UKG Dimensions:Timekeeping Hourly PaidEmployees

What is UKG Dimensions?UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos WFD) is the time management system thatwill be used by ALL USNH employees. UKG links with USNH Banner Finance/HR system used to process payroll Employees can access UKG via Desktop, Mobile application processOR a Timeclock

UKG Communications MethodsWithin UKG(formerly Kronos), there are system generatedcommunications and notifications to alert you to action that mayrequire your attention Email communications will be sent to the campus email address we haveon file in Banner HR. Notifications that require action will be displayed - such as a missedPunch display in your Control Center when using Desktop or Mobileapplication or through a clock display for Timeclock users

Language Preferences? For Timeclock users: Set the language (at auxiliary clocks) while younavigate in UKG to review & respond to notifications For Desktop or Mobile users: Notify your supervisor and they will workwith your campus admins to set the default language for you to use everytime you login to UKG Dimensions.

UKG Learning Resources: Job Aids – How to Punch In and Out, and job transfers (if applicable) areonline Supplemental Job Aids (step by step instructions and screens shots) foractions you can make in UKG Dimensions are posted online Overview Presentations – for Desktop / Mobile and Timeclock users areposted online for access and review at anytime

Overview ObjectivesAfter completing this review, you should have an understanding of howto do the following: Access and navigate in UKG Dimensions (desktop or mobile) View My Schedule and My Calendar Submit Time Off Requests Enter IN and OUT Punch times using Punch In/Punch Out buttons Navigate your Timecard to perform edits/corrections Approve your Timecard on a bi-weekly basis, & prior to the deadline

1Navigating your Home Page

Access UKG Dimensions - Desktop Log in to UKG Dimensions viaUSNH Single Sign-On (SSO) Tip: bookmark the login page forfuture use Takes you directly to your UKG homepage, where you can: Access, view and modify yourdata using tiles Configured to reflect your roleJob Aid: Getting Started - Employee Desktop

Access UKG Dimensions - MobileDownload the “UKG Dimensions"application for use on your mobile device Full functionality, in a mobile-enhancedview. Download from the Apple app store orandroid app store (such as Google Play.) When asked, use the same URL as thedesktop:https://usnh-sso.prd.mykronos.comJob Aid: Getting Started – Mobile Application

Navigating the Home PageHome pageiconAlert iconAccessMain MenuTake actionsdirectly in this tileClick tilebackground to viewsource

Viewing alerts and accessing the Control CenterTo view your alerts: Click the Bell icon to view asummary of alert(s) Click View All to view theControl Center Click a category in the MyNotifications tileQuickactionsClick anywhereto close ControlCenter panelClick to openControl Center

AvailableactionsControl CenterFiltersNotification listCategoriesDetails panelJob Aid: Review Control Center Notifications

Signing OutWhen you are done: Access the Main Menu Select Sign Out to exitNOTE: UKG Dimensions willautomatically log you out after 10minutes of inactivity on desktop ormobile screen

2Time Entry via Desktop

Punching In and Out Time is recorded via Punch tileand is added to your MYTimecard Punch Locations Provides accurate, timelydocumentation of hoursworkedYou should only bepunching in at yourdesignated work locationsEmployees with multiple jobs Required to complete aTransfer process to selectthe correct job you arepunching in for.See Job Aid – “Using thePunch Tile – Select TransferPosition”Job Aid: Using the Punch Tile

Punching In and Out (cont.)Track hours worked by clicking on Punch INand OUT according to your work schedule If you forget to Punch Out one day, youwill be alerted at your next punch – of aMissed Punch Fix immediately or access timecardlater to make correction, but prior tothe end of that pay periodYour time-approver will receive notificationsfor any Pending Edits manually made toyour timecard.Supervisors are required to review andApprove or Refuse ALL manual editsmade to a timecard.

¼ Hour Rounding Rules - for Punching IN and OUTRounding Rules calculate an employee’s IN orOUT punch time to the nearest 1/4 hourEXAMPLE: Punching IN anytime from 7:53 to8:07 would round to an 8:00am Start Time Track on your daily punches, because if yourepeatedly Punch IN early or Punch OUT lateyou could trigger overtime for that week Overtime is triggered by hours worked over40/per weekAdditional Examples:Punch IN at 7:52am would round back to a start timeof 7:45amPunch OUT at 4:38pm would round up to an end timeof 4:45pm

Punching OUT & Meal Attestation – (After 5 or more hours worked in a day)If working 5 or more hours, UKG will ask you to CONFIRM whether you took your unpaid meal break:YESORNOANDWHY?

3Requesting Time Off

Viewing My ScheduleFrom My Schedule tile, you can: View your schedule for the next seven days Access My Calendar to view additional dates.Job Aid: ‘View My Schedule/My Calendar - Hourly’

Requesting Time OffMake a NewRequestFrom My Calendar, you can: View your schedule View existing Requests Cancel a Request Make a New RequestView existingrequestJob Aid: Request Time Off - HourlyView details ofyour request

New Request for Time OffFrom My Calendar1. Select a start date on your calendar2. Select New RequestFrom the Request Time Off panel:1. Select a Type of Time Off2. Select Apply3. Select any additional dates, if needed4. Enter a Start time5. Enter a Duration (hh:mm)6. Select Review to add a comment7. Select Submit*ALL Time Off requests must be made prior tothe close of the pay period in which the time willbe taken.

Cancelling Time OffIf you made a request in error orsomething changed, the way to fix it isby first cancelling the prior request andthen making a new one (if necessary.)From My Calendar: Select the date of the prior request Select ReviewFrom the panel: Select the More Options icon Select Cancel Request

4Navigating My Timecard

Viewing My TimecardFrom Main Menu: Select My Information Select My TimecardOR use your Timecard tilewhich contains: Total number of exceptionsin your timecard Name & day that someoneother than you edited yourtimecard Click tile to My TimecardJob Aid: View My Timecard

Hourly TimecardsTimecard Add-ons BarJob Aid: Timecard Add-ons

AccrualsTimecard Add-onsJob Aid: View My Balances

5Performing Timecard Tasks

Add, Edit & Delete Punches Correct errors andprovide details onexceptions in MyTimecard Missed punches arecalled out by a solidred block in themissing field If punches don’t alignwith your schedule, anindicator appears in thecell containing the issueIMPORTANT: Edits don’t appear on your timecard until they have been approved You can view your unapproved edits by selecting View PendingJob Aid: Add, Edit & Delete Punches

Adding Comments Add comments on your Timecard to explain apunch, or exceptions Choose from list of available comments Do ENTER comments that explain a missed punch,a late in/out punch or an early in/out punch. Do NOT disclose personal, privateinformation in your comments. You can add more than one comment View comment details in My Timecard, byhovering over the comments bubble iconNOTE: You may be able to type additional notes toaccompany the comment(s).

Approving Your Timecard You are required to approve your timecard at the close of each pay period On My Timecard – be sure you are reviewing the Current Pay Period display & APPROVE Once your manager approves your Timecard, you will not be able to make additional editsJob Aid: Approve Your Timecard

USNH UKG/Kronos SSO esVisit the UKG/Kronos site to find: Announcements Training presentations Job Aids Campus System Admins -information-andresources

Job Aids – How to. Punch In . and . Out, and job transfers (if applicable) are online Supplemental Job Aids (step by step instructions and screens shots) for actions you can make in UKG Dimensions are posted online Overview Presentations – for . Desktop / Mobile . and . Timeclock.