READY TO WORK AS HARD AS YOU.Getting the job done can mean working the whole day every day. And it means having equipment that worksas hard as you do. The Farmall C series tractors from Case IH are more than ready to do their part – builtto deliver the power and performance you need, reliably and cost-effectively. And they deliver a level ofoperator comfort that makes long, hard days more productive. This is a new generation of Case IH utilitytractors that is as ready as you are for a hard day’s work.BE READY.


FARMALL C TRACTORS: READY TO DO IT ALL.Case IH Farmall C series tractors are hard-working, heavy-duty, deluxe tractors with flexible optionsto handle any application. These deluxe utility tractors feature full power, full comfort and full featuresand are ideal for demanding livestock duties, larger hay operations and heavy loader work.4

INTUITIVE INNOVATION.VERSATILITY.OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT.FACTORY-INSTALLED LOADERS.Case IH has more people working handFarmall C tractors can be configured forWork in comfort in the cab of the Farmall CAdd a factory-installed loader andin hand with producers to reach one goal:all types of work, from field to feed lot.series. With extra conveniences andone or more of over a dozen availablehelping them be ready for the tasks atAnd our selection of transmission optionsspace to stretch out, you’ll power throughattachments and get even more out ofhand with easy-to-understand controls,give you the power and control you needlong days and be more productive thanyour Farmall C series tractor. Choose fromimproved technologies and more efficientplus smooth and simple operation. Foryou ever imagined. For more detailsthe L620, the heavy duty L630 or thepower. For more information aboutmore information see pages 8 – 9.about our cabs, see pages 10 – 11.premium L735. Tackle loads with theavailable models, see pages 6 – 7.standard 12.5 gpm hydraulic pump or theoptional 16.9 gpm pump. For moreloader and attachments informationsee pages 12 – 13.5

THE FARMALL C FAMILY6MORE POWER. MORE OPTIONS. BECAUSE THERE’SALWAYS MORE TO DO.From the feedlot to the pasture, the new Case IH Farmall C Series tractors reliably and cost-effectively deliver the power and performance utility tractorowners expect, all in a superior interior environment. Three new utility powerhouses meet the demand for rugged, yet comfortable and easy-to-operate,equipment to get day-to-day jobs done. All five models come in either a cab or ROPS version, and are configured for simple service – all tractorsfeature a one-piece, flip-up hood for engine and component access. The air filter and fuse box are accessible from the fender.

Farmall C SeriesPOWERHOUSE ENGINES THAT SAVE FUEL. Tough at heart with updatedclean-diesel technology, the new Farmall 85C – 115C models use Tier 4A-compliantCase IH FPT 4-cylinder 3.4-L turbocharged and intercooled engines. Precise electronicModelFarmall 75CEngine4 cyl, 3.2 L(195 cu. in.)metering of fuel delivered with electronic high-pressure common-rail fuel injectionprovides a more efficient combustion process. This means improved efficiency,extended engine life, improved cold engine starting, but most importantly, greaterfuel savings, all while maintaining high horsepower levels.Cold weather starting is no problem with the standard, fully automatic electric grid heater.Farmall 85CFarmall 95CFarmall 105CFarmall 115C4 cyl, 3.4L (207 cu. in.)Engine HP748498106115PTO HP6470829198AvailableConfigurationsCab & ROPSTraction2WD & MFD7

ULTIMATE IN VERSATILITY8ANY TASK. ANY TIME. ANYWHERE.There’s a reason why it was named the Farmall – because it really can just about do it all. A heavy-duty, compact frame, durable componentsand plenty of power to the PTO makes it a pleasure to pull out of the shed every day.

CHOOSE THE TRANSMISSIONTHAT WORKS FOR YOU.THREE-POINT HITCH REALLYPULLS ITS WEIGHT.HYDRAULICS KEEP EVERYTHINGMOVING SMOOTHLY.The Farmall 75C model features a standard 8 8 orA three-point lift system with single-lever position controlFarmall C tractors are built for implements, and the12 12 mechanical shuttle transmission with options ofand a draft-sensing top link can lift up to 3,664 poundshydraulic system handles them with ease. An open-centeran 8 8 or 12 12 power shuttle, plus creeper and 20 20(1 662 kg). For stability with a load, the Farmall C hassystem with dual, engine-driven hydraulic pumps deliverspower shift options. The four larger Farmall C tractorsstandard-flex lower links with telescopic stabilizers andperformance where and when you need it. One remotecome with a 12 12 mechanical shuttle or power shiftright-link turnbuckle leveling. The category II ball endsvalve comes standard on all Farmall C tractors, and youoption, plus 20 12 mechanical shuttle or 20 20 powerconvert to category I, and a swinging drawbar is standard.have an option for a second and third. The standardshift options with creeper.The Farmall C PTO is an independent mechanicalimplement pump is 12.5 gpm, or upgrade to the largerengagement system that turns at 540 rpm at 2,16016.9 gpm pump for more capacity on the 85C, 95C,engine rpm. A 540 rpm at 1,492 engine rpm is105C and 115C models.also available.GOOD IN A TIGHT SPOT.Farmall C tractors offer a lot of power in a small package – which makes them perfect for those tight squeezesin and around buildings, barnyards and on narrow pathways.9

