For those students who wish to continue their education beyond SJVC, this information is for you.This is also a great resource for registrars, faculty, and campus staff who wish to become betterinformed when advising a student about transferring to a college after graduating from SJVC.Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below to answer most if not all of your questionsregarding articulation.What is articulation?What are “receiving” and “sending” institutions?Is there a difference between transferring and articulating?What is a block transfer?What is an articulation agreement?Does SJVC have articulation agreements? And if so, with what colleges?Will other colleges accept my credits from SJVC that aren’t on this list?Can I request that SJVC pursue an articulation agreement with a college not on this list?Why should I transfer to a regionally accredited college?How do I know if a college is accredited?List of Colleges that SJVC has Agreements withSJVC Articulation Agreements with Other Colleges1.What is articulation?Articulation is the process of developing a formal agreement that identifies courses at a "sending"campus that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, a specific course requirement at a"receiving" institution. Successful completion of an articulated course assures the student and thefaculty that the student has taken the appropriate course, received the necessary instruction andpreparation, and is ready to progress to the next level.sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 1 of 72

2. What are “receiving” and “sending” institutions?Course articulation is established between sending and receiving institutions. This process occursmainly between community or junior colleges (sending) and the college or university that grantsthe bachelor degree and higher (receiving). In addition, a significant number of intrasegmentaltransfers occur which means that articulation may be established between two-year institutions aswell as between four-year institutions.3. Is there a difference between transferring and articulating?Articulating and transferring are often used interchangeably, although there are some differences.For information on how articulated courses compare to transferable courses, please click this link: edition/pdf/artic vs trans.pdf4. What is a block transfer?A “block transfer” of credit is an agreement that a group of courses from a student’s program will beaccepted to a related program and assigned a specific number of transfer credits. For example, astudent with a Business Administration Associate of Science degree at SJVC is able to block transferhis/her entire degree into a Business Administration Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent. Thisis the simplest method of credit transfer and one that SJVC typically seeks from a 4-year collegewhen developing an articulation agreement with that college.5. What is an articulation agreement?An articulation agreement is simply a formal, written agreement between two institutions thatallows specific programs or courses at one institution to be credited towards a program at the otherinstitution.6. Does SJVC have articulation agreements? And if so, with what colleges?SJVC does have articulation agreements with other colleges and universities. To review this list,please click the following link:LIST OF COLLEGES THAT SJVC IS ARTICULATED WITHsjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 2 of 72

7.Will other colleges accept my credits from SJVC that aren’t on this list?This list is not inclusive, as many colleges and universities not on this list readily accept SJVC units.Without a formal articulation agreement, registrars and/or faculty will typically complete acourse-by-course comparison instead. This takes time and some of your units may not transfer, ormay transfer as an elective course(s) but will not count toward your advanced degree.8. Can I request that SJVC pursue an articulation agreement with a college not on thislist?Certainly! We welcome campus community feedback on which colleges SJVC should articulatewith. Just be sure it is regionally accredited. SJVC’s Articulation Policy states that, “To ensure SJVCgraduates continue in their educational path with the quality and high standard instruction towhich they are accustomed, SJVC will only articulate with regionally accredited institutions.”If you have a college in mind that you would like SJVC to pursue an articulation agreement with,please email request to: SJVC Articulation Contact. Be sure to include the following information, ifavailable:Name of InstitutionCity and statePhone NumberContact personWeb-site addressPlease keep in mind that establishing an articulation agreement does not happen instantly.Articulation agreements take time, usually several months, to complete. This is because thereceiving institution’s faculty must first review and then approve of the sending institution’scourses and/or programs.sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 3 of 72

9. Why should I transfer to a regionally accredited college?Which college you decide upon for an advanced degree is up to you. A non-accredited college oruniversity may offer sound education or training, but realistically it may not be the best route totake. Here are two important reasons why:Transferability. Accreditation can affect the transferability or articulation of courses, alongwith validity of certificates and degrees. Many institutions rely in part on regionalaccreditation in their decisions to recognize and accept transfer credit. If SJVC will be yoursending institution should you transfer to a four- year college, this will not be an issue sinceSJVC has been fully accredited since 1995. The issue would lie in the fact that if you chooseto attend a non-accredited college, then decided later to transfer your units earned to anaccredited college, your non-accredited courses and or degree most likely will not transfer.Financial. Non-accredited colleges are not eligible for Department of Education’s Title IVstudent financial aid. If you transfer to a non-accredited college, you will no longer beeligible to receive financial aid grants and loans to pay for your education. For moreinformation on accreditation and Department of Education, please click How do I know if a college is accredited?It is a requirement by the accrediting commission for a college to publicize its accreditation status.But more importantly, colleges are proud of their accredited status and eagerly publicize this factvia their web-sites, college catalogs, etc. Also, you may search the Department of Education’swebsite which will tell you what accrediting agencies (if any) accredit an institution within the clicking Institution Accreditation.Closer to home, regionally-accredited California colleges are accredited by WASC (WesternAssociation of School and Colleges).SJVC is accredited by a branch of WASC called ACCJC(Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges) which accredits two-year colleges.Four-year colleges and beyond in California are accredited by a second branch of WASC called theACSCU (Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities.) For more information onthese accrediting bodies, please refer to their website @ 4 of 72

