SPARTANS IN ACTION:SEE ALL VIDEOS ATSPARTANDAILYON YOUTUBEAPPLE’S IPHONE 7SJSU MARKETING ASSOCIATIONVolume 147. Issue STREET FAIRWednesday, September 14, 2016SHUTDOWNCamera Cinemascloses its doorsTwelve years after its opening, Camera12 says goodbye to downtown San JoseBY RYAN BARNHARTSTAFF WRITERTAYLOR JONES SPARTAN DAILYChildren frolic in celebration at the SoFA Street Fair in Downtown San Jose along SanSalvador and First St.See BUBBLES page 3LITTLE BLUE SOLDIERINSIDEThe flag,the fro, thefreedomAfter 12 years Camera 12 Cinemas,located on Paseo de San Antonioin Downtown San Jose, shut downfollowing its last screening on Thursday.A big draw for moviegoers looking towatch a wide array of films, Camera 12was the only movie theater in DowntownSan Jose to play both independent filmsand big-budget movies.The closing of Camera 12 had an effecton those who had been working there forso long.“It was a big part of my life,” said RonRegalia, the co-office manager of allCamera Cinemas who has been workingfor the company for about 20 years.“I was really exciting when Camera 12opened because [we] were able to givepeople independent and mainstreamfilm,” Regalia said.Since the closure of the movie theaterwas first announced moviegoers havebeen messaging the crew at CameraCinemas to their thoughts on howimportant Camera 12 was to them.“We’ve gotten so many emails fromdowntown residents broken up about[it],” Regalia said.Residents of Downtown San Jose sharea similar heartbreak with the closing ofCamera 12.“Whenever a new movie came out thatI wanted to see I always went to Camera12,” said William Bunker, a DowntownSan Jose resident of over 10 years.“Now with it gone, I would have to go abit out of my way just to watch a movie,”SeeMOVIES page 2KAVIN MISTRY SPARTAN DAILYJEREMY CUMMINGSSPORTSMeet Kristen AmarikwaFind out more about the starfreshman defender who has made animmediate impact.P. 6OPINIONWhat’s the buzz?P. 4ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTRappers under the radarUp-and-coming artists are on the rise tothe top of the charts.P. 3CAMPUSCampus voices:Parking at San Jose State Univeristy.Campus voices:Find out where to relax in Santa Cruz.COLUMNISTWhen I see the American flag, I’m remindedof my time in Boy Scouts. We raised theflag and pledged our allegiance to open ourmeeting every week. I participated in multipleretirement ceremonies for flags that hadreached the end of their lives. The flag I woreon my pack during an 11-day backpacking tripis still hanging on my wall.I have overwhelmingly positive feelingsassociated with the flag. However, I alsohave enough empathy to understand that noteveryone sees Old Glory in the same light.For military families the flag symbolizes thevalor and bravery of their friend, sibling orchild. When a family loses one of their own towar, the flag becomes one of the only remaininglinks to the memory of that individual.Unfortunately, there are others who only seethe flag on the arms of police officers whoharass, arrest or kill them and their loved ones;people who live with the well-founded fearthat they might be slain because they are in thewrong place looking the wrong way.The huge diversity of opinions on the flag’smeaning is why there is so much controversyaround Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protestduring the national anthem. People cannotseparate their own vexillological sentimentsfrom the intention behind the protest.The intention of the protest is not to disrespectmilitary service members, law enforcementofficers or first responders, but to bring nationalattention to what many Americans wouldagree is a serious problem. Kaepernick workedhard to reach a level of national attention andit’s fully within his right to use that station tospeak out for a cause he supports.The American flag, like any flag, is just apatterned rectangle upon which we projectmeaning. Conservatives who say there is onlyone acceptable interpretation of what the flagrepresents are just as bad as the politicallycorrect liberals they so fervently despise.Saying that certain political statements arewrong is just another form of policing speech,a fundamentally unconstitutional activity.SeeOLD GLORY page 5KAVIN MISTRY SPARTAN DAILYCamera 12 Cinemas in downtown San Jose closed down after 12 