St Stephen in Brannel Parish CouncilNanpean and St Stephen ChurchtownCemeteries Guidance Leaflet

IntroductionSt Stephen in Brannel Parish Council respects the rights and needs of the individual and hastherefore prepared rules and regulations with a balance that will enable us to manageNanpean and St Stephen Churchtown Cemeteries effectively, and maintain the highestpossible standards, without placing unnecessary restrictions on individual choices.This Council aims to provide the highest possible standards of care, choice and dignity tothose who suffer bereavement, and to create and maintain an environment where thebereaved can pay their respects and remember loved ones in the way they feel mostappropriate.To assist with this, the Council requests that all visitors to our Cemeteries follow our rulesand regulations.Please be aware that this Council reserves the right to change the rules and regulations fromtime to time and that compliance with any changes is required.AdministrationAll funeral and cemeteries administration will be carried out by the Parish Council Office.The Parish Council office is situated atOffice 2, Brannel Rooms, 22 Fore Street, St Stephen, PL26 7NN.Telephone: 01726 823003.Fax: 01726 821233.E-mail: [email protected] office is open from 9.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday. The office is closed onSaturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.Cemetery OpeningThe Cemeteries are open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sextons are availableMonday to Friday between 7.30am and 3pm. This Council reserves the right to makeclosures as may be necessary for repairs, or in the interests of public safety, at any time.VehiclesMotor vehicles are prohibited from entering both Cemeteries.Parking is available in the Parish Council car-park adjacent to St Stephen CommunityCentre, Fore Street, St Stephen or Nanpean Church Rooms car-park, St Georges Rd,Nanpean.ChildrenFor safety purposes no person under the age of 16 is allowed in the grounds of theCemeteries between the hours of 5pm and 8am or at weekends unless accompanied by andsupervised by a responsible adult.DogsNo dogs, except registered guide and assisting dogs are permitted within the Cemeteries.AlcoholThe consumption of alcohol is not permitted in both Cemeteries.GamesThe playing of ball games or riding of skateboards and bicycles is not permitted in bothCemeteries.

Fees and ChargesDetails of fees and charges are available from the Parish Council Office.Plans and RegistersPlans of the Cemeteries grounds showing the sections of graves, along with the registersare available for inspection at the Parish Council office free of charge. A plan of the layout ofthe appropriate Cemetery is available on the notice boards located at both car park entrancepoints.Council AuthorisationAll interments must be authorised by the Parish Council prior to the funeral arrangementsbeing publicly announced by the Funeral Director.Charge on GravePlease note that no interment or memorial work will be allowed to any grave for which anunpaid charge is outstanding unless prior agreement has been given by the Parish Council.BearersThe Funeral Director is responsible for arranging sufficient bearers to carry and lower thecoffin in a dignified manner. We understand that family members and mourners often wish toassist with this, and we respect that decision. We do ask you to be aware, however, that anymourners who do assist with the bearing or lowering of a coffin do so at their own risk.Coffins, Cremated Remains, Caskets and UrnsPlease be aware that due to restricted ground space only English style coffins will beaccepted including those made of wicker, cardboard or biodegradable material, Crematedremains can be interred in a casket or urn including those made of a biodegradable material.Selection of Grave SpaceThe selection of grave spaces, unless previously purchased, is at the sole discretion of theParish Council.Grant of Exclusive Right of BurialA purchased grave (also known as a private grave) is one where the Exclusive Right ofBurial has been purchased for a period of 100 years from the date of purchase and will beexcavated to a depth which will allow the eventual internment of one, two or, at an additionalcost, three coffins. Cremated remains caskets or urns, as well as coffins, can be interred inthis type of grave but only after the last coffin burial has taken place.Please be aware that when a grave in Nanpean or St Stephen Churchtown Cemeteries ispurchased, what the purchaser is actually buying is the Exclusive Right of Burial for a periodof 100 years, which may be renewed for a further period on expiry.Change of Address for an Exclusive Right of BurialPlease contact St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council to change your address on your Grant.

Ownership of a GrantOwnership of Exclusive Rights does not imply ownership of the land itself or the right to carryout any particular activity on the grave plot. The ownership of the cemetery land includingthe grave surface remains with St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council.Possession of a Grant does not necessarily give the person in possession ownership of anExclusive Right of Burial. Where the owner is deceased, subsequent ownership dependsupon whether or not the deceased person left a valid Will. The law concerning this mattercan be very complex, and it is strongly recommended that a Solicitor be consulted toestablish new ownership.Ownership of a Grant may be transferred, or assigned, by use of the relevant formobtainable for the Council.It is important to retain the Grant in a secure place, as it is the only legal document held bythe owner confirming their entitlement to the burial rights.Unpurchased GravesIt is not possible to arrange for a burial to take place in an unpurchased grave (sometimesreferred to as a common or public grave).Child’s GraveA child is classed as a person up to the age of 15 years old. Nanpean and St StephenChurchtown Cemeteries both have a section dedicated to child burials. The grave will beexcavated to a depth which will allow the eventual internment of two child coffins. Child andadult cremated remains caskets or urns can be interred in the grave but only after the lastcoffin burial has taken place.Baby’s GraveA baby is classed as a person up to the age of 5 years old and includes still born children.Walled GraveThe brickwork of every walled grave must be carried up to within twelve inches of thesurface and may be executed by any qualified mason appointed by the purchaser, subject tothe prior agreement of the Council.No body shall be buried in any vault or walled grave unless the coffin is separately entombedin an airtight manner i.e. by properly cemented stone or brickwork, which should never bedisturbed.Lawn CemeteryThe newer areas of both cemeteries are laid out lawn style. This means that the graves areturfed over after the burial and it is the role of the Parish Council to maintain the grass. Inthese areas, to preserve the lawn appearance, only a small memorial stone is permitted ateach grave with a vase set in the plinth or base stone. No other additional memorials,footstones, kerbs, plants or vases are permitted elsewhere on the grave space. The ParishCouncil reserve the right to remove any additional items without notice or payment ofcompensation.Memorial GardensBoth cemeteries have Memorial Gardens. Separate vases etc are not permitted under or onthe plaques at either garden. The Parish Council have made the provision of vases adjacentto the areas.

