Together,we’ll make more possibleRogers Communications Inc.2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

At Rogers, being a good corporate citizen is at the veryheart of our business. It was a value adopted by our founder,Ted Rogers, and continues to be lived by the Company today.Contents3 About this Report40 Environmental responsibility5 A message from Joe42 Energy use and climate change7 External assurance statement45 Waste reduction10 CSR at Rogers49 Community investment50 Community giving18 Good governance56 Digital inclusion19 Governance and ethics58 Economy and society22 Customer experience59 Economic performance23 Customer service and transparency62 Procurement and supplier management25 Network leadership and innovation27 Product responsibility29 Privacy and information security31 Employee experience32 Talent management35 Inclusion and diversity37 Safety and well-beingRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2

About this ReportRogers is a proud Canadian company dedicated tomaking more possible for Canadians each and everyday. Our founder, Ted Rogers, purchased his first radiostation, CHFI, in 1960. We have grown to become aleading technology and media company that strives toprovide the very best in wireless, residential, and mediato Canadians and Canadian businesses. Our shares arepublicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE: RCI).We, us, our, Rogers, Rogers Communications, and theCompany refer to Rogers Communications Inc. andits subsidiaries. RCI refers to the legal entity RogersCommunications Inc., not including its subsidiaries.Rogers also holds interests in various investments andventures.The Rogers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Report (the “CSR Report”) communicates our social,environmental, and economic performance in Canadafor the 2018 calendar year, focusing on what we believematters most to our stakeholders.Rogers CSR reporting approachThis year, we have updated our reporting approach toappeal to a wider audience, while also demonstratinghow Rogers provides both value to our society andtransparency in our operations.CSR Report: This year-in-review highlights our CSR workfor 2018 and the progress we’ve made in addressingour material topics identified through our stakeholderengagement exercise. The CSR Report is available onlineas a downloadable PDF.Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): Our GRI Index allowsstakeholders to easily locate information about how weare addressing topics and requirements contained in theGlobal Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Sustainability ReportingStandards. The GRI Index is separately available online asa downloadable PDF.About Rogers website: The About Rogers section of theRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 3

Rogers website ( provides high-levelinformation and data on our programs and performance,and links to policies related to our material topics.Stakeholders can also access a Glossary of Terms usedthroughout the CSR Report, read featured stories,download past CSR Reports, and more.GRI complianceTo guide our CSR reporting, we have used the GRIStandards. We self-declare that our 2018 CSR Report hasbeen prepared in accordance with the GRI ReportingStandards' core reporting requirements.Data measurementOur CSR team is responsible for the collection andpresentation of information provided in this CSRReport. We ensure that all content is accurate, has beenauthenticated by internal subject experts, and has beenreviewed by management. All currency is in Canadiandollars unless otherwise stated. All information is as at orfor the year ended December 31, 2018 unless otherwiseindicated.Symbol keyAssurance Data assured by KPMGHelp us improveWe encourage your ideas and commentsto help us improve our reporting.Email us at [email protected] Forward-Looking InformationThis CSR Report includes "forward-looking information"and "forward-looking statements" within the meaningof applicable securities laws (collectively, "forwardlooking information"), and assumptions about, amongother things, our social, environmental, and economicperformance in Canada. This forward-looking informationand these assumptions include, but are not limitedto, statements about our objectives and strategies toachieve those objectives, and about our beliefs, plans,expectations, anticipations, estimates, or intentions.Forward-looking information typically includes words likecould, expect, may, anticipate, assume, believe, intend,estimate, plan, project, guidance, outlook, target, andsimilar expressions, although not all forward-lookinginformation includes them; includes conclusions,forecasts, and projections that are based on our currentobjectives and strategies and on estimates, expectations,assumptions, and other factors, most of which areconfidential and proprietary and that we believe to havebeen reasonable at the time they were applied but mayprove to be incorrect.Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance onforward looking statements as a number of factors couldcause actual future results and events to differ materiallyfrom that expressed in the forward-looking information.Accordingly, this CSR Report is subject to the disclaimerand qualified by the assumptions and risk factors referredto in Rogers 2018 Annual Report and Rogers ThirdQuarter 2019 MD&A (which was issued on October 23,2019), as filed with securities regulators at, and also available at Theforward-looking information made in this CSR Reportdescribe our expectations as of today and, accordingly,are subject to change going forward. Except as requiredby law, Rogers disclaims any intention or obligationto update or revise forward-looking information. All ofthe forward-looking information in this CSR Report isqualified by the cautionary statements herein.External assuranceFor the seventh consecutive year, we engaged KPMGLLP (KPMG) to provide limited assurance over selectedinformation contained in the CSR Report, in additionto the audit of our consolidated financial statements.KPMG’s 2018 assurance report on selected performanceindicators is on page 7 of this CSR Report and KPMG’saudit report on our 2018 consolidated financialstatements is on page 89 of the 2018 Annual Report.Rogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 4