years of business on Thursday.KH9JL9F 9ADQ KDRINKOF THEThis week’s drink:WEEKNo Flex ZoneAs the summer comes to a close,I wanted to drink something superrefreshing and energizing. As a barista,I love to experiment with drinks, andthat is how I created the “No Flex Zone”drink. I wanted to do my own take onStarbuck’s sunset drink, the “SunsetRefresher” and how the second drinklayers the whole drink, giving the drink amarble-type of look.So to make the drink, you want to grabD JUHHQ WHD D ÁDYRUHG WHD DQG ÁDYRUHG energy drink. For this drink, I used SobeGreen Tea, Sobe Strawberry BananaÁDYRUHG WHD DQG 0RXQWDLQ 'HZ /LPHDGH Kickstart. Start off by pouring a splash ofyour prefered energy drink to the bottomof the cup. Add your green tea abouthalfway of the cup and then add your ice.Green tea/HDYH DERXW D TXDUWHU RI URRP LQ WKH FXS SobeDQG VORZO\ SRXU \RXU ÁDYRUHG WHD RQ WRS of the ice. If you do it correctly, you willhave your very own sunset drink.BY RAYMOND BALTAZARO Yl k afka\]7LimeadeKickstartStrawberrybanana SobeINFOGRAPHIC BY KAVIN MISTRY

Wednesday, September 14, 2016MOVIESContinued from page 1One of the main reasons behind theclosure of Camera 12 was because ofyears of revenue loses.“This summer alone we had to spendover 170,000 in repairs that we didn’texpect,” said Jack NyBlom, one of thethree founders of Camera Cinemas.According to NyBlom, most of theloses were due to the fact that Camera12 was an old building, originally theUnited Artists 8-screen cineplex, withmany parts of the building frequentlybreaking down.“We didn’t really have the funds weneeded to keep it going. We tried our bestto make it work,” NyBlom said.Despite the closure of Camera 12,NyBlom’s vision of bringing film toDowntown San Jose lives on thanks in partto Camera 3, located on Second street.“We do really well with Camera 3,”NyBlom said. “So we’re gonna do somestuff there that is different.”According to Camera Cinema’s website,Camera 12 fi rst opened back in 2004,giving residents of Downtown San Josethe opportunity to watch big-budgetmovies for the fi rst time in almost halfa century.It was one of a series of movie theatersbuilt in the built in the Bay Area byNyBlom and his colleagues Jim Zuur andDennis Skaggs.While Camera 12 no longer around,Camera 3 located on 2nd Street by PsychoDonuts will continue to show films inDowntown San Jose.Camera Cinemas also has Camera 7,a high end movie theater that featuresboth mainstream and independent film,located at the Pruneyard ShoppingCenter in Campbell.It is uncertain at the moment whichvenue will be able to host San Jose’syearly film festival Cinequest, which runsfrom the end of February through Marchnext year.Follow Ryan on [email protected] WEEK IN SJSU HISTORYBY DANIEL REEDYMANAGING EDITOROver three decades ago,many of San Jose StateUniversity’sstudentshad to meet some of thesame general-educationgraduation requirementsthat students do today.Thirty-six years ago,the students of SJSUlearned that they wouldbe “required to takeadditionalgeneraleducation courses andcontinuingstudentsmust pass an Englishproficiency test in orderto graduate,” accordingto the former dean ofundergraduate studies Dr.Brett Melendy.On Sept. 15, 1980,Spartan Daily staffwriterTomMayspublished an articletitled “New studentsface stiffer generaleducation demands.”The new regulationswere met with mixedopinions from Spartans.According to Mays,occupationaltherapymajor Susan Somaduroff,a junior at the time, saidthe proficiency test wouldbe unfair.“I don’t think they (theschool) should requireus to take one test todetermine if we graduate,”Somaduroff said.Also according to Mays,BernadetteMachado,nutrition freshman at thetime, said she didn’t feelthe increase interferedwith her major at all.“Ithinkstudentswould benefit from thecourses,” Machado said.“They could alwayschallenge the courses ifthey feel it would be awaste of time.”Thepurposeofadditional requirementswas to increase students’knowledge and abilityin communication andcritical thinking.Follow Daniel on [email protected] Sparta GuideSeptember 14 - September 18WEDNESDAYTHURSDAYTransfer Student Mixer: at the A.S. Rec LLawnn from 4 p.p.m. - 6 p.m.pmStudy Abroad Information: at Clark Hall 547 fromomm 10 - 11 a.m.FRIDAY Introduction to Adobe Lightroom: at Clark Hall 118 fromf om 100 a.m.m. - 11 Launch Day Freshman Coherts: at SJSU Main Campusmpusus 547 ffrom 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.mSUNDAY Viva CalleSJ: by Mineta Transportation Institute from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.INFOGRAPHIC BY ASHLI LETTJumpStartYourFuture.San Jose State UniversityStudents, Faculty & StaffAre All Eligible To Join!Show us your SJSU Student our City Centre Branch andRECEIVE A FREE GIFT!