills orwould like a free sample copy, call us toll-free at 888-752-6410, or e-mail us [email protected] STEPSTOMASTERINGCOLLEGE READING SKILLSTownsend Press 1-888–752–6410

Introducing our Electronic Options: Ten Steps PlusNEWNEWNEWNEWTen Steps eBooks: Educators know Ten Steps is the leadingseries of books for teaching college-level reading. A subscriptionto Ten Steps Plus includes access to the entire series! eBooksare found inside the Learning Center and include bookmarking,highlighting, and note-taking capabilities.Ten StepsThe Readings Bank: Ten Steps Plus comes with 15 new readingsPluscomplete with Lexile scores and reading comprehension and writingassignments. These readings retain the same lively, high-interestquality of our books. See for yourself today with your instructoraccount. Don’t have one? Visit andcreate one.ReadingsBankTen StepsThe Skills Bank: Want to teach a unit on main ideas? Looking toPlusoffer a learning module on inferences? Need students in yourco-requisite class to brush up on supporting details? The SkillsBank makes it easy. Featuring the full array of online exercisesand tests from the Ten Steps Series, the Skills Bank lets youchoose the skill(s), level(s), and sequence you want to teach.SkillsBankThe Townsend Library: To become stronger readers, studentsneed to read more. With Ten Steps Plus, they can. Access toeBooks of 120 titles in the popular Townsend Library is included.Assign a novel or two in class and host an online discussion. It’sall part of Ten Steps Plus.LIDAMA ESTHAMMU E GREATTHHeleORYYA SAVFrom Darn Kellekness torLightTANTanya SavorExercises and Mastery Tests: Ten Steps Plus featuresthousands of additional, web-only exercise and test items alignedwith the Ten Steps Series to teach reading skills.Townsend Press 1-888–752–64107y

Key Features of the TP Learning Center and Ten Steps PlusCollege ReadingTests that helpThousands ofinteractive itemscomplete withannotations thatteach the readingskills you assessstudents’ specificskills and guideclass instruction.The TownsendeBook Reader, abrowser-basedreader that allowsstudents toread, bookmark,highlight, andannotate theirTownsend PresseBooks.Integrated masterytests and alternatemastery testslinked directly toskills taught in thebooks/eBooks—and written by theauthor of the texts.Enhanced controlsthat allow youto easily createclasses, configureassignments,manageenrollment, andre

Get a Free Sample. Ten Steps to Mastering College Reading Skills —like every book in the . Ten Steps. reading series—includes the following resources: A printed Instructor’s Edition with answers and annotations PowerPoints for each skill in every book PDF supplements (for teachers) College Reading Tests/Assessments