For more information on articulation, please click on one or more of the following links:ASSISTCIACIGETCThe above information was adapted by the following c/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 5 of 72

LIST OF COLLEGES THAT SJVC HAS AGREEMENTS WITH llowableMinimum of 60 Unitsincluding 12-21All A.S. Degrees; GeneralGeneral EducationEducation CoursesUnits depending ondisciplineTransfers intoType of AgreementEffectiveDateRenewal DateRenewalTimeframeApplicableBaccalaureate DegreeProgramsTransfer AgreementSep-08Jan-103 YearsBrandman University(formerly ChapmanUniversity)www.brandman.eduCalifornia State UniversitySystemwww.calstate.eduGeneral Education Courses13 General EducationCoursesSee Note (1) e AdministrationA.S. DegreeMinimum: 60 UnitsMaximum: 90 UnitsBusiness ManagementBaccalaureate DegreeProgramArticulationAgreementAug-10Jan-103 YearsMemorandum ofUnderstanding andArticulationAgreementMar-08Feb-114 YearsChadron State College Online A.S. DegreesBachelor of Applied45 Units fromScience (BAS) with anDisciplineoption in Management18 General Educationor Management andUnitsCommunicationsBachelor of Science inBusiness Administration(BSBA) and Bachelor ofScience in TechnicalManagement (BSTM)Memorandum ofAgreementSep-08Sep-102 YearsDeVry University A.S. Degrees51-68 applicableUnitsFresno Pacific University Nursing A.S.Degree23 Units fromDiscipline and 23General EducationUnitsBachelor of Science inNursingTransfer AgreementMar-10AutomaticAutomaticFresno Pacific University Education CoursesUp to 46 Units ofGeneral EducationCoursesDegree CompletionBaccalaureate DegreeProgramsTransfer AgreementDec-09AutomaticAutomaticRegistered Nursing A.S.DegreeSee CSUF NursingAdmissionCoordinatorFresno State University Nursing ProgramCSU Fresno Nursing Programsjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.teBachelor of Science inNursingVerbal AgreementSep-08N/AN/AAdditional CommentsDr. Janine Spencer,Program Director forSJVC's Nursing Program,will work with RN SJVCstudents.Page 6 of 72

LIST OF COLLEGES THAT SJVC HAS AGREEMENTS WITH llowableTransfers intoType of AgreementBaccalaureate inBusinessAdministration; CriminalTransfer AgreementJustice; Health CareManagement; HumanResources; and NursingEffectiveDateRenewal DateRenewalTimeframeAdditional CommentsSep-08AutomaticAutomatic10% tuition discountsKaplan A.S. DegreesUp to 60 UnitsNational AmericanUniversity - Onlinewww.nauonline.eduAll A.S. Degrees60 Units or More(block transfer)ApplicableBaccalaureate DegreeProgramsArticulationAgreementDec-07In process2 yearsNational Education CoursesSee NU SJVCAgreement GEApplicableBaccalaureate DegreeProgramsArticulationAgreementMar-06As NeededAs NeededUp to 90 UnitsOnline Bachelor ofScience in DentalHygiene DegreeCompletion ProgramVerbal AgreementJan-10N/AN/ANAU’s will acceptapplicants that havegraduated from anaccredited college and arelicensed DHs. See NAUAdmissions for additionaldetails.Up to 29 UnitsMaster of MedicalScienceMemorandum ofUnderstandingApr-05AutomaticAutomaticSee Les Howard, PAProgram Director, formore omaticGrade of "C" or betterrequired for alltransferrable coursesGrade of "C" or betterrequired for alltransferrable coursesNorthern Arizona Universityhttp://extended.nau.eduDental Hygiene A.S.DegreeSaint Francis Physician AssistantCoursesSaint Joseph of Maine Online Divisionwww.sjcme.eduBusiness Administration,Criminal JusticeCorrections, and HealthCare Administration A.S.DegreesTouro Universitywww.tu.eduAll A.S. DegreesUp to 60 Units (blocktransfer)ApplicableBaccalaureate DegreeProgramsArticulationAgreementFeb-06In process3 yearsUniversity of Phoenixwww.phoenix.eduAll A.S. DegreesUp to 60 Units (blocktransfer)ApplicableBaccalaureate DegreeProgramsArticulationAgreementAug-06In process3 yearsBaccalaureate ProgramsUp to 60 Units (blockfor BA, CJC, and Healthtransfer)Administration(1) Definition of CSU Certification A group, or "pattern," of courses that community college students may complete to fulfill lower-division general education requirements toward the bachelor's degree at any California State Universitycampus. Although most SJVC GE courses have been approved for CSU certification, it is up to the discretion of each individual college to accept or reject SJVC’s courses for transfer.sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 7 of 72