* Free Rewards Checking;No minimum balance orDirect Deposit requirement. Free Online and Mobile Banking Free, unlimited ATM use atCO-OP network, 7-Eleven Storesand County Federal ATM Locations. Free Car Buying Serviceand Auto Loans. Free Financial Education Seminars. Multiple Branch Locations, manyconveniently open on Saturdays!Santa Clara CountyFederal Credit UnionCity Centre Branch & ATM140 E. San Fernando StreetSan Jose, CA*Redeemable only at the City Centre Branch It’s AboutBuilding RelationshipsFor Life

A&E 3Wednesday, September 14, 2016BUBBLESSoFA Street Fair brings SJ locals out for funFood, art and entertainment comes to 11th and San SalvadorTAYLOR JONES SPARTAN DAILYFood trucks lined first street with an array of cusine that satisfied fair attendees.TAYLOR JONES SPARTAN DAILYMusic genres ranging from global to rock graced stages at the SoFA Street Fair.BY TAYLOR JONESthe event, making many residents happywith its comeback.“It sort of reminds me of a small vibeof what’s going on in different citieslike Austin or Tuscon,” said San Joselocal Vanessa Curtis. “It’s important toget people, especially creatives, on theforefront here to showcase their work andtheir passions.”Even though this season’s street fair wascentered more around local bands, therewas a colorful mix of artists from andaround the San Jose area. Bubble makers,spray-paint artists and even a cross-dressingwrestler were among the many creativeswho showed up to showcase their work.The main focus of the SoFa Street Fairis to not only draw San Jose natives to thedowntown area, but to be a spot whereSTAFF WRITERThis Sunday, the SoFa District (short forSouth First) was home to the bi-annualSofa Street Fair. The lively event hadeverything from nearby farmers sellingorganic produce to hardcore wrestlingmatches. Couches occupied both First andSan Salvador Streets, adding flair to theSoFa Districts nickname.This San Jose fair has been going onthroughout the years, recently having anevent every Fall and Spring. The streetfair was created so that San Jose residentscould familiarize themselves with whatSouth First St. has to offer. It also givesthem a chance to have a fun night out, withfree admission to the venue and plenty ofactivities to stay busy.“It’s almost like a First Friday, butexpanded and is a lot more about music,”said advertising senior Arabela Espinoza.The SoFa District is also known for FirstFriday events, which happens every firstFriday of the month. The event happensyear-round and brings a gracious mix oflocals and tourists alike to it. The SoFaStreet Fair is trying to draw the popularitythat First Friday has while also being itsown event.According to an article from MetroNews, the event first started back in 1991,with free admission being a big componentuntil 1995. In 2004, the local event wenton a 10-year hiatus, making it seem likethe SoFa District was no more. When2014 came around, festival organizer FilMaresca came to the rescue and revivedpeople from out of town can come andenjoy a night out. The fair also makes iteasy for local businesses to get recognizedmore and show people what they can offerto them.“It’s an event that is here to recognize littlebusinesses and help them independently,”said San Jose resident Ozzie Perez.