OPERATOR ENVIRONMENTSTRETCH OUT IN THE ULTIMATE OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT.The Farmall C series features a quiet cab that promises to provide outstanding operator comfort along with greater ease of operation.The industry-leading cab entry features a large opening with well-placed steps and hand holds. And the view is great from here: the optionalhigh visibility roof panel and sloped hood provide best-in-class visibility when performing loader work and when operating in confined spaces.YOUR OUTSIDE OFFICE.KEEP AN EYE ON EVERYTHING.DO YOUR BEST WORK IN COMFORT.If you’re working all day from the seat of your tractor, andWith a high visibility roof panel, forward visibility has neverFarmall C cabs are designed for maximum efficiency ina cab is on your “must have” list, the Farmall C cab is forbeen better. This panel, with optional opening window,any condition. And they’re surprisingly roomy. Big enoughyou. Inspired by the Magnum , Puma and Maxxumprovides improved visibility during loader work, even whenfor an optional instructor seat that allows two adults to rideseries tractor cabs, and perfected with input fromthe loader is extended to full height. In addition, thetogether – comfortably. An air suspension operator’s seatoperators like you, the Farmall C cab boasts a variety ofsloped hood provides industry-leading forward visibility.with 15-degree swivel is an option. comfort and convenience options and some veryimportant standard features.10

ACBTHIS IS WORK. NOT A WORKOUT.The Farmall C series tractors have conveniently-located, ergonomically-designedcontrols so you don’t have to twist and strain to get work done. The new pivotinginstrument cluster is easy to read and makes the Farmall C intuitive to use. Anupdated HVAC system with 10 well-positioned vents helps you stay comfortable,whether it’s a hot July afternoon or a frigid January morning.A HIGH-VISIBILITY ROOF PANEL: An overhead hood window panel is now available as an option.This panel, which can easily be opened, provides improved visibility during loader work.B ROOM TO MOVE: The optional larger driver’s seat offers a full 15 degrees of pivotfreedom – and the control cluster pivots right along with the steering wheel.C CONTROLS WITHIN REACH: Farmall series controls have a speed display included on theinstrument cluster, the loader joystick location is optimized for comfortable operation andremote valves are positioned for easy access – all based on customer input.11

LOADERSCASE IH LOADERS ARE READY TO WORK FOR YOU.For your convenience, Case IH installs loaders at the factory. Choose from the L620,the heavy-duty L630, or the premium L735, which are all matched to the Farmall C tractor line.Your dealer can help you choose the one that’s right for you. Each model comes with your choiceof a non-self-leveling or mechanical self-leveling 72- or 84-inch quick attach bucketand a standard grille.QUICK ATTACH BUCKETSThe skid steer-style quick attachhydraulic coupler makes changingbuckets and other attachmentseasy, without ever getting out ofthe tractor.FRONT LOADER MODELTRACTOR MODELBucket Type12L620L630All Farmall C tractorsL735All Farmall C tractors85C, 95C, 105C, 115CNon-Self-LevelingMech. Self-LevelingNon-Self-LevelingMech. Self-LevelingNon-Self-LevelingMech. Self-LevelingLift capacity @ Max. Height @ 31.5 in. (800 mm) lbs. (kg)2,478 (1 124)3,179 (1 442)2,632 (1 194)3,428 (1 555)2,844 (1 290)1,340 (2 954)Lift Capacity @ Max. Height @ Pins lbs. (kg)3,461 (1 572)3,573 (1 621)3,849 (1 746)4,204 (1 907)4,034 (1 830)3,505 (1 590)Breakout Force @ 31.5 in. (800 mm) lbs. (kN)3,732 (16,6)3,860 (17,17)4,455 (19,82)5,661 (25,18)2,976 (13,24)3,285 (14,61)Breakout Force @ Pins lbs. (kN)5,530 (24,6)5,483 (24,39)6,649 (29,57)6,767 (30,10)4,960 (22,06)4,122 (18,34)Maximum Lift Height @ Bucket Pivot Pin in. (mm)126.3 (3 209)125.9 (3 199)134 (3 405)135 (3 430)137 (3 480)137 (3 480)

With their rugged design, heavy-duty frame and tough components, Farmall C tractors deliver outstanding maneuverability and stability inthe tough terrain of hay operations. Equip your Farmall C with a Case IH mower, mower-conditioner, baler or loader and handle any chore.Loader attachments include buckets, blades and pallet forks – along with bale forks, bale probes, grapples and more.ATTACHMENTSHANDLES HAY OPERATIONS LIKE A PRO.Farmall C – We’ve got the tools you need for everything you need to do.13

SYSTEMS APPROACHIT’S LIKE HAVING A PARTNER BESIDEYOU ALL SEASON.MAX SERVICE: MAXIMUM UPTIME,SEASON AFTER SEASON.OFFERING FINANCIAL SOLUTIONSFOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS.Case IH has more professionals in the field workingIn farming you can always expect the unexpected. Case IHCNH Capital’s extensive experience in the agriculturalalongside producers than anyone else – two out ofwas the first to offer manufacturer-direct aftersalesindustry has created a deep understanding of your uniquethree Case IH employees work right where you—CASE IH Max Service. Our dealers provide OEMneeds. Competitive equipment financing with flexibleCase IH dealers have the know-how to help youparts, components, full-service maintenance programs andpayments can be timed to your cash flow. Or, conservemanage your equipment investment to get the mostoutstanding warranties – at no additional cost—to keep youcapital and reduce upfront payments with operatingout of every dollar. Our parts and service techniciansup and running, and completely options. For other needs, choose from commercialhave the skills and expertise it takes to maintain yourequipment and keep it operating at peak performance.And CNH Capital can work with you to customizefinancing solutions that fit your unique needs. It’s anentire system with only one goal in mind – to keep youup and running, working the way you want.14Need a part? Call 1-877-4CASEIH and it is on its way. And,we offer OEM remanufactured parts for the most criticalcomponents on most popular Case IH machinery. Many remanparts come as drop-in assemblies, getting you back to workquickly – at a fraction of the cost.revolving accounts specific to the agricultural industry.We can even help you protect your equipment investmentwith a wide variety of insurance and equipment protectionproducts. There are financing options that fit the way youfarm. CNH Capital helps you find them.

FARMALL C SERIES SPECIFICATIONSFarmall 75CFarmall 85CFarmall 95CFarmall 105CFarmall 115CENGINEType195 cu. in. (3.2 L)207 cu. in. (3.4 L)Gross Engine HP748498106115PTO HP6470829198EmissionsTier 3Tier 4AN/ACooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR)300 Hours600 Hours8 8 or 12 12 Mechanical12 12 MechanicalEmissions SystemEngine Oil Change IntervalTRANSMISSIONSStandardOption 1Option 212 12 Mechanicalwith Creeper8 8 or 12 12Power ShuttlePRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSDisplacement4-cylinder20 12 Mechanical with Creeper12 12 Power Shuttle20 20Option 33-POINT HITCHLift Capacity @ 24" lbs.3,664 lbs. (1 662 kg)5,620 lbs. (2 549 kg)540540 / 1,000540 / 540E540PTOBase PTO Speeds rpmOptional PTO Speeds rpmHYDRAULICSBase Rear Remotes1 remoteOptional Rear Remotes2nd remote from factory; 3rd remote available through Parts DivisionMain Pump Flow12.5 GPM ( 47.5 L / min.)N/AOptional Main Pump FlowSteering And Services Pump16.9 GPM (64 L / min.)7.3 GPM (27.5 L / min.)DIMENSIONS* MFD / CABOverall Length149.3 in. (3 792 mm)149 in. (3 789 mm)Overall Width (Across Fenders)75.7 in. (1 922 mm)83 in. (2 108 mm)Overall Height (Cab)97.8 in. (2 484 mm)100 in. (2 540 mm)104.5 in. (2 652 mm)103 in. (2 616 mm)82.8 in. (2 102 mm)89 in. (2 261 mm)6,174 lbs. (2 800 kg)7,937 lbs. (3 600 kg)Overall Height (ROPS)WheelbaseWEIGHT MFD / CABWeight*16.9R-34 rear tiresNote: Engine-Number of cylinders, Fuel tank capacity, Alternator Std./opt.15

SAFETY NEVER HURTS! Always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any equipment. Inspect equipment before using it, and be sure it is operating properly. Follow the product safety signs, and use any safety featuresprovided. CNH America LLC reserves the right to make improvements in design and changes in specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold. Specifications, descriptionsand illustrative material herein are as accurate as known at time of publication, but are subject to change without notice. Availability of some mod