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY COLLEGESJVC AgreementsWith Other Colleges and Universities2010ACADEMIC AFFAIRS CORPORATE OFFICEsjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 8 of 72

Transfer AgreementSan Joaquin Valley CollegeThis agreement contains transfer related information for Brandman University, formerly ChapmanUniversity College and applies to any of the locations throughout California and Washington andincludes online programs. Information in this agreement does not apply towards Chapman University(Orange, CA).Associate Degree Block TransferBrandman University awards a minimum of 60 semester credits for successful completion of an Associatedegree from regionally accredited colleges and universities. The coursework toward completion of theAssociate degree will be evaluated for general education and major requirements. The remaining creditneeded to reach 60 credits will be added to the record as general elective credit. Additional courseworkfrom regionally accredited colleges and universities beyond the Associate degree will be individuallyevaluated for credit. Degree must be completed prior to the completion of the student’s first term as anadmitted BU student.Transfer GuidesIn addition to the policies outlined above, Transfer Guides detailing GE course approval and major prepcourses will be updated every one to two years or as needed and are available online at by Course TransferabilityBrandman’s transfer course database lists courses reviewed for transferability and is available for searchthrough WebAdvisor. Two search options allow you to review transferability for current courses fromSan Joaquin Valley College or view a list of all the approved equivalent courses for a specific Brandmancourse.WebAdvisor: Log on as a guest and select one of the two search options for Brandman UniversityTransfer CoursesDirect equivalencies are used for transfer courses that are equivalent to Brandman courses and carry all ofthe same approvals for GE and major as the Brandman course. Professional and vocational courses do nottransfer on course by course basis. Students are encouraged to complete the Associate degree at SJVC toguarantee 60 credits in transfer per the Associate Degree Block Credit transfer policy outlined above.Other transfer equivalency codes are assigned to courses that do not equate to any Brandman course butmay still be eligible for transfer and application towards degree requirements. You may check theTransfer Course Codes for an explanation of the equivalency codes assigned.Please note that courses listed on the Transfer Guides as satisfying a course requirement may not bedirectly equivalent to the BU course and may not appear on WebAdvisor as a direct equivalency. Allapprovals are one-way transfer to Brandman and do not guarantee transfer of Brandman courses to SanJoaquin Valley College.Revised: 01/29/10sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 9 of 72

Transfer AgreementDegree ProgramsThe following list includes current programs offered at Brandman University. Programs may not beoffered at all locations. See Brandman website for a current listing of programs by location.Applied Studies - BABachelor of Business Administration - BBAComputing Technology - BSCriminal Justice - BAEarly Childhood Development - BALegal Studies - BALiberal Studies, Culture and Media Studies - BALiberal Studies, Multiple Subjects Teaching - BAOrganizational Leadership - BAOrganizational Leadership, Organization Administration - BAOrganizational Leadership, Organization Communication - BAPsychology - BASocial Science - BASociology - BASociology, Social Work Emphasis - BANew degree program scheduled for Fall 2010Bachelor of Science Nursing - RN to BSNRevised: 01/29/10sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 10 of 72