“It’sabout bringing the community out, even ona Sunday night.”The SoFa Street Fair is set to happenevery Fall and Spring, with the next oneoccurring in April. The fair is a wonderfulevent that connects San Jose residents tosmall businesses and local artists alike.Follow Taylor on [email protected] jonesRAPPERS UNDER THE RADARThese young artists are taking the rap game by stormBY RYAN BARNHARTSTAFF WRITER21 Savage - Savage ModeReleased in the middle of July, 21 Savage’s SavageMode is a dark look at the life 21 Savage has grownaccustomed to.His monotone, deadpan delivery is complimented bysimplistic yet hard-hitting production from popularproducer Metro Boomin’ throughout the mixtape.This cohesive rapper and producer combinationallows 21 Savage to invoke on both the glamorouslifestyle of a rapper that many listeners fantasize of,“I’m in diamond district ‘bout to buy a new watch,”with the violent past that led him to this point “I’m stilla street n**** so I keep me a glock.”While many can be turned away by the simplicityof his rhyming ability, the lifelessness he exudes inhis verses give an eerie realness to the hardened youthmany artists like him go through before making it intothe music business.Savage Mode is currently available for purchase oniTunes and streaming on Spotify.Best Song - No AdvanceK Camp - Lyric AveFollowing a series of mixtapes and a debut album inthe past two years, K Camp releases a short but sweeteight track EP where his flow and lyrical prowesspaints an image in the listener’s head.His opening track Lyric Ave, also the title of the EP, isa perfect example of that. He rhymes about his increasein respect coinciding with his increase in income onthe hook of the song, using his verses to put his moneywhere his mouth is.“Closet full of Alexander Wang. Louis loafers, youcan say I changed. Louis jacket just to block the rain.Eatin’ lobster bisk with some champagne,” he exclaimsin his first verse of the track, coming to terms with thefact that he’s made it.Aside from the lush imagery of a wealthy lifestyle, healso compares himself to both former drug lord PabloEscobar and Dragon Ball Z protagonist Goku, showinghis ability to seamlessly weave pop culture referencesinto his music Lyric Ave is currently available for freestreaming through Song - Lyric AveIsaiah Rashad - The Sun’s TiradeBorn in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Isaiah Rashad is anup and coming rapper signed under TDE, the recordlabel that is home to many big time names such asScHoolBoy Q and Kendrick Lamar.His rise in the rap industry came with some strugglesfor Rashad though as a Xanax addiction almost costhim his record label deal and his career.While he was able to overcome those adversities,you can hear his drug addled depression vividly in hisexcellent debut studio album The Sun’s Tirade.The album is a stream of Rashad’s conscience, with avariety of topics discussed such as getting free lunchesat school, his brother selling drugs when they weregrowing up, and wanting to live a life with the wealthand elegance of Nicki Minaj.The Sun’s Tirade is currently available for purchaseon iTunes and streaming on Spotify.Best Song - Wat’s Wrong (featuring Zacari &Kendrick Lamar)Follow Ryan on [email protected] barnhart

4 OPINIONWednesday, September 14, 2016Buzzfeed article reveals lack of investigation in rape casesJASON DUNHAMSTAFF WRITERHow would you feel if you were robbed atgunpoint and reported it to the police, only tonever receive any word back?Last week, Buzzfeed released an indepth article based on their findings froman investigation conducted to analyze thenumber of rape cases that become marked asunfounded by police departments.Buzzfeed focused the study on policedepartments with the highest amounts ofthese cases. The Baltimore County PoliceDepartment in particular was key to theinvestigation; it was one of the few willing torelease documents.The term unfounded basically means that thepolice department found the case to be false,baseless or lacking enough evidence to moveforward. Cases such as these are simply closedwith no further investigation being conductedby the more specialized crime divisions suchas the special victims unit.Buzzfeed found the national average forunfounded cases by police departments to beseven percent.In the example highlighted in Buzzfeed’sarticle the victim found out that her case hadbeen labeled as closed within hours of givingher initial statement and that neither she northe accused rapist were contacted by theindividual who closed the case.It is alarming that an officer of a specializedcrime division can close the case withoutat least speaking to the to the victim or thealleged rapist who was accused.Justice studies Senior David Armsteadsaid, “Whenever someone has claimedthat they have been raped there shouldbe an investigation into the facts of whathappened. The person who is the allegedrapist