A Message from JoeTed Rogers started our company with one small loanand one big dream. He believed in the power ofcommunication to enlighten, enrich and entertain.At the age of 27, he purchased his very first radiostation, CHFI.From these humble beginnings Rogers has grownto become a great Canadian company and Ted, agreat Canadian entrepreneur. Like most start-ups,Ted faced many ups and downs building businessesfrom scratch. Despite the insurmountable challenges,he had an unwavering commitment to communityand giving back. This commitment has always beena cornerstone of our company, and it always will be.Fundamentally, we believe that when you do well inbusiness, you have a responsibility to invest in thefuture and give back to the communities where youlive, work and raise your families.On the community front, we contributed 65million to help our communities and country thrive.Through Ted Rogers Scholarships, our CommunityGrants, and Jays Care, we helped 225,000 youthachieve their dreams and aspirations.We expanded our Connected for Success programto 300 non-profit housing partners, helping 20,000low-income families access affordable and reliablebroadband. We also launched a new volunteeringprogram, Give Together. From stuffing backpacksfor back-to-school, to refurbishing youth facilities,to building youth recreational facilities, our teamvolunteered 20,000 hours to help more than 50charitable organizations. It was a deeply rewardingexperience for our team, their families and friends.“Fundamentally, we believe thatwhen you do well in business, youhave a responsibility to invest inthe future ”To strengthen our country, our economic footprinttotaled 22.6 billion and we invested 2.8 billionin critical network capabilities, the backbone ofCanada’s digital economy. Canadians enjoy someof the most advanced networks in the world and weare making substantial investments to ensure weserve generations to come. As we select suppliersto work with, they must sign our Supplier Code ofConduct and we regularly assess their performance.We work with a group of global telecom companiesto audit common suppliers and share findings tobetter manage their governance practices.We also continued to make meaningful investmentsto reduce our environmental footprint. We areworking hard to deliver on our 2025 goal ofRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 5

seven years, we have reduced our overall energy userelative to our revenue growth by 8%.“Our people are at the heartof our success and our socialresponsibility.”reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% andenergy use by 10%, based on 2011 levels. We haverefreshed our offices to make them more energyefficient, deployed new cooling systems at ourdata centres, and reduced our transportation fleetand network sites carbon footprint. Over the pastOverall, our people are at the heart of our successand our social responsibility. Committed, engagedteams are our foundation and the inner strength ofour culture. In 2018, we surpassed global best-inclass employee engagement for the very first timein our history and we are stepping up our efforts tobecome a leader in inclusion and diversity. As partof our long-term journey, we have set new, elevatedthree-year targets for women in leadership, visibleminorities, LGBTQ , Indigenous peoples, andpeoples with disabilities.These are just a few highlights from 2018. Iencourage you to read our report to find out more.Overall, I am incredibly proud of our team andtheir relentless efforts to connect Canadians to thepossibilities and memorable moments that mattermost in their lives.My very best,Joe Natale, President and CEORogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 6

External assurance statementIndependent Limited Assurance Report to RogersCommunications Inc.We have been engaged by the management ofRogers Communications Inc. (Rogers) to undertakea limited assurance engagement, in respect of theyear ended December 31, 2018, on certainquantitative performance information disclosed inthe 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report(the Report) as described below.Selected Indicators and Applicable CriteriaThe scope of our limited assurance engagement,as agreed with management, comprises thefollowing Selected Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Indicators and Selected Greenhouse Gas(GHG) Indicators (collectively, the “SelectedIndicators”).2Selected CSR IndicatorsGovernance Percentage of employees trained in BusinessConduct Policy (%)Customers Customer retention – prepaid and postpaidwireless monthly churn rate (%) Complaints reported to Rogers Office of theOmbudsperson (number) Complaints resolved by Rogers Office of theOmbudsperson within 60 days (%) Complaints accepted by the Commissionerfor Complaints for Telecom-Television Services(number) Devices collected and processed for reuse andrecycling (number) Capital expenditures ( )Employees Employee engagement score (%) Participation rate in the employee engagementsurvey (%) Visible minority employees overall and in seniormanager roles (%) Persons with disabilities overall and in seniormanager roles (%) Voluntary turnover rate (%) Women employees overall and in seniormanager roles (%) Indigenous employees overall and in seniormanager roles (%) Lost-time incident rateEnvironment Direct and indirect energy use (GJ) Customers who receive electronic bills (%)Community Community investment – cash ( ) Community investment – in-kind ( ) Pre-tax profits donated to charities and nonprofit organizations (%) Volunteer hours (number) Employee who volunteered through RogersEmployee Volunteer Program (number)Economy & Society Economic value distributed ( ) Political donations ( ) Income taxes paid ( )Select GHG Indicators Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e)Rogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 7

The Selected Indicators, contained within theReport and denoted by the symbol , have beendetermined by management on the basis of Rogers’assessment of the material issues contributingto Rogers’ CSR and GHG performance and mostrelevant to their stakeholders.The Selected GHG Indicators contained within theReport have been prepared by management inaccordance with the accounting requirements of theWorld Resources Institute/World Business Councilfor Sustainable Development Greenhouse GasProtocol (the GHG Protocol).There are no mandatory requirements forthe preparation, publication or review of CSRperformance metrics. As such, Rogers applies itsown internal reporting guidelines and definitionsfor CSR reporting in preparing the Selected CSRIndicators which are in the Glossary of Terms online.Management’s responsibilitiesManagement is responsible for the preparationand presentation of the Selected CSR Indicators inaccordance with Rogers’ internal reporting guidelinesand definitions for CSR reporting, and of the SelectedGHG Indicators in accordance with the accountingrequirements of the GHG Protocol, both currentas at the date of our report. Management is alsoresponsible for determining Rogers’ objectives inrespect of sustainability performance and reporting,including the identification of stakeholders andmaterial issues, and for establishing and maintainingappropriate performance management andinternal control systems from which the reportedperformance information is derived. Managementhas chosen to prepare the Report in accordancewith the Global Reporting Initiative's SustainabilityReporting Standards Core Option. Information onmanagement’s approach to CSR reporting can befound in the section “About this Report” on page 3of the Report.Our responsibility and professional requirementsOur responsibility in relation to the SelectedIndicators is to perform a limited assuranceengagement and to express a conclusion basedon the work performed. We conducted ourengagement in accordance with InternationalStandard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000(Revised) Assurance Engagements Other thanAudits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information,issued by the International Auditing and AssuranceStandards Board, and ISO 14064-Part 3 Specificationwith Guidance for the Validation and Verificationof Greenhouse Gas Assertions. Both ISAE 3000and ISO 14064-3 require that we plan and performour procedures to obtain limited assurance aboutwhether the Selected Indicators are presentedfairly, in accordance with the applicable criteria, inall material respects. The firm applies InternationalStandard on Quality Control 1 and accordinglymaintains a comprehensive system of quality controlincluding documented policies and proceduresregarding compliance with ethical requirements,professional standards and applicable legal andregulatory requirements.We have complied with the independence andother ethical requirements of the Code of Ethics forProfessional Accountants issued by the InternationalEthics Standards Board for Accountants, which isfounded on fundamental principles of integrity,objectivity, professional competence and due care,confidentiality and professional behavior.Assurance approachWe planned and performed our work to obtainall the evidence, information and explanationswe considered necessary in order to form ourconclusions as set out below. A limited assuranceengagement consists of making inquiries, primarilyof persons responsible for the preparation of theSelected Indicators, and applying analytical and otherevidence gathering procedures, as appropriate. Ourprocedures included: Inquiries of management to gain anunderstanding of Rogers’ processes fordetermining the material issues for Rogers’ keystakeholder groups; Inquiries with relevant staff at the corporateand business unit level to understand the datacollection and reporting processes for theSelected Indicators; Where relevant, performing walkthroughs ofdata collection and reporting processes for theSelected Indicators; Comparing the reported data for the SelectedIndicators to underlying data sources; Inquiries of management regarding keyassumptions and, where relevant, the reperformance of calculations; and, Reviewing the Selected Indicators presentedin the Report to determine whether they areconsistent with our overall knowledge of, andexperience with, the CSR and GHG performanceof Rogers.Rogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 8

The extent of evidence gathering proceduresperformed in a limited assurance engagementis less than that for a reasonable assuranceengagement, and therefore a lower level ofassurance is obtained.used to determine such information, as describedin management’s internally developed criteria, maychange over time, and it is important to read Rogers’reporting methodology available in the Glossary ofTerms online.Our assurance report is provided solely to Rogersin accordance with the terms of our engagement.Our work has been undertaken so that we mightreport to Rogers on those matters we have beenengaged to report upon in this assurance report,and for no other purpose. We do not accept orassume responsibility to anyone other than Rogersfor our work, for this assurance report, or for theconclusions we have reached.Our conclusionBased on the procedures performed, nothing hascome to our attention that causes us to believethat for the year ended December 31, 2018, theSelected CSR Indicators, as described above anddisclosed in the 2018 Corporate Social ResponsibilityReport, have not been prepared and presented,in all material respects, in accordance with Rogers’internal reporting guidelines and definitions for CSRreporting, or that the Selected GHG Indicators forthe year ended December 31, 2018, as identifiedabove and disclosed in the 2018 Corporate SocialResponsibility Report, have not been prepared andpresented, in all material respects, in accordance withthe accounting requirements of the World ResourcesInstitute/World Business Council for SustainableDevelopment Greenhouse Gas Protocol, as at thedate of our report.The engagement was conducted by amultidisciplinary team which included professionalswith suitable experience in both assuranceand in the applicable subject matter includingenvironmental, greenhouse gas, social, governanceand financial aspects.Inherent LimitationsNon-financial information, such as that included inthe Report, is subject to more inherent limitationsthan financial information, given the characteristicsof significant elements of the underlying subjectmatter and the availability and relative precision ofmethods used for determining both qualitative andquantitative information. The absence of a significantbody of established practice on which to drawallows for the selection of different but acceptablemeasurement techniques, which can result inmaterially different measurements and can impactcomparability. The nature and methodsChartered Professional Accountants,Licensed Public AccountantsAugust 13, 2019Toronto, CanadaRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 9

CSR atRogersRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 10

CSR at RogersOur approach to sustainabilityWe know we have a big role to play in sustainabilityin Canada to make more possible for Canadians. Weare building technology to help bring wireless andbroadband access to Canadians. This technologywill not only connect Canadians, it will reshapethe way businesses run, including making themmore efficient and greener. Together, we look topositively contribute to our economy, society, andenvironment.We defined social responsibility as one of oursix strategic priorities; it is also one of our sixcompany values. This priority includes investing inour communities to have a positive social impact,helping our environment, and being a strongcontributor to the Canadian economy. Throughoutthis CSR Report, you will read about how ourstrategy affects our CSR programs and progress.Our strategic prioritiesThe Company’s priorities focus on acceleratinggrowth and building on our many strengths,including our unique mix of network and mediaassets. The priorities are about increasing our focusto deliver a best-in-class customer experience, growthe core business, and deliver industry-leadingshareholder value.Our strategic priorities and related material topics in this CSR Report are:Strategic priorityRelated material topicsCreate best-in-class customer experiences by putting ourcustomers first in everything we do Customer service and transparency Product responsibilityInvest in our networks and technology to deliver leadingperformance and reliability Network leadership and innovationDeliver innovative solutions and compelling content thatour customers will love Digital inclusionDrive profitable growth in all the markets we serve Economic performanceDevelop our people and a high performance culture Talent management Inclusion and diversity Safety and well-beingBe a strong, socially responsible leader in ourcommunities across Canada Community investment Procurement and supplier management Digital inclusion Energy use and climate change Waste reduction Privacy and information securityRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 11

Purpose and valuesOur purpose and our values are the glue that holds us together and are thefoundation of our success. Our purpose is why we wake up every day andour values are the fundamental beliefs that guide us.Our purposeWe connect Canadians to a world of possibilities and the memorablemoments that matter most in their lives.Our valuesOur people are at the heart of our success.Our customers come first, they inspire everything we do.We do what’s right, each and every day.We believe in the power of new ideas.We give back to our communities and protect our environment.NCSR at RogersWe work as one team, with one vision.Good governanceCustomer experienceEmployee experienceTo learn more about our purpose and values, please visit our video.Environmental responsibilityCommunity investmentEconomy and societyRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 12

Stakeholder engagementOur stakeholders are directly or indirectly affectedby our business and our actions, such as ourcustomer service, our tower locations, our employeeprograms, or our position on policy matters.We have many channels for listening andcommunicating with our stakeholders. Thetopics we discuss depend on the interests of theStakeholder groupWays we engaged in 2018 CustomersEmployees stakeholder and the information we look to gatherabout ourselves. We use this feedback to improveour business and sustainability performance.Throughout this CSR Report, you will learn abouthow we address these concerns. The following chartshows the ways we engaged with our stakeholdersin 2018, and the topics that impact, or are of interestto, our stakeholders.Key issues raised in 2018Associated material topicCustomer serviceCustomer service and transparencyClarityCustomer service and transparencymedia, and community forumsNetwork reliability and investmentNetwork leadership and innovationRogers Office of the OmbudspersonProduct innovationNetwork leadership and innovationProblem resolution processProduct take-backProduct responsibilityAccessibility, diversityProduct responsibilityPrivacy and data securityPrivacy and information securityTraining and development, internal mobility, career progressionTalent managementInternal collaborationTalent managementTools and training to help serve customersCustomer service and transparencyTalent managementCompensation and benefitsTalent managementWorkspaceTalent managementHealth and safetySafety and well-beingInclusionInclusion and diversityVolunteerismCommunity givingOpportunities to be socially and environmentally responsibleCommunity givingEnergy use and climate changeWaste reductionPaperLikelihood to recommendDaily interactions via stores, call centres, live chat, socialConsumer outreachMeetings with consumer advocacy groupsEmployee engagement surveyTeam and one-on-one meetingsDevelopment planning and performance reviewsTown hallsIntranet and executive videosYammerRogers STAR HotlineRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 13