CSU General Education-Breadth Certification List forSan Joaquin Valley CollegeLast updated May, 2008CourseBIO 1BIO 3BIO 10TitleGeneral Anatomy and PhysiologyIntroduction to BiologyHuman AnatomySemesterUnits334BIO 14Microbiology4BIO 24Human Anatomy and Physiology4BIO 31Microbiology4BIO 45Human Physiology5CHE 1CHE 3Introduction to ChemistryGeneral Chemistry34CHE 3AIntroduction to General Chemistry4ECON 1ENG 1MCR 1NSC 1Introduction to EconomicsWriting and CompositionIntroduction to MicrobiologyIntroduction to the Natural Sciences3333PHIL 1CPHY 1PSY 1SOC 1SPC 1SPC 1AEthicsIntroduction to PhysicsGeneral PsychologyIntroduction to SociologyOral CommunicationIntroduction to Public 051sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 11 of 72

Articulation AgreementSending InstitutionSan Joaquin Valley College801 S. Akers, Suite 150Visalia, CA 93277Contact: Tracy Ekizian, Articulation OfficerTelephone: 559-734-9000 ext. 21119Email: [email protected] Effective Date of Agreement 8/10/2008New Effective Date: 1/14/2010Receiving InstitutionCambridge College (Inland Empire RegionalCenter)337 Vineyard Avenue, Suite 100Ontario CA 91764Contact: Ellie KaucherTelephone: (909) 635-0250 ext. 1562Email: [email protected] Date: 1/14/2013This articulation agreement provides transfer options for qualified graduates of San Joaquin ValleyCollege (SJVC) interested in continuing their education by obtaining their bachelor degrees withCambridge College/Inland Empire Regional Center (Cambridge).Cambridge will accept from SJVC graduates:Maximum Transferable Credit is 90Minimum Required Units to be admitted to Cambridge College is 60 UnitsSemester units can be from:General Educationmax units: N/ACore Coursesmax units: N/AOther – Please specify (i.e. block transfers, etc)Receiving Institution will accept earned Business Administration A.S. degree block transfer(SJVC) into Management Studies B.S. degree (Cambridge).SJVC/rev. 1.10sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.teArticulation AgreementPage 1Page 12 of 72

Terms of AgreementDuties and Responsibilities of SJVC:I. Review/Renewal: SJVC agrees to review agreement periodically and revise as necessaryand by mutual consent. Renewal will take place every three (3) years or as mutually agreedupon by both parties.II. Notice of Curriculum Changes: SJVC will notify Cambridge in writing and in a timelymanner of program changes that might affect the transfer of graduates under thisagreement.III. Articulation College Promotion: SJVC agrees to work collaboratively with Cambridge onmutually approved efforts to provide SJVC graduates and prospective graduates withinformation about Cambridge bachelor degree program opportunities. These effortsinclude passive marketing approaches only, such as posting Cambridge website on the SJVCportal and placing Cambridge brochures in designated student activity areas.Duties and Responsibilities of Cambridge:Cambridge will honor this agreement for applicable SJVC graduates upon the completion ofCambridge’s admissions process. There are no entrance exams required. There are applicationsand references to be completed by the enrolling students.sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.teSJVC/rev. 1.10Articulation AgreementPage 13 of 72Page 2

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Bachelor of Science in Nursingfor Registered NursesDegree Completion ProgramHighlights:Experienced and highly rated university facultyStimulating academic environmentCohort groups of 15-24 students to provide maximum interaction and supportCohorts meet one night per week in an efficient accelerated programStudents from a variety of workplaces and cultural backgroundsDescription:The bachelor of science in nursing would prepare those who hold an associatedegree in nursing to become leaders in their profession. Classes strengthen clinicaldecision making based on critical thinking skills and broaden students’ academicfoundation. Participants also learn about community and public health nursing andnursing research processes. Leadership instruction includes conflict management.Career Opportunities:Nurses with a BSN have the credentials to become administrators in hospitals,clinics, doctor’s offices, retirement centers, anywhere nurses can be found.They are also qualified for nursing positions in industry and K-12 schoolsas well as for study in master’s degree programs.Length of Program: 18 monthsUnits in Program: 45Admission Requirements:Application form completed along with 40 application fee(fee waived if you attend an information meeting)All application pieces, official transcripts, recommendation form and admissions essayMinimum 60 transferable baccalaureate–level unitsMinimum 2.4 GPAActive nursing license or proof of application for California registered nursing licenseFour years post-secondary completionFresno Main Campus1717 S. Chestnut Ave.Fresno, CA 93702559-453-2016sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.teContact locations for program availability.North Fresno Center5 River Park Place West, Suite 201Fresno, CA 93720559-453-3440Bakersfield Center11000 River Run Blvd., Suite 200Bakersfield, CA 93311661-617-3217Visalia Center245 N. Plaza Dr.Visalia, CA 93291Page 559-622-995838 of 72