does need to be talked to and bebrought in for questioning.”In some areas Buzzfeed found the percentageto be much higher. Areas such as Oxnard,Calif., Scottsdale, Ariz., Baltimore County,Md, and Pittsburgh, Pa., were just a few of thetop 11 found to have over 30 percent of theirsexual assault reports completed as unfoundedduring the period between 2009 and 2014.The day after the release of Buzzfeed’sstory, the Baltimore County PoliceDepartment announced that they werereviewing three years worth of the rapecases labeled as unfounded.The Baltimore Sun released a story onBaltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson,who wrote a blog post addressing the subjectafter the release of Buzzfeed’s story.“While each of these cases already hasbeen investigated, we will take a fresh lookto ensure that the investigation was handledproperly and that justice was done.”Recently the Bay Area has been hit with asmattering of sexual crimes including theOakland police department’s scandal in June.On Friday seven of the officers involvedwere charged with sexual misconduct.An SJSU professor was accused of sexualharassment of a student and Brock Turner’srecent release from custody has sparked adebate on the often-too lenient punishmentsgiven to the perpetrators of these crimes.Just this past weekend a police investigationbegan on a trio of sexual assaults reportedduring a concert at UC Berkeley.Clearly the Bay Area is not free of thesesituations and one could draw comparisonsbetween unfounded cases and the recent newsof the accused sexual harassment by an SJSUprofessor which took months to be released tothe public.The San Jose Police Department hasbeen struggling with staffing shortages,some officers have been working so muchovertime they have taken to living outsidethe station in RVs.The city has also seen a decline in thenumber of officers from 1,400 to the currentlyactive number of just over 800. San Jose CityCouncil recently passed a 10-1 vote declaringa state of emergency in order to allow thepolice chief the ability to reassign specializedofficers to fill beat cop vacancies.All of these issues currently impacting SJPDlead to an uneasy future in regards to ourpolice response to crime and their ability togive cases the investigation time they deserve.Should there be a rise in the number ofunfounded cases in the Bay Area, the recentincidents at the Berkeley concert this weekendcould prove to be a valuable story to follow asit unfolds further.The proposed measure F would provideretirement benefits for city employees onlevels similar to other Bay Area agencieson top of redefining some of the measureset in 2012 by measure B which requiredemployees to make additional retirementcontributions. Measure B also placed capson retirement benefits of new employees andregulated disability retirements according toCity Clerk of San Jose Toni Taber’s write upon measure F.If passed in November’s election thiscould bring more police officers to the areadue to the increased funding it provides toretirement plans for city employees. Thiscould incentify officers to come to San Joseand lighten the workload on our currentpolice department staff.The city needs to increase efforts to explainthe the benefits of measure F to the students atSJSU. This university hosts a large populationof eligible voters that could make an impact inthe passing of measure F if they understoodthe effect the increased police force couldhave on downtown and campus safety.Follow Jason on [email protected] LETT: MIDDLE - DJ SNAKESPARTUNESC A SEY GEIER: BORN TO BE WILD - STEPPENWOLFTHEME: BEST SONGSTO TAILGATE TOMELISSA HARTMAN: YOU BROKE - YGRYAN VERMONT: NOT DONE YET - SOJAREBECC A PIR AYOU: CLOSER - THE CHAINSMOKERSR AYMOND BALTA Z AR: DOWN IN THE DM’S - YO GOT TIDANIEL REEDY: R AIN IS A GOOD THING - LUKE BRYANJEREMY CUMMINGS: FEELING MYSELF - MAC DRE FT. TOO SHORTSudoku PuzzleClassifiedsCrossword PuzzleLocal AdsSJSUInternational HouseClose to campusU.S. & international studentsSafe. Friendly. Homelike.Intercultural experience.Wireless Internet access.Computer lab. Study room.Well-equipped kitchen.Pianos and game room.Assigned parking (fee).One semester contract.Apply now! S. 11th St., 408-924-6570Complete the grid so that every row, columnand 