Continued from previous pageStakeholder groupEnvironment groupsLocal communitiesand non-profitsWays we engaged in 2018 Meetings with environmental consultants and groupsEmployee participation and awarenessMembershipsConferences and events Partnerships and outreachSponsorshipsEmployee volunteerismMembershipsCommunity consultations NGOs), associations,and mediaShareholders andinvestors Requests for Proposal, Requests for InformationprocessesInteractions with Rogers procurement teamSite visits to supplier factories and officesSupplier surveysAuditsDialogue with government officials and regulatorsParticipation in Canadian Radio-television andTelecommunications Commission (CRTC)hearings and public consultationsDialogue with NGOsIndustry association membershipsConferences and forumsMedia relationsInvestor calls and eventsMeetings/feedback sessions with investor groupsSurveys, consultationsKey issues raised in 2018Associated material topicClimate change mitigation strategies and resultsEnergy use and climate changeElectronic and office waste managementWaste reductionPaper reductionWaste reductionWater useWaste reductionCommunity investmentCommunity givingEmployee giving and volunteerismCommunity givingDisaster reliefCommunity givingMedia partnerships and supportCommunity givingAccess to InternetDigital inclusionSupplier selectionProcurement and supplier managementEthical sourcingProcurement and supplier managementConsumer issuesCustomer service and transparencyGovernance, business ethics, regulatory complianceGovernance and ethicsEconomic impacts and contributionsEconomic performanceSocial and health impacts of our productsProduct responsibilityAccessibilityProduct responsibilityAccess to broadbandDigital inclusionReturn on investmentEconomic performanceLong-term, sustainable growthEconomic performanceSound corporate governanceGovernance and ethicsCSR management and reportingGovernance and ethicsRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 14

Our material topicsOur materiality assessment is in line with GRI'sstandards, which allows us to identify, prioritize, andvalidate our material topics. The process includedan internal review of existing material topics,conducting meetings with informed stakeholders inthe CSR community, reviewing research by ratingsagencies and investor groups, media clippings, andother related research.Below is our materiality process:IdentificationWe compiled a list of relevant CSR material topics.To compile this list, we: collected feedback and ideas on existing andemerging topics from employees and internaldata owners.Material topicsVery high137High89561211101413ModerateInfluence on stakeholder assessmentsand decisions"2ModerateHigh41Customer service and transparency2Privacy and information security3Network leadership and innovation4Talent management5Energy use and climate change6Inclusion and diversity7Digital inclusion8Economic performance9Waste reduction10Community giving11Safety and well-being12Governance and ethics13Procurement and supplier management14Product responsibility reviewed external stakeholder feedback,including assessments and rankings from ratingagencies. considered what is integral to a communicationsand media company operating in Canada,including risks and the competitive andregulatory environment. reviewed topics outlined in the GRI’s framework.Prioritization Data owners and our CSR GovernanceCommittee ranked each potential topic as low,medium, or high impact, allowing us to prioritizethe topics. We concluded on 14 material topics. Engagement with informed stakeholdersconfirmed that our material topics were relevantto us and our stakeholders.Validation The CSR Governance Committee approved thefinal list of material topics, which provides theframework for this CSR Report. This CSR Report is also approved by data ownersand by the Company’s Disclosure Committee. Boundaries are reviewed to ensure weunderstand the impacts in our value chain.Review We will continue to review our material topicsannually based on internal and externalstakeholder feedback.Very highSignificance of economic, environmental, and social impactsRogers Communications Inc. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 15

Operating environment and boundaryThe information and key performance indicatorsprovided in this CSR Report are related to RogersCommunications Inc. and its subsidiaries. Rogersoperates in Canada as a national wireless serviceprovider, with television, Internet, and home phoneservice in areas of Ontario, New Brunswick, andNewfoundland. Our multimedia offerings include 55radio stations, 24 TV stations and specialty channels,podcasts, digital and e-commerce websites, andsporting events. We also own the Toronto Blue JaysBaseball Club. Over 99% of our employees arelocated within Canada.operations of Media, is regulated by two groups:Innovation, Science and Economic DevelopmentCanada (ISED Canada) on behalf of the Minister ofInnovation, Science and Economic Development;and the CRTC, under the Telecommunications Act(Canada) and the Broadcasting Act (Canada).We operate in a regulated environment. Ourb

to in Rogers 2018 Annual Report and Rogers Third Quarter 2019 MD&A (which was issued on October 23, 2019), as filed with securities regulators at and, and also available at The forward-looking information made in this CSR Repor