Bachelor of Science in Nursingfor Registered NursesDegree Completion Program*Course ListCourseSemester 1Course NameNURSNURSNURSNURSPACSBIBProfessional Role Development and Nursing TheoryPrinciples of Patho-physiology (prerequisite: chemistry)Health AssessmentIntermediate PharmacologyConflict Transformation in MinistryJesus’ Life and World (one weekend within the semester)232242Biblical Perspectives for NursesGlobalization, Cultural Diversity and Health Care EnvironmentNursing Research (prerequisite: Statistics and Academic Writing, upper division)Teaching for Disease Prevention and Health PromotionCommunity Health NursingCommunity Health Nursing Practicum423222Information Technology and Health Care EconomicsLeadership in OrganizationsLeadership and Clinical ManagementLeadership and Clinical Management PracticumJesus, Church and Society (one weekend within the semester)Senior Project342222310320330410440300AUnitsSemester 2BIBNURSNURSNURSNURSNURS446340420430440442Semester 3NURSBUSNURSNURSBIBNURS450440460462300B480**Total Units Required for Major45* Course list subject to change.**All units in the major must be earned at Fresno Pacific University.Breakdown of UnitsThe breakdown of units for RN to BSN program:Upper division unitsGeneral Education and Electives RN to BSN program (18 months)Bachelor’s Degree in RN to BSN9 units70 units45 units124 unitsTuition and Fees for the Program:TuitionBooks/materials/research feeFeesTotal cost 19,755.00 2,112.50 75.00 21,942.50**2009-2010 prices subject to changeFinancial AidApply online at fafsa.ed.govInclude Fresno Pacific University’s school code: 001253sjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.tePage 39 of 72

2009‐2010 SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY COLLEGE IGETC COURSEStransferrable toFRESNO PACIFIC UNIVERSITY DEGREE COMPLETION GENERAL EDUCATION(Information on courses obtained from most recent report on 1 ‐ ENGLISH COMMUNICATION3 courses required, one each from Group A, B and C.1A ‐ English CompositionENG 1Reading and CompositionSPC 1A1B ‐ Critical Thinking ‐ English CompositionNo Course Meets this Requirement1C ‐ Oral CommunicationIntroduction to Public SpeakingAREA 2 ‐ MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS and QUANTITATIVE REASONINGOne course required2A ‐ MathNo Course Meets this RequirementAREA 3 ‐ ARTS and HUMANITIESAt least 3 courses, with at least one course from the Arts and onecourse from the Humanities. 9 semester, 12‐15 quarter units.3A – ArtsNo Course Meets this Requirement3B – HumanitiesPHIL 1CEthicsAREA 4 ‐ SOCIAL and BEHAVIORAL SCIENCESAt least 3 courses from at least 2 disciplines.ECON 1PSY 1SOC 14A ‐ Anthropology and ArchaeologyNo Course Meets this Requirement4B – EconomicsIntroduction Economics4C – Ethnic StudiesNo Course Meets this Requirement4D ‐ Gender StudiesNo Course Meets this Requirement4E – GeographyNo Course Meets this Requirement4F – HistoryNo Course Meets this Requirement4G ‐ Interdisciplinary, Social & Behavioral SciencesNo Course Meets this Requirement4H ‐ Political Science, Government & Legal InstitutionsNo Course Meets this Requirement4I – PsychologyGeneral Psychology4J ‐ Sociology & CriminologyGeneral SociologySan Joaquin Valley College/FPU Degree Completion General Education Transfer Agreementsjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.te1Revised 12/2009Page 40 of 72

AREA 5 ‐ PHYSICAL and BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAt least 2 courses, one Physical Science course and one Biological Science course.5A ‐ Physical ScienceCHE 3CHE 3ANSC 1General ChemistryIntroduction to General ChemistryIntroduction to Natural Sciences5B ‐ Biological ScienceBIO 10BIO 14BIO 24BIO 31BIO 45Human AnatomyMicrobiologyHuman Anatomy and PhysiologyMicrobiologyHuman PhysiologySan Joaquin Valley College/FPU Degree Completion General Education Transfer Agreementsjvc/ARTFAQS/corp.te2Revised 12/2009Page 41 of 72

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Nursing Program CSU Fresno Nursing Program Registered Nursing A.S. Degree See CSUF Nursing Admission Coordinator Bachelor of Science in Nursing Verbal Agreement Sep-08 N/A N/A Dr. Janine Spencer, Program Director for SJVC's Nursing Program, will work