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9inclusively.Previous SolutionsSept 13ACROSS1 Standard5 Kind of thermometer9 Comedian Silverman14 Dueling sword15 6Ɉ SPTP[Z KV\ISL negative16 “All My Children”vixen17 Countcalories20 Instant21 When most people work22 *SHTIHRL P[LT25 Partof TGIF26 Sleeveless garments28 HUJL IP[32 Potentpepper37 Omit a vowel inspeech38 Microwave feature41 Alpacarelative42 Military equipment43 Harp’s old cousin44 Antique shop item46 Dadaist pioneer47 ; WL VM OVYZL IP[53 City in Florida58 Farmmachine59 Reason for an NBAvideo review62 Blazing63 )YV U IHN [PWWSLY in stereotypes64 Endings for East orWest65 Used a 58-Across66 Traditional0UKPHU IYLHK67 “Let it stand” ineditorial circlesDOWN1 SmallHTWOPIPHUZ2 , LIHSS [ PZ[PUN drawings3 Catch up withagain4 Place of pilgrimage5 3LUUVU»Z IYPKL6 First name in the“Happy Days”cast7 -YVT [OL ILNPUning8 Become unglued9 Hunts10 , [YLTLS KY HZ land11 Capital of Latvia12 In need ofa massage13 Lids18 Skirt’s edge19 Dampens23 “Be it so humISL ¹24 You’ll get a dealthere27 Navigational aid28 Like some mar-gins or chances29 It marches on30 -PYZ[ OHIP[H[31 Bold and sassy32 Become cohesive33 Comrade in arms34 Type of jet35 As high as onecan get36 )HRL ZHSL VYN 37 Flight guess HIIY 39 :[H[L ÅV LY VM Tennessee40 “Follow me!”44 Gator’s cousin45 Like Billy Joel’s girl46 Posed a question48 Early school lesson49 Fearsome threesome of destiny50 Bat an eye toward?51 Africa’s Sierra52 Artist Max53 Striker’s enemy54 Romeo (sportsJHY 55 Muddy up56 Farmland measure57 Highlight for operagoers60 Genetic material61 3VUN SVUN [PTLPlace Your AdPlace your Ads Online can also placeFODVVLÀHGV WKURXJK WKH 6SDUWDQ 'DLO\ G RIÀFH Call us at 408.924.3270 orvisit us in DBH 2092IÀFH RXUV 3 0 spartandail[email protected] us out!NEWSA&EVIDEOSOPINION

OPINION 5Wednesday, September 14, 2016OLD GLORYContinued from page 1Conservatives seem to forget thatthe flag was originally a symbol ofdefiant dissent against oppression.Now, in the face of more perceivedoppression, it seems fitting that thesame flag would be used as a toolfor protest. People who have saidKaepernick should be punished forhis protest, either with suspensionfrom the NFL or with violence, aremore dangerous to America’s futurethan any televised protest.Saying that there is injustice inthe country is not disrespectful totroops, despite what many punditshave said.I’ve always seen soldiers asheroes. They are ready to lay downtheir lives so that we can live incomfort and freedom. For that theydeserve—everyone’s respect.It’s important, however, to keepseparate the bravery of soldiers andthe motivations of the politicianswho give the orders. The war inIraq was wrong and unnecessary inmy view, but I still have the utmostrespect for the men and women whorisked their lives there.Conservative pundits like EricBolling have tried to say that becauseAmerica is not as brutal as ISIS orSaudi Arabia there’s no reason toprotest. I understand this sentimentand also find it completely illogical.True, America doesn’t openlyexecute gays. But there are a lotof congresspeople who try theirhardest to legalize discriminationagainst LGBT folk.True, there is great religiousfreedom in America, but manyRepublican politicians are openlypushing for a Christian takeover ofthe government.True, women in the United Stateshave a great degree of equality, butthere are still many people in thecountry who would seek to mandatewhat the ‘proper’ role of womenshould be.America is great, but there are stillways it could be greater.Worshipping the flag andshouting about freedom doesn’tmake you a patriot. Working touphold American values and makethis country better for everyoneeven when it means defying thegovernment, that’s true patriotism.You can criticize somethingwithout being completely opposedto it. That’s how you promotepositive change. You acknowledge aflaw and then work to fix it.Blind allegiance to the state is aninsult to our founders’ principlesand will do nothing but create anideal environment for our nextpresident to become a tyrant. Thereshouldn’t be anything controversialabout criticizing the government.Follow Jeremy on [email protected] goes crazy over bare-faced Alicia KeysTAYLOR JONESSTAFF WRITERThe Video Music Awards areone of the most anticipated awardshows on TV. This years