Other AreasIn the other older areas, graves may be surrounded by a kerb or be covered in addition tohaving a headstone or memorial.Opening of Graves for IntermentA grave for which an Exclusive Right of Burial applies can only be opened with thepermission of the registered owner of the exclusive right unless the interment is to be that ofthe registered owner.If the registered owner has died, then the Exclusive Right of Burial must be transferred. Noexcavation will be carried out unless a satisfactory explanation of who is the current owner ofthe rights has been received by the Parish Council Office.Please note that only persons employed by the Parish Council can carry out excavations forinterments.It should also be noted that from time to time the soil excavated from one grave, which isbeing readied for an interment, may be laid on an adjacent grave. The Parish Council willendeavour to ensure this is for as short a time as possible. The Parish Council may have toplace boards over the grave and perhaps a soil box and this may prevent you visiting thegrave for a short period. Please be prepared for this, and be rest assured that the ParishCouncil only does this when we cannot place the soil or boards elsewhere. After the funeral,the Parish Council will clean the grave and leave the area neat and tidy. Indeed, when aburial next occurs in the grave you have exclusive rights for; the Parish Council could becovering the adjacent graves and causing a similar problem for other grave owners.The certificate for the disposal of a body, or in the case of an inquest, The Coroners Orderfor Burial, must be produced before interment. For the burial of a still born child, anappropriate certificate issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the Coroner will berequired.Grave TributesFlowers and wreaths may be placed on a grave in which a burial has just taken place. Aftera period of 21 days, Parish Council staff will remove them. If you wish to remove themyourself, please do so beforehand.No shrubs, plants or flowers may be planted within the cemeteries or on any grave thereinnor may any shrubs, plants or flowers be cut or carried away without consent. The ParishCouncil reserves the right to prune, cut down or dig up and remove any shrub, plant orflower planted without authorisation or which in their opinion has become unsightly orovergrown.Memorials in the form of the donation of seats, shrubs, trees, roses and bird boxes etc. maybe permitted at the discretion of the Clerk to the Council.Right to Erect a MemorialThe right to erect a memorial permit is issued separately to the Exclusive Right of Burial. Thepermit is issued for a period of 99 years and gives the purchaser the right to erect amemorial (subject to the Parish Councils current regulations) on the grave.

Applications for Memorial WorkThe permission of the Parish Council is required before any memorial may be erected,renovated or removed. Permission is also necessary for additional inscriptions to beinscribed.All memorials must be fixed or re-fixed in accordance with the National Association ofMemorial Masons Recommended Code of Working Practice.If any monument is erected without the permission of the Parish Council, it may be removedat any time without notice.Types of MemorialsWhile the Parish Council tries to give the best possible choice, please be aware of thefollowing restrictions Memorial Garden at Nanpean Cemetery – Only grey slate memorial tabletsmeasuring 18” x 12”.Memorial garden at St Stephen Churchtown Cemetery – Only grey slate or greygranite memorial tablets measuring 18” x 18”.Newer areas at Nanpean and St Stephen Churchtown Cemeteries – Lawn Stylememorial not exceeding 27” x 21”.Nanpean Section O – Lawn style memorial not exceeding 21” X 15”.St Stephen Churchtown Section Z - Lawn style memorial not exceeding 21” X 15”.Maintenance of MemorialsThe Parish Council will not be responsible for the future maintenance of the memorial norwill the Parish Council accept any liability for damage once the memorial is erected includingthe removal of the memorial for subsequent burials.Safety of MemorialsWe ask all registered owners to be aware that memorials are erected at their own risk and itis their responsibility to keep the memorials in a good safe condition. The Parish Councilcannot accept any liability for the making good of any damaged or fallen memorials. Ownersmay wish to insure their memorial against damage.The Parish Council will inspect each memorial in both cemeteries periodically, to ensure itsstability and the owner will be responsible for any repairs or maintenance. If any requiredwork is not carried out within three months of the owner being notified, the Parish Councilreserves the right to carry out the repairs and place a charge on the grave space.St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council hopes that this leaflet has been of some guidance. Ifyou have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council Office.

Memorial garden at St Stephen Churchtown Cemetery – Only grey slate or grey granite memorial tablets measuring 18” x 18”. Newer areas at Nanpean and St Stephen Churchtown Cemeteries – Lawn Style memorial not exceeding 27” x 21”. Nanpean Section O – Lawn