showincluded amazing performancesby Beyonce, a speech by KanyeWest that seemed to go on foreverand Rihanna winning the VideoVanguard Award, which wasgiven to her by rumoured loveinterest Drake.But it was Alicia Keys whomade headlines at the 2016VMAs. What did she do thatmade social media go crazy?She went to the award showsans makeup.When going to an event suchas this one, people alwayspresume that tireless hoursof doing makeup and hair isin effect. During every awardshow that I have seen, actressesshow off the latest hair andmakeup trend, making themappear flawless.Alicia Keys, however, didthe exact opposite. She came tothe award show wearing a bunand no makeup which shockedeveryone, especially the media.Why is it that a number ofpeople were so buzzed about awoman not wearing makeup?Even without makeup, she lookedfantastic and had a glowing beamof confidence when she steppedonto the red carpet.As a woman, all I have everknown is that if you are prettyand presentable, people willlike you. I was also told never toshow my flaws like freckles, zitsor other abnormalities that maymake people not like me.After my friends started gettinginto makeup, so did I. I wantedto show them that I could be upto date with the latest makeuptrends, hoping it would make memore likable.Statistics have shown thatwomen are obsessed with puttingon makeup and how it makesthem look. One such study foundon StyleCaster showed that onein three women will not leavethe house without a smidge ofmakeup, even if it is going to thegrocery store.Makeup is a wonderful thing,and plenty of women get verycreative with it, but why shouldwe shame another for not livingup to the status quo?“The media made it way out tobe such a big deal when it reallywas not,” said neurosciencesenior Sarah Luong. “What is sobad about someone showing theirbare face?”Many women outside of themedia also commented on AliciaKeys’ looks.Twitter took to a dividewhen some users called her“empowering” for showing upwith no makeup, while the restwere quick to judge. BloggerKara Brown said “ Alicia Keysis wearing makeup. JUSTSAYING.” Another user, whoseTwitter handle has since beenchanged, said “Alicia Keys andher fake ass feminist ‘don’twear makeup and love yourself’campaign needs to go.’”Obviously, Alicia Keys cando whatever she wants like anywoman or man in America. She didnot want to wear makeup and themedia should have respected thatby not making it such a big deal.Women need to realize that withor without makeup, beauty is onlyskin deep. Alicia Keys went to theVMAs sans makeup and glowedbrighter than any star whose facewas covered in makeup.After all of the unnecessarydrama Alicia took to Twitterthe day after the VMAs to endthe discussion.“Y’all, me choosing to bemakeup free doesn’t mean I’manti-makeup. Do you!” Aliciaposted with a picture of herself,radiant bare face and all, blowinga kiss to the camera.Follow Taylor on [email protected])jonesToday’s Tinder etiquette: a lesson on what’s acceptableFrom a male perspectiveLUKE JOHNSONSTAFF WRITERDO Post a variety of photos: Post atleast three or more of the following typesof pictures: headshot, full-body shot (faceincluded, so it doesn’t look suggestive),candid/off-guard shot, with friends, withawards, at a social event, next to a historicmonument or with a scenic view. This willmake men think, “She wasn’t prepared forthat candid photo and she still looks goodnext to that waterfall. Now that’s attractive!”DO Keep self-description short andsweet: No one wants to read your life storybefore meeting you. Only write three tofour sentences which include features ofyours that are appealing, important andmysterious. I can go the rest of my lifewithout reading another “I’m a Bay Areagirl” or “get to know me.”DO Link Facebook and/or Instagram:If someone has social networks connectedto Tinder, he or she is either an actualperson or very deep into a life of catfishingand scamming. Linking these accountsalso displays information about youremployment status, educational history,mutual friends and common

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom: at Clark Hall 118 from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Launch Day Freshman Coherts: at SJSU Main Campus 547 from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Viva CalleSJ: